Seized Ancient Mummy Artifacts Unveiled

ABC News' Geneva Sands reports from Washington, DC.
9:05 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for Seized Ancient Mummy Artifacts Unveiled
And apparently Amy the end I am here with the let me great passion on geographic. Yeah. We need less memory and ask 83. I have every part of happier. Hearing Dolan let me give you need your Indian name any minute now he's back. Good reasoning I'm yeah. Turning them back Egan. Three. OK. It's. What I'm. Series of boxes around. That are actually mounted in the garage. New York and name were being. I don't training. He's the border guards tonight it's. All Maine so don't like this year's summer. Bohannon. Let me. Then had been news. Yeah. It wasn't worth basin and her children ends tonight. Part of the movies are common. Palmer was proud of her money and Martin hello mommy and any return to attend this ceremony. Very exciting New England yeah yeah. I'm. I got back memories the. When it's. In the first line is that bomber hobbled mommies and comic. You know unfortunately we don't know very much about it this is the problem live and antiquities that are smuggled out of it that's. Don't know where they came from a walk home only harm the league evidently know this is from an Egyptian mummy was from. And agents were immediately freeze back. Had been. The United States and they are able to take it. I imagine them 600 years old. Yeah yeah. Interviewing okay. Man on the other hand. I'm. Concord alone he's not. Our lady first okay well yeah. Proud of me. Now they're. Very fine selling it. Anyway and I'm ask we'll learn. Lunging. Okay. England next. His willingness. Harry let's go to go take a lot. Remington park back in the starting back winner on the other side and we'll. Mommy and over there really. Yeah. The year Ramey US returning intervening in a ceremony. I haven't heard back memories L and it yeah. Very yeah. We've got a movie. Great I'm. Nobody Harden likeness and actually was. In Los Angeles. And not. We have kidnapping case something like Denton Ellis. I case and VIPs first. The ticket to the coroner. Learners and I'm terribly sorry let the person. Without him the lines. The agents were all there is bond and he's a lot worse than it uses images and money into the burning yeah yeah. He came from Los Angeles Atlanta and yeah. We're the guy who does not. Yeah it was a little bit surprised about this and so this is what's not voluntary. Corporate. Oh very. Some are actually going to go back team needs him this is a symbol. We turned its cultural heritage it's very very important. We have big ceremony he's not backing. Makes people how to have their parents. And makes them happy. Americans are aware then we use our. Then they are on themselves up right. Child Harris obvious. And again. Here is her own words exactly it's or even. Snow hanging out without contacts. But the idea that we're able to return as. Lovely piece and it's so. Meaningful because it's a child's heart problem. So these and it's going to go back seems imminent. Response of the it is not independently Egyptian people themselves busy Norman's win these type of defense out. Mary and within a child's money. It's I don't know we. We look at it stylistically. Some in the week period. 2600. Something like yeah. The problem. Having. Okay. First of all the way we have looking. I'm Vanessa to grab an archaeologist. I have a chance to work and he did not have a chance to work in China and hiding who worked in the business. Various hot spots. Around the world the places that are most vulnerable. You know because of war or because. Solutions Robinson. Meant not only trying to healthy. Careful about V. It's yours for a couple of years we were very concerned about heart attacks. Wow and so good here we work with the agents and try and help them understand what we nights. Yeah imagine they're responsible. And they're not you. Opening frame and sing something like. They work really not prepared to open a great and see. Hello my life and then ran into him it's. Hear anything. I mean I. Words and yesterday it was a very important moment we'll Manning. Where this sector experience. Actually signed a memorandum. Of understanding between each and promotes the east hearing Mark Jackson holds its. Yeah. We are hoping. There cultural heritage. Their dresses. So it's been a pretty cut and a couple of. Our viewers criminal looks violent happening here and if you can't get me. Okay. In every minute gone. We thought the investigation. Apparently yeah. We're experimenting happening on. He packed working on this National Geographic. Yeah. Okay.

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{"id":43914195,"title":"Seized Ancient Mummy Artifacts Unveiled","duration":"9:05","description":"ABC News' Geneva Sands reports from Washington, DC.","url":"/International/video/seized-ancient-mummy-artifacts-unveiled-43914195","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}