Conservatives look to find Mr. or Ms. Right on new dating app

As our politics become more divisive, singles are increasingly looking to date within their political leanings in order to avoid shame or conflict. The creator of one app discusses her reasoning.
7:55 | 05/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conservatives look to find Mr. or Ms. Right on new dating app
Reporter: Tonight Yvonne's going on a first date. For this New York native, it's not just about finding a man with the right looks or the right job. I think like-minded individuals obviously get along better. Reporter: It's about whether he votes for the right. Meet Alex. I work in finance. My biggest hobby is collecting cars, racing cars and flipping cars. Reporter: And has strong conservative values. I'm looking for another republican-leaning person who shares similar views. Having a nice, normal conversation where politics does come up, it's not going to create tension or abrasiveness. Reporter: That's why they turned to a new app called righter. You are conservative, and you know why you are conservative. Reporter: The founder is an avid trump supporter and banker turned matchmaker. Her goal is to make conservative America date again. You mentioned you don't think conservatives and liberals should date. Absolutely not, for a happy, intimate, romantic relationship, absolutely not. Reporter: Why not? It's a core value. It's not something I do for an hour a day. Reporter: After the divisive 2016 election, she says she saw a need for this kind of app. Its slogan, when you're tired of getting swiped left on for your political beliefs, use reiter. Are you at all concerned that this rise of apps focussed on political affiliation is just fueling the hatred? Reiter isn't just focussed on political affiliation, it's giving conservatives a place to go where they can swipe right and say when do I tell them I voted for president trump. Reporter: She believes women on her app should avoid a particular label. If you're a feminist get off my app. Femininity is what the gentlemen are looking for on my app. Femininity is so powerful and amazing and awesome. Reporter: You don't think you can be feminine and a feminist? No. Reporter: How come? It's an oxymoron. Reporter: How about it's someone who believes in equal rights between men and women. I don't believe in equal rights between men and women. Reporter: How come? I work with Navy S.E.A.L.S. Can I shoot a gun? Yes, but could I want to keep up with those guys? No. But can I teach them things in certain arenas? And I do. But I think we need each other. I don't believe in equal strength and equal rights and everything. By the way, it's a falsehood, the biggest false narrative that we have today. Reporter: Kristy says this is not a one-night-stand type of app. Insisting conservatives actually have better sex. Typically conservatives, if and when we're in an intimate relationship, we are with the same partner and having trusted sex with that parter which leads to more orgasms. Whatever he wants, I'm in for it. Reporter: Turns out, prioritizing political is on the okay cupid saw a 64% increase, while tinder found 71% found differenting political views a deal breaker. The dating a smoker has been replaced with politics at the top of what I call the dating totem pole. People think they can always quit smoking, but they're not going to change their attitudes about the issues associated with a particular candidate. Reporter: Remember Yvonne looking forelove? Guys will love this picture. Reporter: Before that date, she got a righter profile makeover with the help of Kristy. This is your lead-in profile picture. You are stunning. The first thing I see is your your breasts should come out when your man decides to look at them on about the third, fourth, fifth date or when you guys are ready to be intimate. Put them away. Dog, fabulous. The duck face, number one complaint we get from men. Swipe right. Down a little. A soft smile. There you go. Perfect. Be very confident, stick the hip out. Reporter: And it's complete with a Maga hat. What's it like knowing that you are going to wear jury Maga hat? It's really nice, because most over sites, even Facebook I expect to lose at least ten friends. It's no secret that I'm conservative. I feel that this presidency has created this politically divisive environment that potentially could cut the dating pool in half. Reporter: For Yvonne, an aspiring lawyer U professing her politics on popular dating apps backfired. There was one time I did get swiped I guess by someone on the left and he felt the need to message me and say are you stupid? Are you a moron? Reporter: But righter has some controversial principles. You're only allowed to identify yourself as male or female and only connects heterosexual matches. They like monogamy. They don't bring into their marriages other people, other sexes, 21 genders. They have traditional values. Reporter: Some of the advertisements, many critics said this is sexist other objectifying women. I don't respond to critics, and I don't care. I mean I'm the one talking to the men, they're not. I care what my users think. Reporter: Fire those men on righter, Kristy says to find success they should follow these tips. None of bathroom selfies. Dog photos are fantastic. Please keep your clothes on. Reporter: Once they get that swipe right the ground rules for the first date are just as important. Reach out right away. Ask right away. Do not ask us to go skydiving on the first date, that is never, ever a good idea. Pick up the tab always on the first date. This is not rocket science. It's common sense. This could be your first last date. Reporter: For Yvonne, the moment has finally come for her to meet her righter date that Kristy has help set up. Thank you. Hey, how you doin'? Pleasure. Thank you. I think we're sitting over there. Nice to finally might you. Please feel free to take as much as you want of this. Reporter: From shared interests. I have a dog. Seven pounds mix of a rat terrier and chihuahua. I just found out that my beagle's part chihuahua and I was adopted by an Italian family. I got the Italian upbringing with the German genetics. I am Italian and Italian and Italian. Reporter: And politics. I've had family members who are twice my age who are a little more mature make Facebook statuses about me the day trump was elected. Reporter: And over an hour later. I would like a second date. I know it's a little weird to ask. I think went great. He's a really sweet guy, gentleman. I think she a great girl. Beautiful, interesting. Definitely has a lot of energy to her. I'm looking forward to a second date. Without the cameras, maybe. I think so. Reporter: A romantic prop for this political pair. Maggie Rulli in New York.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"As our politics become more divisive, singles are increasingly looking to date within their political leanings in order to avoid shame or conflict. The creator of one app discusses her reasoning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"62797649","title":"Conservatives look to find Mr. or Ms. Right on new dating app","url":"/Nightline/video/conservatives-find-mr-ms-dating-app-62797649"}