Bernice King Reflects on Using the King Bible for 2013 Inauguration

Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. asks President Obama to sign family bible.
3:38 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Bernice King Reflects on Using the King Bible for 2013 Inauguration
At -- at this point -- That we learned today it'd be Stanley Martin Luther king and we cannot forget this is not only -- -- David -- we're looking -- Historically. -- resonance. They -- Justice Roberts and President Obama to sign. The MLK Bible. Which who -- to violence that today. The president was sworn in on. Sworn in the Lincoln Bible which -- used in 2009 and also what's known as the court Luther king. Traveling Bible the Bible that Martin Luther King took -- him on the road. Travel. So that he can lose -- that that both men sign that battles and obviously this is a hugely important day -- that. Stanley that is already had a massive dose of history. -- -- sunny and ABC news correspondent spoke. Oh win Martin Luther King's youngest daughter recently and that believe in the -- of which he had to say take it was. You what the daughter. A man who it is so important to so many people. How is it bearing that legacy how do you -- that. I think of parents and this is -- -- -- now that I've always been my dad and mom mom's sapped and I grew up with this experiences. My father being taken from us and -- -- -- place -- fully understood it so it wasn't -- and soon found. -- hang around ages sixteen -- even grasp the significance. Of whom he was did you ever feel like you couldn't make a mistake. Some hands -- perfectionist today. The level of self criticism is extremely hat. Even people say we don't represent the legacy -- And in that light on the damn well I'm -- -- BM earnings that kind of question and those expectations. You know -- make you almost become the campus of Baghdad and make a mistake. You know this monument. To tell me about the Bible that the president is going to used to. Swear. -- of fifteen you know. -- at least we know that it's at least 59 years now because inside of it and my father hands several. Markings. And dates during the inauguration when you see the president put his hand on that Bible what will it mean for you person. Well I mean as. As a ministers made special to me because I always want people to remember them outside the woman's first and foremost a minister -- -- -- -- In fact he only -- wanted to be -- past. And I think he hasn't been simpler. Past the -- of the church. Have song means. And that. The leader -- well. Possessed to use it is not -- decent -- The importance of connecting them. With that -- in the installation of Atlantis. Does the fact that this inauguration is taking place in the king holiday have extra significance to the fact that there is. The collision of those dates. In his fiftieth anniversary here is an affirmation of that that movement and it was not a day. That their movement is critical to business who -- hands. A long way to go will be some brilliance and its prime minister who had main threat. --

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{"id":18277350,"title":"Bernice King Reflects on Using the King Bible for 2013 Inauguration ","duration":"3:38","description":"Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. asks President Obama to sign family bible.","url":"/Politics/video/bernice-king-reflects-king-bible-2013-inauguration-18277350","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}