Pennsylvania primaries see record number of women candidates

Pennsylvania could be a bellwether state in this year's midterms.
12:02 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for Pennsylvania primaries see record number of women candidates
Good evening being keeper joining us tonight I'm ABC Serena Marshall and we aren't bringing you live coverage. Of the fourth round of primary bill elections. In the US today voters from org and Pennsylvania. In the Idaho and Nebraska took to the polls to make their voices heard on whom they want to represent them. And their parties come November and those mid term elections now one of those states. Pennsylvania. Could indicator of what we can expect later this year that it does give you a quick break down in the House of Representatives 435. C. Democrats currently control a 198 by those seat. If they're able to flip 23 and November they would take control of the house and Pennsylvania. Could be a Bellwether of what we can expect. Where they could possibly pick up most of the seeds that they need seven at least. Come that. November to let that house urban and it sound joint. By Mary Alice parks our deputy political director at ABC news correspondent Stephanie promises. That in this day all day crisscrossing talking to voters talking candidate. About why Pennsylvania is so important in this race but before we get to valley you can break down four at the numbers help us. With some of this map out. Absolutely serie Nancy you know today's primary here Pennsylvania it's vital for Democrats as you mentioned what it comes to take control. Of congress come November for the mid terms Democrats are hoping to take about 560. Flipping those seats but overall Democrats would need 23 seats to take back control. In congress so. We've been Chris Rock thing at this state we visited several districts. Handed Democrats really feel as though they have a solid twits wearing number of reasons. That it thinks it. Still optimistic especially the crowd that we're live here tonight who's supporting a regional Redick here in the first congressional district. We drove kind of big huge sheet right around this city at Philadelphia. Down south and much more and it urban and greedy area and we have north tower in the first congressional district was rolling green farmland. But it wasn't content to let all those sisters had a comment Hillary Clinton won in 2016. But a Republican who represented those people. Back in Washington. It's what he's sixteen Republicans won twelve. A Pennsylvania's eighteen congressional seats and Democrats just like you said are really hoping to eat and how that rate down. If they can win just like. As that he was saying six at being even seats that could make a huge difference as they tried to act house. And your son experts party sat at five seats that are currently Reading, Pennsylvania alone. Are already. Leaning Glenn. Partly ticking and it it. But. Scenes. Yet into lots there audio. Right there would seem they love their idea is that they're gonna get that right back at their end Pennsylvania. Making sure that you might hear from the voters right there and that what is going on. Aaron go over some that mapping and where you 435. Seats Democrats have a 195. Of them currently. They're able to let 23 seats come November they'll be able to take control the house of represented end. Which represented desert could be a big deal for them and they think they have they given some of these previous races we've seen as blue waves so to speak. So lady thank here we have you back me just tell us why are Democrats still optimistic. When it comes specifically to Pennsylvania in a pick up these key seats in this key states. Mary Alice slipped up a lot of these districts yes we are represented by Republicans but. Democrats still feel less wealthy beat that's different that's where. Just a couple of hours ago that congressional. District and there are ten and they're on the ballot so really. Democrats rank and the voters with all options and it had really snipers background now. Another thing to keep in mind that the three are the three dollars three district eight. Retired in and real light energy from the lot that's giving Democrat this really solid. Beyond all of that crap that keep in mind those that triple r.'s credit goes to Mary Alice to keep up with attitude and and I are I don't Alli that the IR. The fifth congressional district. The represented there is a Republican yet it resign. A couple of months ago was that sexual harassment so that is why open up like eyes that Democrats might and it. And in the or on the ballot. The app. Now I pick up on one of those art Stephanie you said. Redistricting. Now they have a huge new map in Pennsylvania I think we haven't so our viewers actually seat without looks like. From would just. Last year it can see there on the left. The old map that you want on the right now this all stems from a yet redistricting that was challenged gerrymandering in this state. Date try to challenge although only up to the Supreme Court and they struck it down. And that map was read Ronnie gives Democrats a big favor in this election in Pennsylvania so you spoke to some of those. On the ballot what did apathy. Absolutely so we haven't received bullet and who is on it was on the ballot today and in these six congressional district and she talked about that not. The new congressional map the old one was tossed out that's the one that was used from twenty vault might succeed. And she's supported us she Matthew says it creates a level playing field for Democrats says it's a lot of it's a lot fear and will really help out during these primaries in house removing the near term and it's important. Point you know the currents and their Republican I did its battle map. Because it was gerrymandered to favor Republicans too much really dividing up some democratic strongly and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. And now making them simpler. And it. Which will sort there is supposed to level the playing field for Democrats the Democrats field and that's one of the reasons that they think they're able. Capture and hopefully capitalize. On some of these ain't that signaling and it's actually want at least whiny women that are running in the primaries which. It's. It's because right now there are no went representing. The C a pencil in congress so we spoke with her about the map but also had a lot more to say about the street signaling that. And I think that's why we're crying for unity great expire community which I believe that the ballots be very purple heart of it the country purple heart Pennsylvania I really don't think for necessary red or blue. Democrats or Republican leader Richard heckmann. In the middle I think we're asking burn and he did you don't want it to do not need to make congressman's wouldn't. Japanese and were highest seeing each friends. I got. And so we're also seeing a trend with a lot of these candidates were sick a lot of women that are running are also seeing a lot of I can think that having military backgrounds a lot of diverse background in this race including recent Redick is the candidate Ratner watch party here tonight. She is running and a male Democrat. Keeping young. Mimi that there does seem to be tight that Democrats are hoping to put forward on the ballot a lot of wind and a lot of first time candidates have these diverse. Background and a lot of Boettcher. It ladies you mentioned the women candidates now this is a big deal I mean women make up if you percent of the population but only four out of every four at a fifth congressman an office is a man and so we're seeing this. Pink wave so to speak he talk is through that wave and what we can expect from Pennsylvania that represents. The country come November. Well as that he was saying Pennsylvania is the largest state in the union to have notes emails representing. The state back in Washington. This sort of unbelievable actually it ST as large as Pennsylvania would have no Whitman there in the halls of congress. So there are plenty of women that are hoping to change that as deputies sent twenty women. On the balance of the night riding in several congressional races. You really think that this is their year. And that their mechanics and it takes that brings the Pennsylvania women to Washington. And the voters we talked you said basically it's about time. They're what they welcome that it. I mean eight. And that's an editions about it also brought up a lot of that pocketbook issues. Jobs and wheat is that they are it's they say it was very refreshing a lot of women. Coming out of the Roxy sit on the ballot and trying to Washington. For the fall. And there are alike candidates on the ballot in Pennsylvania throughout all of these districts. As they pare them down let their choices and then handed me on the ballot in November. Is this he represented them what we should expect in other states as we move forward in the democratic process. Is this aim to prompt a fat or as something else going on. You know this room of supporters. At. Not at the hot tub out that night when he came in their voting today and it's not members that yes. Absolutely it remembered that night and I was surprised that these are all Democrats in I made a surprise. They work that residents' front line and they were thinking about that ethnic placement and the other half that adamantly said now. They were convinced there was a whole new generation. Of sort of plugged an educated democratic voters that they say are just paying more attention. This dull around researching candidates more. And it's already are just more open seats across the country. Out almost two dozen Republicans that it added there either resign or or or retire. And you alone behind. Most of banning in districts that Hillary Clinton line that you just have all of these opening scenes. You eat energizing primaries on both sides of that pilot both sides of the I out. And having a lot of voters have to pay attention to Knight who's in her. Resentment in November. And it was striking out the rooms at heart and we're thinking about. Think about also issues that matter to us here in the district specifically and also. Repressed. All of the rain that are getting involved increases. Art I don't not ladies anything that people should be watching for as this primary election goes through tonight and tomorrow. All we ask an indicator that we spoke web. Here is you know across several districts said that at the pressure is somewhat on the prevent misuse of the student. Pushed through an inmate and it turns and read some sort of change what we're seeing now. I'm in this room as well it is hoping for some of that change and they are feeling the press just a little bit in this area across the state really. Nipping it makes a lot of sense that we. We are here in Pennsylvania hasn't said so clearly easiest way for Democrats. To retake the house is have a really big night in Pennsylvania in November Andy confident they can. But it's important breast remember them primary voting is taking place all the way across the West Coast. People are going to be placing votes well into the night tonight so we'll continue to be watching that and my blocking. Thank you for joining us ladies and thank you for tuning into ABC is I'm ABCs are in a Marshall and Washington will have all the latest on this election and the others. Throughout the country on our app downloaded and Apps. Otherwise we'll see you next time.

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