President Trump spars with Democratic leaders over border wall

Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he is "proud to shut down the government for border security."
4:16 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for President Trump spars with Democratic leaders over border wall
A remarkable scene yesterday in the Oval Office president Strom was sitting in a meeting with Nancy Pelosi. In Chuck Schumer and it looked like a reality. Styled TV public argument that's that blaze. And then you know they are fighting over the border and border security and then he said president charm said that he would take responsibility if there wasn't backed. A government shutdown so take a look at this. Let me say something mister president you're just saying my way or we'll shut down the government we have a proposal that Democrats and Republicans will support. To do was see a lot. That will not shut down the government we urge you to take your habits not to a border security it is very good lot of it is not good quarters here and I look at. It's what that is when you look at these numbers. Of the effectiveness of our border security when you look at the job that we're doing with president it is effective. It's winning time job called for I won't shut down the government if I don't get my wool none of us. It does something you've said that you wanted to put that in my set I'll take off and I am so proud and I'll be hit luxury I am proud to shut down the government for border security check. Because the people of this country don't want criminals and people that have lots of problems. And drugs pouring into our country so I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down I'm incredibly beautiful art the last time you shut it down it didn't work I won't take the matter with Jody got. An already shut it down for border but legal immunity shouldn't shut down. And incredibly exchange there's I want to bring in Lima Zacks is at the White House. Lama and he thinks that we are any closer to a funding deal after that meeting yesterday. You know give or not I mean honestly what we heard from the incoming speaker of the house the Democrat there Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer the minority leader of the Democrats in the senate. A check in Nancy as the president likes to call them. Was nothing closer to a bipartisan deal on an un funding the government and in fact. When you hear the president of the United States and self say that he is willing to shut down the government over border security. It's pretty obvious that. Both sides are really digging in publicly Nancy Pelosi has called the burden the border wall something that that is immoral and she also says it's ineffective so. The bright red line in the sand that we've heard from from the congressional Democrats. Is that they will provide one point three billion dollars towards border security but not specifically toward the border wall and that is far short of the five million dollars. The president trump has been asking for. Add in another little twist the House of Representatives is supposed to be out of session two days next week that essentially only leaves three days. For congress and the president to come up with a deal it does not look likely at this point DA immense. And that bipartisan deal why would that not be something that president trump what except. Well he he he really what is digging in right there he was saying that he wants at five billion dollars he has. Staked much of his presidential reputation. On having this border wall and saying that they that essentially. The only way that that can be accomplished is with that five billion dollars in congressional Democrats and and there are then there are also some congressional Republicans who don't feel like that is an effective use of taxpayer money and and Pelosi also brought up the point again that president trump had promised when he campaigned on that border while that Mexico is going to pay for at of course now we know. That Mexico flatly refuses to do so. And the president is formally asking US taxpayers to foot the bill. It seems like where headed for shutdown no matter what what do you think. I think you think it's quite possible with that very limited time frame. The congress has two options in front it won its pass another continuing resolution to get them through this Christmas. Period in come back into the new year. Of course that starts to get into the new session of congress which would have. Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. And the senate pick up a couple of seats on the Republican side. By dad but both sides recognize that Christmas. Is perhaps the best. Motivating force that they have to move Republicans ports compromise. Get everybody wants to get out of Washington myself included. Well good luck looking Graham is our Atlanta thank you so much.

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{"id":59776454,"title":"President Trump spars with Democratic leaders over border wall","duration":"4:16","description":"Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he is \"proud to shut down the government for border security.\"","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-spars-democratic-leaders-border-wall-59776454","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}