Sen. Michael Bennet weighs in on bussing debate

The 2020 presidential candidate from Colorado said that kids all over America "can't access a decent education."
4:47 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Sen. Michael Bennet weighs in on bussing debate
I also senator Michael Bennet just joining us now. Like about a great to see you certainly thinks so much for hybrid. And I think you name are you doing and our youth groups and. It is CU and one of the moments of the night I don't wanna play if Torre had a really took off I Q when you weighed in on the bus seen. The debate that was sacrament in back referred from a lot of school teachers around the country very happy with what she had to say let's take a listen. All right we're sure haven't stolen lit up. Glorious investments that cop show and what did you make of that debate between com or Harrison Joseph Biden and. I think it's an interesting historical back and forth. Good point isn't it doesn't matter that I had taken is we got kids living in Detroit that are in school visitors segregated as they were fifty years ago we. Kids all over America that are in schools were. You know they don't have the supplies and they don't have teachers you mention teachers you know who aren't paid. As a professionals that they need to big and this is an issue that's been ignored in this debate in the if you care about America you care about economic mobility you care about. The land of opportunity and you got a whole bunch of kids in America who notes through no fault of their own. Can access to decent education preschools through high school you know to be having -- talking about forgiving. College debt is the most significant thing you can do ignores basically every single kid I ever worked with the superintendent that the Republic's. Do you alluded to 82. The importance of truth telling. Suggesting some folks on state aren't telling the truth bill the Bellagio was making the same insinuation a lot of finger pointer. He suggested that this attack on the Medicare for all. That's coming from folks like you and Joseph Biden is is totally disingenuous that I attacks on the won't be completely cover the car looked. I I. Look. Whatever one thinks of Bernie Sanders that I might differences whom I've my agreement through the fact he and I have a very import no fewer. He's a mobile and legislation we're doing together. He is an honest man and then his description of what Medicare for all does is no different floor of my description of that is. And we obviously view that outcome of that differently like he thinks that 150 million people are gonna give off. Their choice of having insurance for their families at their employer. For the privilege of paying 33 trillion dollars in taxes over ten years I don't believe that I don't think. That the employees and ABC news you get insurance and ABC news are gonna say they'll let us give that up and we Texas more. And that and that's what his proposal is and he has made it clear that's what it is. Because he says you know creates insurance company well what are they Harris argument that leaves ten it would leave ten million people arrested Tuesday talking about Biden's I think in my were clearly playing club ever run by plan would cover everybody and I think he could do it in two years. Her plan takes ten years I mean you know quote more hopefully I'll get elected president. Served two terms but we won't be done with what would come aleris is suggesting so. I think did it sit in an attempt to sort of shape the edges around what's actually happening with the proposal did you do he's alive did you do what you need Syria and I talked. Did so yeah. And I had a good time and you know we see in Houston but I hope so. Here's our American and colleagues here you can track and the donors I have and actually have been doing debate for a solidarity. Even years down sit down on my and whether a question you allies such a measly talked about rent my time on. A lioness to meet you today as he talks are redlining from slavery right on the wane Wright and Odessa I sent. That for me indicates you understand how in the wind again next do you think your colleague is and it do not understand I don't. I think I don't think they do understand it I think did we have never faced facts and we have never understood the history and when you look at you know the red lining in it in in in a city were in Detroit you know. With the decisions that have been made in Detroit on housing. This did decisions that were made court decisions. That were made that said there is no obligation to desegregate schools across state lines I mean that has resulted in part. In the Detroit public schools now having 50000 children and we still 300000. Children in Detroit. And this is happened all over America and its and it is a result of history it's not an accidental problems so. I'm I'm I actually think this is one of the things that's getting surfaced during this debate. That's a long overdue and in critical for us to face senator Michael Bennet of Colorado so much for some design it. Yes certainly so much and get some rest appreciates a thank you very much senator Michael Bennet.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"The 2020 presidential candidate from Colorado said that kids all over America \"can't access a decent education.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64718961","title":"Sen. Michael Bennet weighs in on bussing debate","url":"/Politics/video/sen-michael-bennet-weighs-bussing-debate-64718961"}