Solving the North Korea problem

Foreign policy expert says there are "no good ways out" of a conflict with North Korea
6:26 | 04/14/17

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Increase have sort of tension. The comments from the North Korean officials saying that they would be prepared to launch a preemptive strike if necessary. If the US changing its approach at least from the military perspective. In response to some of those comments. No not really don't know what the US military always says that they are prepared for any eventuality. On that we have been working for couple years and the phrase oh here's a note three the planning organization. Another is a plan for any contingency you possibility. Whether it's office or for defense of her in part of the world. Now when it comes to North Korea obviously it's a very sensitive location right now mind you politically and militarily because a lot of Saber rattling that we've seen over the last couple of weeks. You're you're always Guinea get provocative statements from the north Koreans. Sometimes you know they just can't match that with their capabilities. But in this case you know because we've seen over the last year or so improving missile capability. We've seen two nuclear test last year. The first time that the ever conducted cute tests in one year. You you're seeing and developments that we have not seen before so that's something had to keep an ion so Saber rattling and the op the harsh rhetoric and you hear from north Koreans really doesn't factor into the plane that they have here what they say you're depending on his have been sexually. Be they are ready for an contingency and that depends on what eventually happens but as far as I can tell there are no. There's no discussion of a preemptive action here. Against North Korea with regards to just any possibility right now. They recline ask it has something we kind of scene a bit of a pattern now right where sometimes the president himself we'll tweet. With teens to be a policy proposal or a stance on things and then his cabinet officials and others will go out her clarify things on the ground or. Or deet tails are brown them. As you mentioned vice president Mike Pence is headed to the regents June. So do we expect that this could evolve into some kind of policy towards the Korean Peninsula that he might clarify what ever it is mr. trump has been tweeting. I don't. Is likely be a new policy clarification maybe a better way to put it and I think meaty. 88 a week to just assuage the concerns that arise everywhere in the world in Asia's as the piece of it. With regard to the contradictory statements these sometimes seen for the president and his top aides. Mike Pence is great about staying on message I think he's going with a particular message. I talk this Press Secretary events that trip earlier today on that and he he said look what we want to send a message that America stands strong that it stands with its allies. That that we will be unafraid to it to two to do what it takes to keep the world safe. That includes a very clear message about North Korean capabilities and and that the that the though I would call a red line up their term on days when it comes to the use of nuclear weapons. I think that is an important message not just Asian everywhere because there are so there's such concern still about the message that the that the president delivers I think it's telling that they're using Mike Pence in this wafers at election time. I'll talk to one congressional official pointed out the by the time he gets back from this trip the hundred days of almost be up. And Mike Pence happens you very viable player. When it comes to congress as well the legislative side of things so the fact of their dispatching and tells you they have allies they need to to work with. And that there's a lot of concern on the Asian side of the world when it comes to US relationship ended the potential actions of other actors including North Korea. Hey Jonah let me ask you something about that can keep called North Korea. The most difficult national security problem for this administration were coming up. On a potential tension point here there's a big party anniversary in Pyongyang. They've typically use the it's it test weapons before. If that kind of thing happens what is the worst case scenario what's the concern from a national security to protect perspective here. In the US about how that could fall. Students great question because. Did she is probably the thorniest. National security problem that the administration asked you quit. Because there are no good answers. Are absolutely no good ways out of this. It's their war and President Obama or before President Bush or before him President Clinton would have taken. The fact that we've had three administrations Republican and democratic alike wrestling with this problem and not come up with a solution. She just. Whatever way out of this it's going to be tough and unsatisfactory. And probably not something that's going to develop this week yeah. Now one. Six. Data points or a particular point they should make as Reston who is here this Easter weekend. Is that as long I was the vice president is in Seoul and within our timber ridge North Korea. It seems unlikely to be. That the US is going it's huge and it might precipitate. And artillery barrage so I don't think we're going to see any a major confrontations. Opt. I think it's quite possible that North Korea will decide to do something rather provocative. On the birth date. Q Mosul the founder of acute this. And the question will be well what response will be US possibly vehicle to get. So wreck that's the question for you oh well worth the hunt where this president who spent that he will be able to fix these problems. What kind of response weekend. Well I depends on the action is and we've asked the White House that exact question it's a they don't wanna get in front of the president he's keeping. In mind that all of the options are on the table of course including a military option. I think it's fasting to see the way the chest plate pieces are being played here because as I mentioned. There's no subtlety when it comes belt from. He is moving in very deliberate ways and I can't or call recent example at least that I defer to the other experts that we're talking through here of of the kind of action like yesterday where this massive ordinances is detonated this huge attack is launched. And it specifically telegraph that it's supposed to send a message to somewhere else in an unrelated part of the world not not a direct link between them. I think that's really interest and I think that's the tea leaf reading that they're hoping that they becomes more evidence or that the north Koreans that there's that is a risk in this. And even the of the stories about possible preemption even if they're very unlikely I think all of this. There's a benefit to Donald Trump to being a little unpredictable on the world stage at least at this point.

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"Foreign policy expert says there are \"no good ways out\" of a conflict with North Korea","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46805058","title":"Solving the North Korea problem","url":"/Politics/video/solving-north-korea-problem-46805058"}