Trump to allow lawsuits against companies using confiscated property in Cuba

The Trump administration will be the first to allow lawsuits under a 23-year-old law.
4:40 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Trump to allow lawsuits against companies using confiscated property in Cuba
I'm here to announce an important decision regarding United States policy towards Cuba. Yeah in 1986 congress passed the Cuban liberty and democratic solidarity act also known as neighbor Todd. Under title three of that acted as its citizens throughout the property confiscated by the Castro regime we're given the right to file suit against those. Who traffic in such properties. But those citizens opportunities for justice have been put out of reach. For more than two decades. Now more than 22 years every president. Every secretary stated suspended title three in the hope the doing so would put more pressure on the Cuban regime. To transition to democracy. But just as we did in regard to moving our embassy to Jerusalem the true capital of Israel. Are designating the Islamic revolutionary guard corps for what it is a terrorist organization. The drop administration recognizes reality. We see clearly that the regime's repression of its own people and it's un repentant expert patient of security in the region has only gotten worse. Because dictated receive appeasement as weakness not strength. President Obama's administration game of footsie with the Castro's won't did not deter the regime from continue to harass. At a press the Hugh Roy ladies in white. The group were women dedicated to peacefully protesting the regime's human rights abuses. More broadly. The regime continues to deprive its own people of the fundamental freedoms of speech press assembly. And association. Indeed according to Ngo reports Cuban thugs made more than 2800 arbitrary arrests in 2018. Alone. In the run up the country's recent sham constitutional referendum. One that enshrined in the Communist Party is the only legal political party in Cuba. The regime harassed beat and detained. Leaders in active opposition leaders and activists. 310. People were arbitrarily detained according to the Cuban commission on human rights and national reconciliation. Cuba's behavior in the Western Hemisphere undermines the security and stability of countries throughout the region. Which directly threatens United States national security interest. The Cuban regime has for years exported its tactics of intimidation. Repression and violence. Tips they've. Export this to Venezuela and direct support of the former Madieu regime. Cuban military intelligence. And state security services today humid Durham in power. Sadly he was most prominent export these days is not cigars or rob its oppression. Detente with the regime has failed. Cozying up to Cuban dictator's will always be a black mark on this great nation's long record of defending human rights. For these reasons I'm announcing that the truck administration will no longer suspend. Title three. Effective may second the right thing to bring the right to bring an action under title three of reliever Todd act will be implemented in full. I have already informed congress of my decision. Imploding might title three of fall means a chance to justice for Cuban Americans who have long sought relief. For Fidel castor and his lackeys seizing property. Without compensation. For the first time claimants were able to bring lawsuits against persons traffic in property that was confiscated. By the Cuban regime. Any person or company doing business in Cuba should heed this announcement. In addition to being newly vulnerable to lawsuits that could be abetting the Cuban regime's abuses of its own people. Those doing business in Cuba should fully investigate whether they are connected to property stolen service but it failed Communist experiment. I encourage our friends and allies alike to like where this follow our lead and stand with the Cuban people. As I said throughout my trip to South America that's last week the drug administration is committed to helping grow the wave of democracy. Good governments. And openness which is steadily building throughout the entire Western Hemisphere. From a trip last week that's obvious positive changes for stand controller present allies that we're with them while on the side of what's right and what is just. Today we are holding the Cuban government accountable for seizing American assets. We're helping those whom the regime is rob get compensation. For their rightful property. And we're advancing human rights and democracy. On behalf of the Cuban people.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"The Trump administration will be the first to allow lawsuits under a 23-year-old law. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62456636","title":"Trump to allow lawsuits against companies using confiscated property in Cuba","url":"/Politics/video/trump-lawsuits-companies-confiscated-property-cuba-62456636"}