Trump takes foreign trip amid son's Russia meeting firestorm

ABC News' Amna Nawaz, and Rick Klein and Pierre Thomas discuss President Trump and Macron's press conference.
7:29 | 07/13/17

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Transcript for Trump takes foreign trip amid son's Russia meeting firestorm
This defense and Aigner and that you know I didn't know how things work of where we're live renewed it says you know as mr. trump himself there's that I believe in politics. For a couple of year is syndicating your kind of learning as we go here. It's a tough defense and make though when there have been blanket denials. Well first I can't believe that doubt is making fuel level that the president all of them my goodness. Deal were it. At least three by my count questionable assertions in the defense that he issued an it's the only first offense this is president trump rallied behind his son. First as an act out pointed out it did anyone with it is meeting. I think he's been widely discredited by people out of work in politics and even as Sicilian went out question. The need nominee the FBI directors have that shouldn't happen. Number two. Is this assertion that up because it wasn't someone that worked for the Russian government it wasn't a big deal keep in mind that email chain shows Don junior thought he was meeting with someone who is being put forward on behalf of the Russian government specifically as part according to email. Of the government's attempt to try to help the trump campaign so whether or not. She was actually an agent of the Russian government she says she wasn't doctors thought he wants it that's of these signals the intent and that's where port here and then third. It was a suggestion by the president which he even admitted he doesn't know it's true that Loretta lynch. President Obama's attorney general allowed her to enter the country that is a reference it seems to report that shows that. Addicted to the Russian lawyer got a special visa to come the United States is part file. But that he's that is of a wild assertion at this point and to suggest that somehow it's Obama's attorney general's fault. That that his son had this meeting at all seems like a pure distraction strategy that has nothing to do with the substance of very real set of allegations that emerge from those. And this is something we've seen for the administration before gets ten to kind of muddy the waters to distract from. What questions are really being asked but. Look a rock surrounding this very large issue. Are a lot of other things that this White House have to focus on and have to get done this is become such especially in the last 4872 hours such an overwhelmingly. Furious issue. How is it not consuming how are they able to continue working on everything else that needs to get them. Well or not if I think it's age it's almost beating that this and it is talking about health care today in its path or with president about six times on the way. That seems like it's par for the course he has been in non factor in that the eight legislative push of the summer. And it's because they've been consumed by snake also argued that his role would not necessarily be productive the way that he traps the house passed bill. After the fact is still remembered on Capitol Hill but this is the peak of what this is everything right now that the administration is dealing with. I and the fact is John Karl points out. He did not have a single public events on American soil between these portraits that's how the illness once he flies home on Saturday it was the big story Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday. He doesn't come out again in public until he's back on foreign soil that's peculiar behavior and it tells you how focused they are. On protecting themselves against this widening scandal. I would ask you a little bit more about this foreign trip because it is such a big deal in terms of American firm policy and they get back to health care if that is huge and L and very real things moving today. On that that this meeting this press conference. With in the pros he talked about earlier these guys couldn't be more different in many ways alike in many others that both pragmatists have both sort of transactional and a lot of different ways. What ABC there in terms of where we could see the US and France actually. Kind of working together with he city sit at the new point of contact for America in here. Yeah I think it's telling that he chooses this invitation to accept that we found out recently that he won't be going to Great Britain at all this year as a matter back so I think that. He's a not so subtle jab at the British and of course is a tense relationship there. Despite some commonalities. I think another part of this is that president trump thought this would be good invitation to take because it was a kind of a quick trip that had some nice perks that it gets a nice meal out of it nice nice scenery seeing I think it's quite a military parade of big parade there's some there's some just basic like this is not a bad trip this to say yet still. It about the body and insulted by you what's left but really apparently isn't about his parents not better you can do it. But I do think to that broader point. He seemed to signal to what he hopes will be a partner in Western Europe that there is that there's a way to work on this he wasn't trashing the apparent climate or. Right he says hope there's a way forward on that not no big deal a lot of praise from a prone and the leadership says he'll be back he hopes many times. I think all of that is that the president waking up to how hard job is in and where you look for some ballots. And it also strictly due that this that they talked about before we see president Tom involving an infamy and in some ways that's an attorney Wendy from it yet beneath that. Jim Kane threatened again it's ripped it to related okay. We slowed it actually is in that goes by one name that reflects Sarah Madonna just stand and had a problem with parents Eric that the longer parent. Hasn't decided four but today he said. Paris is beautiful Paris but if it's fair at the very that's every hour now let's not healthcare we are asking for the first time now the new version he senate's health care bill are continuing journey to repeal and replace. The eighth the day. What we can. Well so far we've seen that this is an effort to try to reach out to conservatives are more than moderates we don't they don't have the votes they didn't have the votes before. They had to make some meters major changes here. The big thing that they've done a few things one is that there. They're getting a lot more money to states the until you way to use it in addition to that that was one hole in this because the request the Medicaid. That means for a lot of people that have been hit by this legal UAW's. Three. Making additional financing available they also be some additional financing available that would allow states to set different insurance rules. They'll potentially allow them offer slimmed down programs under under what. The remnants of obamacare that is a big ridge to the right that's not conservatives and conservative groups. They have wanted insurance companies to be able to essentially opt out offer much slim down versions of the plan. But telling right now is that they still don't have the votes Rand Paul on the conservative side says he's not gonna vote for this Susan Collins on the moderate side says she's not gonna vote for this that's it. And they can lose no more and there are enough undecided senators including critically. Dean Heller in Nevada who had ads run against them at least briefly. By the truck team because of his opposition he says he salon decided so this is still going to be a scramble but I would also say they peered his right. It doesn't look like an impossible task based on this some of the conservative opposition has melted away and they at least have the opportunity to get this boat board next week. What if the timeline with in fort Nelson here every time but the CBO scored yeah that matter as much as it did before. It matters for senate rules purposes but I think because they got that initial well this won't change things substantially we're seeing some indications from the CBO what they're talking about there's going to be a whole raft of amendments that are offered potentially consider next week. Other deadline of its editors have set each of these things all the time. Is a vote next week and that's what they're moving toward but to even get to that and that boat they have a clear procedural hurdle. Right now they don't have enough just for that at the so called motion to proceed they need a majority there right now they are just on the hospital getting that say nothing of the underlying bill. Of course our team here is going to be covering all the ends an average all the details. As we learn about the decline they literature being your typical happy here looked at BofA saw the thank all of you for watching as well in every good anytime for continuing coverage. A president trumps trip to France and also our continuing coverage of Health Care Reform efforts on him. Thanks for Al and for now I'm on the net baht a few actors in.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz, and Rick Klein and Pierre Thomas discuss President Trump and Macron's press conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"48622303","title":"Trump takes foreign trip amid son's Russia meeting firestorm","url":"/Politics/video/trump-takes-foreign-trip-amid-russia-meeting-firestorm-48622303"}