World joins together in protest against climate change

Activists march in solidarity in major cities around the globe to pressure governments to act on climate change.
2:44 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for World joins together in protest against climate change
Millions of young people turning out in the streets of major cities to draw attention to the impacts of climate change their calling it. The climate strike students skipping out. On school workers. Off the job today is these large scale demonstrations and everywhere from Australia to the Philippines to Belgium to New York. Ought captive Canadian our viewers with these images really extraordinary scenes. Including in the city of Seattle in Washington State and that's were I'm joined Obama Monica Pedersen their affiliate ABC affiliate Como she's been tracking. Those developments harmonica great to see you. Give us a sense of the scope of the protest you're covering and is unlike anything you've seen before. Yes I you know worked pretty well known for a protest here in Seattle so this when his zest as well attended. As you would expect there are thousands of kids here. And I don't know if you guys know this but Seattle public schools did not excuse these students but they showed up anyway even some of the teachers are here parents are here kids of all ages are here and they tell me that they are just fighting for their future. You know one of the organizers one of the student organizers that I talk to she told me that kids her age 1617. Have climate and anxiety that's what they're calling it climate anxiety. And some of them are so upset and Salma. About their chairs that they're thinking about not even having children I don't want to bring them a little moral. Houston where we have these major hurricanes every year so there really. We're just here so let everybody know that they want their boys and their voices heard and even though they're not old enough to vote just. While we see the received assignments behind U we hear the chancellor Monica. If we serve we sure can did tell us are they demanding anything specific car the protesters there in Seattle. Calling for any specific concrete action. Well you know Seattle has its own version of the new green DL so what they'd like to see is climate pollution. Eliminated or decrease by the year 2030 and they want to create thousands of green jobs they believe that this is that the way of the future and these jobs will be necessary they want people to start getting trained her for them right now so bad there asking for the same things that everyone around the world is asking for. But particularly here in Seattle. They want to eliminate climate. Pollution. Carla Monica pierce thanks so much for your reporting great to have you in the show moniker from our affiliate Como. In Seattle.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Activists march in solidarity in major cities around the globe to pressure governments to act on climate change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65757925","title":"World joins together in protest against climate change","url":"/Politics/video/world-joins-protest-climate-change-65757925"}