Nancy Grace: Pistorius' 5 Year Prison Sentence "devalued the life of Reeva Steenkamp"

ABC's Dan Abrams & HLN's Nancy Grace on Pistorius Sentencing & Jodi Arias Death Penalty Trial.
11:29 | 10/21/14

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Transcript for Nancy Grace: Pistorius' 5 Year Prison Sentence "devalued the life of Reeva Steenkamp"
Five years in prison. Olympian Oscar historians stone faced. As the judge treats his sentencing for the shooting death this model girlfriend Christine camp the fall from grace is a double amputees stating his first night in prison. Look when I'm down Cutler in New York ABC's outs mark what was in that courtroom in Pretoria today Alex. The judge kept the courtroom on their edge of their seats for more than an hour as she read the sentencing decision before finally announcing. A five year prison sentence for culpable homicide or what's known as manslaughter. In the US there is also a second. Three year suspended sentence for a gun related charge. The reaction the courtroom was relatively muted historians himself. Quite stoic none of the crying that we've seen from him during the course of this trial. He say goodbye to a Stanley and then was led away by police to a van and then driven to Pretoria central prison where to begin serving out his prison sentence. The uncle of Oscar historian spoke with reporters afterward saying that the stories would not to appeal the sentence that he respected. The judge's decision I spoke with the parents of rivas dean camp who told me that justice has now been served. But said they would never have closure. And one important note after ten months the stories is eligible for what's called a converted sentence meaning he could go into house arrest. And go back to his uncle's mansion where he's been staying for the past few months. Alex Marquardt ABC news Pretoria South Africa. Aren't out psyched for that. And now I want to bring in HL and anchor Nancy Grace and ABC's chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams both obvious have been watching this case from the very beginning. Their efforts one a structures that the terms of the prison. Does it begin immediately. Yeah and it seems that he's going to be an. In a hospital wing of the prison now one of the points in the defense kept making throughout the sentencing hearing is. His disability is gonna prevent him from surveying and end he shouldn't be placed in with other inmates in the prosecution presented experts say don't worry about it. Latin in this special hospital weighing all of his needs will be addressed. And that's are we expect he'll go but as you heard Alex say at the end there. Very nature stating that it's a five year sentence but there's no way serving anything like five years now. It doesn't mean he's serving ten months but under south African law. When you've served the sixth of the sentence in this particular type a sentence you can request. Something like. House arrest which he will request at ten months the question is will he get it or Willie have to wait to twenty months or whatever the case may be. But there is no question in my view I'm sure Nancy will agree with this that that this was this is a win. For Oscar the story straight Oscar for story us shot his girlfriend four times in his own home through the two war of the bathroom. And he is now serving. Less than hide years. For that crime. That has to be an outcome that Oscar for stories and his team would have been very pleased about at the very outset of this case Nancy your reaction meant to that sentence that we spent so closely watching. Well I felt the judge's sentence was extremely inappropriate. And completely. Devalued. The life covering the sting him. I mean off on the one guns aren't a lot of UN got five years right. Hey it's his fifth base eating didn't even happen. And damage dry the defense is saying he can't house arrest at ten months the stated thank. I don't know it'll be twenty months OK so why did when he was the difference you say tomato I think some odd it. Twenty months. Four and dance that. Gunning down his girlfriend. Cheating or four times as she cowered behind the closed door in the bathroom stall. I was done yet. Then the number there being five years but as you both have been putting out their ten month with a pivotal time frame. So debt let me ask the judge describing the sentencing as a balancing act between retribution. And clemency. Are you surprised them but what that verdict was handed we'll look I was more surprised. At the actual verdict itself meaning the fact that. That this judge believed Oscar for story this is account that this was a mistake. That he believed that his girlfriend was in the dead. Then pitted the judge believes that. You can understand why there's a light sentence right it was all an error that's the part where I'm amazed. But once you get to the sentencing when you're talking about culpable homicide in South Africa descendants has it been all over the place from no prison time. To up to fifteen years. So this particular sentence considering what the judge had already ruled. Wasn't that surprising. Nancy we have been watching the case I was authors of a much in this case and one of the things we've been looking at is the emotional risks. Bonds that the story is added as we just heard from outsmart parks sang there they. He was stone faced almost on emotional. As that sentencing was remnant of the crying that was going on during the trial there were you surprised them by that reaction. No not really because he only cried when it suited him. They cried when he cried when inhaled his tanks when the judge gave her let me just say. That ruling and sentencing what was there to dry about I'm surprised you didn't and shout out laughing enjoying. But at that point there was no need for acting anymore. The whole thing is over. He can be himself again he doesn't have seen clips again north. Make himself prior pretend to vomiting ward. And when they said we're not going to appeal as if he's doing everybody a favor I guess he's not going to appeal he's gonna walk at a jail list at lunch. And it and Dan the only team the only organization that really wants to hold them at least to this five year sentence is the International Paralympic Committee. Which quickly announced that that he will suspend him for the full five year sentence even if he is released earlier meaning he's not going to be able to compete but again. When you think about the idea that Oscar for stories could be competing again. In the 20/20 games at age 34 or whatever it however old Dubya it's 34. At that point. You know. It's sort of stuff a chick for those of us who sort of remember when this case first happen when I am so glad. Fat. You imagine him I'm mad and I'm advocates I think CNN because I am saying is not admitting whether they let him if you're not. I didn't see day when they will let him give me and he goes yeah done this woman down in cold blood. And then get out there they can. In the Olympics. And admitted it is done devalue. Women and CN he did in general and I'm not reading about the death penalty. But this is just this is. Off and Dan we've we've also often talked but comparison the OJ Simpson case right dismissed South Africa's OJ Simpson case. And I think that you know it ended up not that far off off. From OJ Simpson case meaning OJ Simpson was acquitted but. This seems sort of spectacle. Followed by this notion of a celebrity. Getting far lighter just this it a case where the acts were not. It's in dispute so that the end of this case also. Concluded in a way not that dissimilar. From OJ Simpson is well where the public and in this case the world. This isn't just South Africa this is the world. Watching this case and I think so many people around the world rolling their lives and saying. Another celebrity. Got softer justice it's something I don't think Nancy and I disagree about the slot I don't think celebrities. Often get the same level celebrity justice people think they do in this case I think he did. That Nancy don't ask you that would about what about Revis team can't parents' reactions saying that they believe that justice. Was served but that they would never have closure. Yeah I can relate to that. I think that they were looking for a guilty verdict and that was when they really want it. They won any public statement that this really happened. That he killed their daughter. I also have found in Sydney very quiet. And reserved so I doubt they're going through. Really fully discussed their feelings any medicines about this. At this juncture maybe someday. But my big minutes played pretty much throughout the fire ordeal. Look and also you think about the fact that that we now know. That historians was paying it was giving the parents' money throughout this process. Which in of itself by the way at no problem with the problem is. That that the stories family is now acting as if that was the low. So it is clear. That this story is and the family of Revis dean camp. Have some sort of relationship. To the point where he can be giving them money which they feel should be treated as a low. That's the sort of relationship. Friends have. Which I think is telling. Took less than that I wanted to ask you about this and the legality of it than it once the sentence has been rendered then can the prosecution appeal this or is this done. The prosecution could appeal the verdict what if the prosecution's gonna appeal they're going to be -- appealing the verdict. They're going to be appealing the not guilty on the murder charge an interesting question is. How much does what this team camps say about this and feel about it Weydedat prosecutors' decision meaning it's not. Their decision to make if the prosecutor decision. As to whether to appeal. This you have to wonder the fact that the steam camp Bentley seems satisfied. With where we are in seems to want and this will that way in the prosecutor's decision. I don't know you know I I'm not familiar enough. With how many other times this prosecutor. Has for example sought to reverse a conviction. I think they'll probably leave it alone but we'll see. Nancy what do you think likelihood of an appeal. I think there's not going to appeal because I don't think Revis thinking feeling things weren't. Exit for the Rangers that day and has faded and he family. To be going along more than. Had them for that reason I don't think this day is going to visit. Also. After the pasted they've put on a trial. And that it was a lot when this judge. I don't think they go to Baghdad perspective VD but I have. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened star in the store for exclusive updates on the go. For now. I'm Dan Cutler in New York.

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