55 Injured In Amtrak Train Crash

Investigators are looking into the terrifying collision of an Amtrak train and a tractor-trailer truck stuck at a crossing in North Carolina.
1:34 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for 55 Injured In Amtrak Train Crash
Hello everybody I'm TJ Holmes and reunited with top stories on this Tuesday march hands. Do questions are being raised this morning about safety America's rail systems. That's up for yesterday's collision between Amtrak train and tractor trailer in North Carolina the chocolate stock. On the tracks 55 passengers and crew were injured the truck was being escorted by a state patrolman when the train plowed right into it. Strong words and actions against the University of Oklahoma fraternity the frat houses being. Close immediately the members are encouraged to leave campus Sigma Alpha Epsilon national organization is apologizing all because frat Brothers. Are seen in a video singing racist lyrics of the song and those living in the frat house have until the end of the day today doesn't. Get out an in depth study has found that a cornerstone of today's modern parenting telling Sutter dotted with their special increases children's narcissistic tendencies. Researchers say parents should instead reinforce to their kids that they are loved. It bolster self esteem without implying that there's appearing here to their peeps. And a thirteen letters that. Used to spell out the words Yankee Stadium will soon be up for sale they said on the outside of the house that Ruth built for. 32 years and were taken down before the old stadium was demolished that's when mr. October himself Reggie Jackson's balked on the he's putting them up for sale now from Sotheby's. The capital on April 1 all thirteen motorists must be bought together however it'll cost you somewhere between 30600. Grant. You get more news and letters and he done that ABC news that company digital every tonight and thanks much liked.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"Investigators are looking into the terrifying collision of an Amtrak train and a tractor-trailer truck stuck at a crossing in North Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29522494","title":"55 Injured In Amtrak Train Crash","url":"/WNN/video/55-injured-amtrak-train-crash-29522494"}