Back-to-school gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick Debartolo, returns to show us the best in back-to-school tech.
3:51 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for Back-to-school gadgets
This morning were checking out some cool back to school tech gadgets. And joining us of course is our goal and it is Lynn Dick DeBartolo. Big good morning I'm personally a turnaround school I. No but it's the last year for me yeah I'm thrilled if that's every yard try and find unique backpack so this was billed as the anti theft backpack okay. And I'm thinking they I think anti theft that there aren't that didn't know pocket OK so this is very clever so the zipper is in the back. Why so it's up against you and no one could get anything out without it you'd knowing OK so there are ten different pockets in here. And also I'm gonna surely something else you can't. There were two different wires in here. If you have an external. Phone charger downloaded it one of the pockets there if you listen to music through your. Music device plug it the headphone in then out here. Quality foot thanks so that you can charge of fallen US behind your back and you can listen to music at the headphone Jack yeah. And I paid eighteen dollars. Today I don't know what it's gonna be when you go to the website it was sixteen no only got site to steal essentially I know that backtracking. We get the project but and the company says the that the fabric is what do proof okay. According to the web some. Thirty million kids are going back to school with rural home books. Fool OK so Acer has a new line defied seventeen line of chrome books and kind of premium. I tell you know let him out from may when you open a Montana instantly go on this is the touch and I'm gonna try and do this kind of Australia and Alan okay. Touched our own way it is a fourteen inch full HD screen now. You can back light the keys since you can't seem. Here I took a quick shot with my cell phone early and this is what it looks like if you working in a dog days ago and we can see on the money she. I had great if he ever a roommate in the don't want you can type in the dog outran the keyboard will be lit it's all metal yeah. Very sleek touch over three pounds. This one is 49 denying. But others in the line or down as low as 349. Pounds of goods and don't carry the accident flight fourteen then we got a battle waking up right yes Elway and this is up to twelve hours of you separate fights and how what does the physical this Alcoa Wiki clock okay. So the Wiki clock has a couple things. If you have a phone that has wireless charging capabilities to laid on top of the Weinke who will handle we will start charging. There are two more charging ports in the back. Okay or so this is Bluetooth. When we just. Push on here has fairly decent speakers in here like good I'm just hoping that this didn't go to sleep. It's blogger blues. Yeah I yeah I really love the pulled. OK the exit he got back to wake you up yeah that he heard nothing. This also can be a sound machine upright and in the you create this sound to you want you can mix the Far East with rain and cart race. This guide this great for the dorm I already plugged then two and now let's take up to outlets now you get for. But if he had transform a plugs yes you can turn it around plugged the big plug in the side you have room aren't ember quit. Kelly okay the last guy is desktop all in Isaac under ten blocks everything you need to school in one place. Looks so good Dick we love for Indian and other unique back to school tech gadgets. About Dick's website at kids weigh as dot bids are our website WNN band dot com Dick DeBartolo think you as always for joining us. In recess we will see that happening around you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick Debartolo, returns to show us the best in back-to-school tech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64939415","title":"Back-to-school gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/back-school-gadgets-64939415"}