Gadgets for the Great Outdoors

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo previews the summer's hottest outdoor gadgets.
4:33 | 06/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gadgets for the Great Outdoors
Well now that summer's officially here who isn't looking for ways to have some fun in the sun and with that in mind. Our gizmo is Dick DeBartolo joins us now with some of the season's. Cool is outdoor gadgets for us good morning good morning ignored and they need to hit and you are fun. Okay Fred I have no idea have fun stuff wet head OK we're playing necessarily so we already have 58. Rods. Pulled out of that what you do is to fill this out with water you've O'Donnell I'm you spend Spinner. You have to pull out a rod someone is going to get wet but okay my people pulled out rods and didn't get wet. Mike Skinner said that I have to pull out too broad at the end of this spot I'll put this on the hunt and see if I escape what it's and that's for adults twenty and altering what. Yeah but kids for but Florida lungs are adults love playing pool this is brand new from ray of back and this is there outdoor Linton. This is a break whoa and that's that's full up. That's medium that's low degrading on low it can go for 260. Hours okay okay. This is the first one of the kind the hook on the top tips. And that there and then you all and then did sit but. And even distorted in pieces noted. One ahead CIA. And they say indestructible. And we're gonna roll little good dance. He has OK Kyle. Another run out and get it target just to show used to sentence lines that is greater that is correct I try doing that dear Santa. Months ago argument lighting and I'd love Monsanto. And the great thing this is under thirty's let's really cool yeah it's great. Rail back OK and. This is the Bernie. Bowl would. Self burning grill. So you peel the rapper yeah. There is a wiccan here that you light a resident Rick. That will burn then ignite the charcoal and then this is like a piece of the tree and then the entire thing you can grill for an hour and a half. And when you've done we had to but you really can do legacy it has to bobs and fish and I'm guessing until you really can do that on there yes you you know put stopped francs on sticks these mores. It's it's really. Is that last for this will burn for an hour and a half inevitably and one I think it's two and half hours straight now on the show you an ice chest. That has everything. It's on video and just watch. Cash. Well as a list any store and ice chips that came with its own remote control. So this is to cool Max for stereo speakers. 350 watt amplifier. Input for a guitar. A microphone. Charge your gadgets. Right there US deep. He is also a twelve volts now that you have another accessory that you want to run it holds only at beverages inside. It even has a removable light so that ye dislike the contents we can take the lie down and put it elsewhere if Bluetooth. Play Europe music from your phone through the cool Max. Looks great but it's missing key component which sent veer off. I don't ordering your Holland. If you're going boating this is brand new this is the first electronic. SOS flare up so instead of lighting a flair and having it burned for several minutes or whatever this can burned for sixty hours that's for and it floats okay. And now as promised on going to go back. And put on my day. Went head to. I will stand the way for you are sandy said sandy sit put on a piece of plastic I take offense it said I don't care about getting Witten sentences if we're worried about the microphone. I don't have been doing it I think David I don't coach underwear. Bowl this trip one minute by Johnson later on fake your OK to. Follow our low poll. Five a gift. Eight got all wet and hissed. Guy and that guy is under twelve books. Coached there could be so I would do for my craft. All right Dick can there would do it had thank you okay come there will you could see v.s and other fund other gadgets on its website picked. Bad news who has dubbed his Dick Huber drove back to you I would even say hello to way and it didn't fly.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo previews the summer's hottest outdoor gadgets. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40036534","title":"Gadgets for the Great Outdoors","url":"/WNN/video/gadgets-great-outdoors-40036534"}