A Look at Gender-Neutral Toys

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht shows off some toys for girls and boys.
4:08 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Look at Gender-Neutral Toys
Big changes come to some of the most popular to ways to make the -- gender neutral some of these changes are being driven by parents teachers and one big sister. Who hopes boys will get to play with toys usually marketed to girls. Our toy insider mom Laurie -- -- -- with the very latest Lori however you. -- -- you always a pleasure. So much spent today because we are gonna talk about gender and toys. We're gonna start with the items and where that started in all -- revolution. And yes thirteen year old girl and her brother was younger. I want to the place so she got you know she wanted to make -- -- that it's for girls and -- by -- and Evan B for boys to the big enough. Seven net asset they're now exactly -- has front came through and this fully you're going to see this -- Blackened silver version of the -- they got an of course just will be up to get this color and make all -- back at history kind of looks a little more realistic even in the black and sometimes German mutual the -- looks a little more professional it absolutely does he tackle next. The construction -- -- which is great for the development left hand a hapless you know -- his skills like Elijah in and out the gross and fine motor skills language skills. Eldest or youngest kids playing it's very gender natural boys and girls -- the -- the bottler had those yet I remember -- -- first guilders this is also this is nickel slots is a whole Barbie set out nor when I was. He had not had Legos were -- may ask any -- -- is usually the -- that. Allard the construction sets for the older kids right but now we're seeing this new trend and we have these beautiful -- like his party -- that goes beyond -- yeah and display journal we still have great Lego -- this -- new superhero -- coming out. I'm so this is the battle of small -- yet Superman would have enjoyed that one truck and machine guns on -- recently. -- also something usually targeted for the -- is kind of avoid my blood seemed to -- this 500 gained two very different rape and suddenly there's just -- -- new -- from where we -- that this now the girls getting much more interested in -- want to ask those skills so we have RTZ her should -- and -- had -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- And -- and but these American Applebee's that you see it may just vote among them okay ready for an one -- -- I -- off say are -- and there are a lot of money and I can see mongo and you'd like this in the house got some power there if there's a lot. Toys that have been in the -- not always more girls and more attention you remember your first stuffed animal whether it was Teddy there. This is the world's originals just slashed. Really really Q routes nights and boys and girls love that -- and everyone knows Mickey Minnie yeah envoys -- -- outside my paycheck we work for Disney. I know Mickey mirror I don't and -- you know that they're celebrating their 85 anniversary getting its heat and did you know that but I -- -- -- -- no -- -- and it's -- -- -- here -- -- and -- I'm also very. The girls or boys. And so -- great things from -- -- and you learn how to take turns. You that he shouldn't even had a follow these are classics but don't claims it can't tell us or if he or she didn't tell girl -- -- monopoly monopoly moral and everything -- -- but then of course you have fabulous new games. This is -- university who -- my -- -- to Jackson reasoning and by. Bush is selling -- -- and that's why you're guessing which way to go on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fisher price's as a sounding song puzzled when they don't let it plays music every Christmas and in my daughter -- we also have since he's Preston. Play together play together and you'll play together the jigsaw -- -- there hasn't -- pausing to stick -- typical take forever to put together its last one -- and arts and crafts for kids Martins are great for children we have things like -- an alarm. We have -- Cut crayons and markers -- and good for boys and girls get those creative juices going for boys and girls. -- -- -- K all right thanks again our toy insider mom Laurie -- there is detailed information on our FaceBook page W and and fans dot com about all the toys just sort here.

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{"id":19080594,"title":"A Look at Gender-Neutral Toys","duration":"4:08","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht shows off some toys for girls and boys.","url":"/WNN/video/gender-neutral-toys-19080594","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}