New Material Could Revolutionize the Fashion Industry

Womenswear label Ohne Titel goes high-tech with 3-D printed plastic fabrics in a collaboration with Microsoft and Shapeways.
2:20 | 02/18/16

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Transcript for New Material Could Revolutionize the Fashion Industry
We are in the midst of what many considered be one of New York's most important weeks of the year. Fashion Week. But pushing aside the usual offerings of the over the top styles worn by. And possibly braille and runway model's pick his own new kind of fabric that could revolutionize the way clothes are made. Here's ABC's teen trend. It's New York Fashion Week. Designers Laura gill and Alexa Adams a phone its heels are gearing up for their big show. Nick where is their specialty. This season adding it's different materials for the next. 3-D printed. Plastic it's a start with a strained with netting and then creating fabric out of that and this isn't really similar process for air working wit kind of a line of plastic. But that plastic it's typically rigid and hard we had today. Think we can make something soft and and slapped the bond now it well. Using hard units. The designers partnered with Microsoft in three printing company cheap ways this is on Derrick Frost an alternate heat him over past that. I think I love about it that it tends parent not her husband's murder robbery you know which is filling in trust thing by interlocking smaller pieces together the designers essentially created a new fabric to work with. In the initial idea was to try a take ideas from traditional chain mail. Cool thing here is that it actually has limited you can't write a net attack on they had the Strachan men and ten. It can be very day it Italian it's gonna cut fit to each body of the model to fit her personal and shall be very nice actually combining it with a moral world technology and crush day care and the adage that old world meets tech world approach makes for unlimited possibilities I think the next revelation 3-D printing is going to be more material eventually they'll feel she's plastics and polymers that are completely soft don't wait that. It'll get better and like Billy grass is it people you bet. It's fashion 2.0 and this season if it's ready to Wear teacher and ABC news New York. Caring interest how do you like it I do but I'm rosling spider web today so. Bully might actually did is it made of plastic polymers not made of plastics and polymers and if you get too close to but it's not get it. That's true in the wind.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Womenswear label Ohne Titel goes high-tech with 3-D printed plastic fabrics in a collaboration with Microsoft and Shapeways.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"37021118","title":"New Material Could Revolutionize the Fashion Industry","url":"/WNN/video/material-revolutionize-fashion-industry-37021118"}