Scary Movies to Watch this Halloween

Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes stops by to discuss some classic and newer horror movies to watch at home this Halloween.
4:13 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for Scary Movies to Watch this Halloween
There's definitely nip in the air and the leaves are turning and that of course means one thing. It's prime season for checking out our favorite scary movies but in addition to the obvious Halloween classics there are quite a few. New movies out there that should be making your personal playlist joining us now is rotten tomatoes senior editor gray Drake in great. Thank you for being here with us thank you I am a big fan of scary movies some time to tell them. I love any excuse to delete into people's laps. I pitch here regularly do very nice of those pick therapies is desk getting there tired so what we'll do that. First I was also on the website we have 75 of the best reviewed horror movies ever break. Then I was really surprised at what ended up being seven. Okay as in the scariest were. As in that Blake in the bottom of our list and it just tells you how fantastical the films actually are because of this is our last one. Well interest in that it's a solid list OK we're he would assert that lets a movie that conjuring. I've seen this movie rights to create this new one that just came out with Patrick Wilson and it's big it's based on the true story. And it is not for the G. Anyway usually buying real estate she's in the next you know next time you. She it's this Stanley moves into a house in its super hot and it's based on a cursory yes and it's a lot like Amityville horror. Except. Different family different house same paranormal researchers. OK that helped out this poor family and that's a Ritz is really really scary film. And what allows me. Well there's a lot of classic some analysts to immediately have a conversation about scary movies about talking about like how we yes Carrey's. The shining but those are like. In the forties and fifties on the list what are the ones that you would save that have been missed by many of folks over the years in more recent years perhaps one. Bob the best scary movies that I've ever seen. Is the bop a duck boats like this single mom. And her son has some behavioral problems and who hasn't been Hanley that's who really xxx. And her son is really terrified. Of the bohemian. Animus of book mysteriously shows that he hits can hair piece. Yeah and you think the critical literacy it is wonderful your child's dinner Grady be really Smart I now know who don't read the book they can't don't read it it's so scary so valid about what duke what else really quickly it follows. You know the following starring Mike Maroney didn't meet interesting actress. CN. It's spectacular. And cares about its foes because it that the reviews on round tomatoes were grade I downloaded it today much of first few minutes of it it was kind of gory and I was out if it can't yet is that a handle on it you're done it doesn't get any better from area. Seuss' leaf. And what was really interesting is the number one best reviewed horror movie according to our critics who. I can imagine yet every line go back in time it's an old Glenn was it in black white yep Psycho. Did yes but the wrong it's not. Here. It's the cabinet of doctor Kelly dark well of course outline I mean hey who doesn't have that much but the fact is that. But so it's a German film and it's from 1920. And it is one of the scariest movies you'll ever see because it's about a hypnotist. Who convinces. A guy that essentially has the form of sleepwalking is a disorder there to murder people for him. Troops and indeed it's one of the most important films stylistically and let a jury. Expressionism that in mind it's beautiful to look at this chilling and it will give you nightmares okay from 1920s. Is of the talking. Yeah okay their words. And they're all scared words. And. But wolf thank you so much you're welcome thank you now we're scared we're tired owners' revenue exactly yes but I might like it I have thanks.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes stops by to discuss some classic and newer horror movies to watch at home this Halloween.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34672507","title":"Scary Movies to Watch this Halloween","url":"/WNN/video/scary-movies-watch-halloween-34672507"}