Top car gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, swings by with some of the hottest new gear for all your on-the-road needs.
4:56 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Top car gadgets
Welcome back we are quickly approaching the on ramp to the summer road trip season and this morning we're checking out some of this year's hottest new gadgets. Where your car that you never knew you need it without our ideas where is addicted parked towed Dick welcome back party Dylan I'm doing good thank you write summer travel spring travel. Bug got so this is the car steps safety gadget. A lot of people have suvs and they have want to put luggage and move in the rack so a retired policemen. Mo. Moat Torre's silly little video of how we uses this step so you open your car it would going up seeing here he keeps sluggish on the top and Iraq there. And it's a take this step unfolded it goes into the latch on the door. He's got to stick it in there and then it'll let down Ohio the company says it can although the 500 pounds. Now you haven't stepped halfway now I hate your car. So that you can get up there and throw something on the roof or viewed you don't ever roof rack and just wanna salmon knives your entire call about a lot better than trying to just. All up there yet not have that's that seems safer as well yes but wait there's more. OK a little window breaker to break decide when they'll peak attracting new car seat belt because there. And if you're changing a tire or you don't want to caught a role you have a little car tire block. Shut up and all the warm our area his another all in what we have a little mini fake dashboard here OK so I'm gonna pull this out. The delight its lighting up polluted tell you its charge because. This has its own external battery inside. You pull it out if you need a flashlight OK I'm gonna turn on here. So you hold it and and yet of a light knife then you get a bright light then you get a up it's not go to Diana do upon me right. They are yeah. I does red flashing to. Nice so you're an emergency situation hadn't put it out out of the role exactly so the people familiar there boat now it's is that no addicted though look at me. Hey look at me. It ultimately end I think you mean it to bring you more to continue to check yes we do our armed the hard sell and now you can have. Gogel assistant in the call OK so Google assistant most likely going your phone and put this is an easy way to do it. Because this has built in noise reduction microphones twin Mike's. So even if here are our phone is in your pocket or down in the the seat compartment there. You can talk through this. Get the information you want from the Google assistant on the topic can be charging two gadgets. And that's about fifty books if you don't have Bluetooth that comes with a little auxiliary cable so that you can plug this. Derrek Lee not a bad idea is especially here and the car an act with having lectured you know ports for charging what nots has who go all the kids. That's a good thing all right. Well this. If it'd charging and you have kids this very clever it's called the X five from rapid acts the X five plus so this goes into the car. It's usually cigarette lighter now repertoire auxiliary port toward. From our carnac. So this is a super Joseph as you go that fast charger regular charge it. What this little thing can connect on them take it out is I can show you if you wanna stored away you can actually run this under the rug to the back seats. And then this will charge that in in the backseat they have US BC. And two more charging port so with this you can be charging five device business. Great for all the electronics to watch the movies. And then after what you got hit bottom or big thing I look for weird okay okay ideally that'd I have I think a little wealth and a cup holder right here. For drink or something oh OK very good. This is C steering wheel train. Okay. A little staring Walsh karaoke good day you go okay so you bring it up under the steering wheel then let it go get one side is your workstation. And that that's we saw the drink so that is Hillary here in station this is your workstation a place she has stylist there. It's like tool box on Amazon's not when you drive not when you drive that is so important say that. Yet as the cool cool product but not while you're driving I didn't think is purely could you do when you're driving bridging I don't know. That way they can try it make away our right what I don't try that take you so much you can check out these and other dad is for your car on Dick's website gives where is god is big B Bartolo. Thanks for doing it yeah CU and let's get up there watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, swings by with some of the hottest new gear for all your on-the-road needs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63248578","title":"Top car gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/top-car-gadgets-63248578"}