Top travel gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, swings by with a stack of new gear to get your vacation off without a hitch this travel season.
4:23 | 04/17/19

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The summer travel Stephen it's just around the corner you're prepared to get on the road general in the air remember millions of Americans. Party finalizing their vacation plans. And many of us are already impacting mowed our day is where is Dick DeBartolo joins us now with some of the latest travel gadgets. That should find a spot inside your suitcases these year. Yeah it's good to see you sir. This same can't sell this is from brackets Rodney got everything here yes they make gadgets to hold gadgets so this is their new roads ripped where. And you put a little magnet behind you fall in case it holds it. In place here but I have a little video that the company sent to show you all the different ways you can use it. So on the airplane there's a little wire in the back hangs on the latch where this actually is. And then you can put up to attend one inch tablet on that. This a plate expected to drop your headphones. If there is no latch you can use it to make adjustments. And use the tablet on your snack table. When you get into your rental car spiritual head from the fact that going to the grand. Now you can hold your clothes for navigation. And then finally when you get to the hotel and get back to using it as a stand before Tampa. Especially on the plane carriers really utilizing mass base. If you're an economy especially and you got tight space debt purchases it really isn't perfect but it's got this is the ultimate this is the. Our coal our PD geologic 191200. Million hands this can actually shot some of the apple laptop. It can charge iphones over and over and galaxies it comes with a little wall charger. And the Walt geologic and charged this big guy in just two. Hours she would our element to our you can really have a good power source or all of your data is accurate and this has another feature is called pub mode. If you need to connect more accessories like a keyboard or mouse he laughed come. This can. That act is a hubble's. It's a pretty amazing and if this is great for the hotel OK so loved especially if you're going overseas. And you know obviously sometimes hotels will have to some consulting company and exit but you've got your own here exactly so. You plug this in that takes one plugged in on the side you have to. 110 outlets three prongs on the top you have three USB. And if you have one in new phones with cheap charging. You put your going up against that I just heard the little beat up and his agreeing bar that now it's talking this phone six things at one. And if you're you may be going to a trip whether it's going to be a lot of water some wrap it. This next one it's perfect for that this is great this is from the night on so they designed a new kind of zipper that doesn't use T. Quarter coils. And the guys that it's waterproof chicken stick it in water and I thought wait a minute I'll fill it with one. So you can see. That this warning inside. I have a nice how I mean look into the house full of water. And there it is yeah there were few days I didn't hear constantly there is dry and it on the drive on Bryan little different sizes are preliminary she could not you're bringing in an anti pac. I doubt about it after nine guys and this is merely graze the civil love this especially on a road trip may be to give me. Exactly where there are plenty kitchens from little gadgets and it's called the connect flaws. So their kids headphones to things. One is that noise that the volume is limited right. And the other thing is everyone has issued a pool so we can all listen to be exact same theme want to see moving. Exactly that you can go from hedge fund headphone that he has six kids. You can do is anyway coming up teaching. Kids keep quiet Akaka a bottom batter the whole thing blew to occupy everybody thank you for all of these gadgets these are so great for more on these and other he traveled that is vivid. Dicks web site. Where it got bids for our own website WN infineon dot com Dick DeBartolo quit packet count Weezer are up. Back that what we're going yeah yeah did it very much irrelevant now.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, swings by with a stack of new gear to get your vacation off without a hitch this travel season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62451638","title":"Top travel gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/top-travel-gadgets-62451638"}