Reporter Bugs Out!

Weather anchor Brad Wills had an on-air run-in with a very large insect.
2:55 | 08/31/15

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Transcript for Reporter Bugs Out!
And now it's time for the next year reporters and I've been very difficult dangerous situations to go into combat zones wearing helmets and flak jackets we go to hurricanes without left. Weather here. And sometimes we go with dangerous situations wearing a buttoned down check shirt. And this past. This. Well you're what is up. That's because it's hot outside stuff like that happens that we've got live we live oh brother. Yes whether they've heard Brad Willis up our fox five San Diego station that we weren't. At that moment and bought an out is a good but with her for this one. It was a spark plug it detected. They forgot what it does look like a small play it is it doesn't mean this fortunately for or that book. Trying to shoo it away. Yup got composure eventually I don't look down ever but he got a conclusion. And went on with his life's not a few months but yeah that's going to be the for a while right from above into a hug there is a Pug named. Pug named Doug and use Internet famous you've got lakes over 600000. Followers on instant Graham couple million on FaceBook. And he's he basically just takes pictures likely to human. And another when the stats and attention right now is these pictures that are dressed like all. Nevada it still does. His handlers I presume. A dress them up like this and fuel these pictures today he's trying to imitate. All of these. The role of the tail perfect. So others though all of you blurt out of another. Of Doug the pugs. Beaver like. To bet. We get in this is law where he's being held and I get that the whole crew Breton national bull. It's and charge of Doug the plug so he's leaving that Bieber life what that means me out of it but yet people. I would try to one up at the announcement comes to baby announcement that they're expecting bits of it from both indicate. This is what PJ at Allison decided to do with their January 2016. Today they're different spoof movies like. Harry Potter Star Wars. And they eat all cement. Pregnancy announcement. Submitted this epic fake movie trailer head. Obviously the not Harry Potter Star Wars but it's so well done here I mean that that's high production value that's a really high tech look back at. I don't even have that was a good coming soon when he sixteen Alley. Are still football season it's almost here at the start of football season they usually do send out team photos of the University of Miami. When. And I. Your typical boring if our make when. You this is going to be blown up and made fun of their entire season due to Texans all over the country and have a field day.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Weather anchor Brad Wills had an on-air run-in with a very large insect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33427350","title":"Reporter Bugs Out!","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-reporter-bugs-33427350"}