Hurricane Michael's destruction on Mexico Beach

The town where the hurricane made landfall remained very difficult to reach by land a day later, with roads covered by fallen trees, power lines and other storm debris.
4:17 | 10/12/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Michael's destruction on Mexico Beach
It was stunning landing moemgts ago. And ginger zee saw firsthand on the ground. She was there on the ground and when it passed, shy went outside and this is what she documented in the moments after. The seen of deviation, no power of light and the area cut off. And you heard ginger talk about the power of the storm surge. It was that moment on with a special report that she watched that home, the force of the surge lifting it off its foundation and going right past her down the street. Here is what ginger found when she woke up this morning at daybreak. Reporter: This is all that is left. Houses, entire neighborhoods, shredded. This is where we were. We are going to make the hike out. There is no other way. One of the few buildings still standing 24 hours later, the yellow condo complex where we rode out hurricane Michael. As the storm swept in, we reported on a balcony, across from a blue house. The wind driving us inside. And then, that moment we will never forget. I just saw nothing I have never seen in real life. I saw an entire home taken off its foundation and roll down the street. My heart is racing. Again, I have never seen something like an entire home harks well built home, rolling down the street. And I will tell you right now, it makes you shake. Moments later, our live broadcast signal cutting out. Mexico beach taking a direct hit. And when it was possible to Venn churp out again. That is where the house used to be. The reality sets in. Now the home that I saw floating away is standing there. It is no longer. Take another look at the image from above. There's the condo where we road out the storm and across from it, where there was once a blue house, not an empty hole. Morning after now and the smell of destruction is thick. It's eerie. We set out on foot. We made it about ten blocks and the destruction hasn't ended. The job ahead, overwhelming. A local bulldozer working to clear a path. One man trying to do everything he could. We meet a husband and wife. They stayed behind in the home as the water rushed in. You swam out of your home. Yes. To a boat? Yeah. And that is hour you survived. Yes. They credit a pair of life jackets to keeping them alive. The wind is going 120 miles per hour. We let the current take us to the next stop and we grabbed on to a tree. And they asked us to get word to their mother they are okay. Finally, we got a signal. They rode out the entire five hours of the storm. My husband and id -- I have been more worried about one of my children in my life. Reporter: So many people desperate for news, and we heard from from someone else. Jenny is the owner of that blue house. Now, gone. Hello this is Jenny. Reporter: We reach her by phone in Atlanta. Reporter: I can't imagine if it were my home. I am heart broken. We only had the house five 349s. We have been coming to Mexico beach ten years and we finally bought a place there that we were going to enjoy with our young family. We will be back. We will rebuild and there are just good people there. Everybody has that attitude about rebuilding in the community. Ginger zee with us now. I know you made it out on foot with your crew. Great that your crew is with us here tonight. But what do we say to the loved ones, the family members who are still waiting on word from the people who stayed behind. That is the humanity of the storm. Dozens of tweets and Facebook messages saying help me find the person who is in there. And you fortunately, it will be a couple days because kbhun communication is that difficult. The red cross has a safety and wellness site. Thap do a search and rescue. Don't try to drive in. Huh a hard enough time getting out. And we heard it in your voice. We are glad you are okay, the crew's okay and thinking about all the families from Mexico beach tonight.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The town where the hurricane made landfall remained very difficult to reach by land a day later, with roads covered by fallen trees, power lines and other storm debris.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58446947","title":"Hurricane Michael's destruction on Mexico Beach","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-michaels-destruction-mexico-beach-58446947"}