Python Challenge: Snake Hunters Ready for Massive Wipeout

Florida residents prepare to rid Everglades of growing population of Burmese Pythons.
2:08 | 01/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Python Challenge: Snake Hunters Ready for Massive Wipeout
We're going to turn tonight to the hunt in florida for pythons on the loose. Many of them let by by their owners and multiplying. Matt gutman with a team of hunters in the everglades where the snakes remain elusive targets. Reporter: It was a pageant of hunting in florida casual. Some 800 hunters with a license to kill pythons. Florida's reportedly crawling with up to 100,000 pythons gobbling up indigenous species, many of them pets released into the wild. This animal is about 13 feet. Reporter: Hunters gathering from 13 states vying for the $1,500 pot for the longest snake. Many of them bristling with guns but not so much knowledge. I hunt bear, brown bear. Lions. Reporter: Lions? Are those endangered? We teamed up with a more seasoned couple, matt and jeff singleton hunting on harleys. But first a little python 101 with shawn heflik. It's a little brighter than it should be. If it just doesn't quite register, so you're looking for something that could look like maybe a log -- for a log in the everglades. Reporter: That's easy to find. A herpatolojist he's the country's first licensed python hunter. Over this entire month, I would be floored if the total was 25 snakes. Reporter:800 hunters, a month of hunting and 25 snakes, you think. That's because heflik's convinced there's barely 10,000 pythons out here. Driving out into the everglades, we find matt and jeff feeling confident. What do you think your chances are of finding a python. Real good. Reporter: And armed to the teeth. 10 gauge shotgun. 22 ruger. Reporter: And those knives, the brush thick, the search tedious. On our way out, they spot something slithering into the water. You can make a move a little bit. Reporter: Nothing. We leave them hacking into the brush with a long night and a month of hunting ahead. Matt gutman, abc news, miami.

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{"id":18204674,"title":"Python Challenge: Snake Hunters Ready for Massive Wipeout","duration":"2:08","description":"Florida residents prepare to rid Everglades of growing population of Burmese Pythons. ","url":"/WNT/video/python-challenge-snake-hunters-ready-massive-wipeout-18204674","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}