'What Would You Do?': Strangers help job applicant facing age discrimination

Actor Sutton Foster joins ABC News' John Quiñones behind-the-scenes to help guide this scenario about age discrimination.
6:44 | 08/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': Strangers help job applicant facing age discrimination
We're back at the bar, where people are reacting to our manager. If I was the one applying for a job and you spoke to me like that, it would be a whole different ball game. As she makes it hard for this woman to apply for a bartending job. There are a lot of younger women that have been looking for jobs here. Behind the scenes with us is Broadway and TV star Sutton foster, who's got lots of experience acting younger to confront age discrimination. "Younger" is about a young woman reinventing herself. Well, not a young woman, she's that's young, right? Yeah. There's no way we're hiring someone that old. It's time to switch things up. What if it's a man, applying for that job? I understand you're looking for a bartender? I mean, you'd probably be a really good fit somewhere else, but maybe it's just not the right vibe for what we want. When Sarah walks away, Mike tries to get this man's take on the situation. Did you hear that? Did you hear what she said? Is that a normal -- I mean, does that seem normal you to? No it doesn't, but it's not up to me. He left half his beer. Mike is back at the bar and this man is sitting close by during the interview. Well, I know how to mix drinks, I know how to work a bar. No offense, but look at the customers here, okay? Nobody wants to be served by an old man. But he doesn't say anything before also walking away. We catch up with him and find out what he was thinking. You know, at first I was shocked, because I know the so, I went outside and I waited. I was going to wait for the gentleman. What were you going to say to him? I was going to say, listen, I don't know what happened in there, but that's wrong and they're lucky you don't sue them. But this is wrong, so let's see if we can't correct it. Unlike Diana, no customers have confronted our actor playing the manager when Mike is at the bar. You're advertising for a bartender position? But this next woman catches onto Sarah's inappropriate comments right away. We're sort of kind of, like, a fast-paced environment. I'm sure you have years and years and years of experience, you're just not really what we're looking for. Sarah steps away from the You're still going to fill that out? And the customer has a lot to say to Mike. I don't know that I would even want to work for an organization like that. She was saying I'm not capable because I'm older? That's what I got from it. The part that really rang my bell was when she said that by you filling that out, you're wasting both of your time. That was a verbal punch in the face. Have Sarah come back. Oh, that's a good idea. Sarah returns. How could she talk to me like that? I don't think she should have. Sir, why are you bothering our customers? I thought you were going to fill it out and give it to me and leave. I'm not offended. We're having a nice conversation, he and I. I'm trying to be nice, can you tell him that no one wants an old man as a bartender? He might not be able to hear me, because he's so old. And she uses sarcasm to defend Mike. Maybe he won't even hear me, so I'm not going to tell him Well, I mean we could just speak up. Oh, she said you could just speak up! People want to see -- people just want to see -- Excuse -- Young people behind a bar. It just wouldn't be a good fit. You're not doing a good job of being nice. In fact, you're being kind of mean. Would you hire him? Uh-oh. Why wouldn't I? He seems personable. He hasn't insulted me, at all, but I kind of feel like you have insulted me a couple times already. With Sarah on the defensive -- I didn't mean to insult you. -- It's time to introduce ourselves. Hi there, ma'am. Hi -- hey. I'm John Quinones with the TV show "What would you do." I know exactly who you are. I'm sorry. You know she's an actor, right? I do now. A lot of people don't get hired because of their age. Considered too old. It's not nice. And sometimes it's too black. Or too brown, or too gay. Or differently able. So, again, I took it personally. We're rolling one last time, and Diana is back at the bar applying for that job. I'm just saying, nobody wants an old lady bartender. Oh my god. And when our manager walks away, Diana fills this patron in on what's happening. I can't believe this, I'm trying to -- I'm applying -- An ageist, huh? She's an ageist. I'm just in complete shock. I don't even know how I'm supposed to respond to this. Yeah that doesn't sound right.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Actor Sutton Foster joins ABC News' John Quiñones behind-the-scenes to help guide this scenario about age discrimination. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72317915","title":"'What Would You Do?': Strangers help job applicant facing age discrimination","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/strangers-job-applicant-facing-age-discrimination-72317915"}