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Senators, bemoaning relaxed dress code that 'stinks,' vote to require 'business attire'
By Adam Carlson
September 28, 2023 Story from Politics Adam Carlson , ABC News
DeSantis and Newsom to debate in Georgia, discussing 'everyday issues'
By Will McDuffie, Hannah Demissie, Adam Carlson and Nicholas Kerr
September 25, 2023 Story from Politics Will McDuffie, Hannah Demissie, Adam Carlson, Nicholas Kerr , ABC News
Trump challenges argument 14th Amendment disqualifies him in 2024, and more trail takeaways
By Isabella Murray, Olivia Osteen and Adam Carlson
September 5, 2023 Story from Politics Isabella Murray, Olivia Osteen, Adam Carlson , ABC News
Jan. 6 committee won't let Trump's testimony become 'a circus,' Cheney says
By Adam Carlson
October 23, 2022 Story from Politics Adam Carlson , ABC News
Ivanka Trump doesn't plan to be involved with dad's 2024 campaign
By John Santucci and Adam Carlson
November 16, 2022 Story from Politics John Santucci, Adam Carlson , ABC News
President Biden marks 50th anniversary of car crash that killed first wife, baby daughter
By Molly Nagle and Adam Carlson
December 18, 2022 Story from Politics Molly Nagle, Adam Carlson , ABC News
What GOP candidates have said about promising to pardon Trump in classified docs case
By Kendall Ross, Libby Cathey and Adam Carlson
June 18, 2023 Story from Politics Kendall Ross, Libby Cathey, Adam Carlson , ABC News
Tommy Tuberville reverses his claim that white nationalists are unfairly labeled racist
By Trish Turner, Adam Carlson and Allison Pecorin
July 11, 2023 Story from Politics Trish Turner, Adam Carlson, Allison Pecorin , ABC News
McCarthy and Biden to meet on spending and debt ceiling; McCarthy says there will be no default
By Adam Carlson and Justin Gomez
January 29, 2023 Story from Politics Adam Carlson, Justin Gomez , ABC News
Jamie Raskin now in remission from cancer: 'Overwhelmed with gratitude and love'
By Adam Carlson
April 27, 2023 Story from Politics Adam Carlson , ABC News
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