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Tourist minibus plunges off cliff in Peru killing 4, injuring 16 others
By Teddy Grant and Christine Theodorou
August 22, 2022 Story from International Teddy Grant, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
Heat-related deaths top 1,100 in Spain, Portugal amid heat wave and wildfires
By Christine Theodorou and Teddy Grant
July 19, 2022 Story from International Christine Theodorou, Teddy Grant , ABC News
Google employee killed by company bus
By Alex Stone, Christine Theodorou and Soo Youn
October 23, 2018 Story from Business Alex Stone, Christine Theodorou, Soo Youn , ABC News
Airlines reroute flights to avoid Iranian airspace as tensions rise
By Mark Osborne, Chad Murray, Mina Kaji and Christine Theodorou
June 21, 2019 Story from International Mark Osborne, Chad Murray, Mina Kaji, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
New FAA administrator says there is no timeline for the 737 MAX's return to service
By Mina Kaji and Christine Theodorou
August 12, 2019 Story from Politics Mina Kaji, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
Furious Norwegian Spirit passengers demand refund after bad weather forces itinerary change
By Enjoli Francis, Esther Castillejo and Christine Theodorou
October 9, 2019 Story from International Enjoli Francis, Esther Castillejo, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
Lyft says drivers tampering with surge pricing could be booted
By Soo Youn and Christine Theodorou
May 18, 2019 Story from Business Soo Youn, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
UN Security Council adjourns without action after US, Russia spar over Ukraine
By Conor Finnegan and Christine Theodorou
January 31, 2022 Story from Politics Conor Finnegan, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
Netanyahu ousted following Knesset vote
By Christine Theodorou and Bruno Nota
June 13, 2021 Story from International Christine Theodorou, Bruno Nota , ABC News
WHO to assess whether monkeypox outbreak is a public health emergency
By Mary Kekatos and Christine Theodorou
June 14, 2022 Story from Health Mary Kekatos, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
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