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Delta steps in to help fifth graders stranded at airport
By Enjoli Francis, Christine Theodorou and Clara McMichael
June 12, 2019 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Christine Theodorou, Clara McMichael , ABC News
Lyft says drivers tampering with surge pricing could be booted
By Soo Youn and Christine Theodorou
May 18, 2019 Story from Business Soo Youn, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
D-Day squadron: Historic airplanes journey from US to Normandy for 75th anniversary
By David Kerley and Christine Theodorou
June 6, 2019 Story from Politics David Kerley, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
8 van passengers killed in head-on crash on Mississippi highway: Officials
By Emily Shapiro and Christine Theodorou
June 3, 2019 Story from US Emily Shapiro, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
Google employee killed by company bus
By Alex Stone, Christine Theodorou and Soo Youn
October 23, 2018 Story from Business Alex Stone, Christine Theodorou, Soo Youn , ABC News
Smile: The terminal of the future has landed
By David Kerley, Jeffrey Cook, Nathan Luna and Christine Theodorou
December 6, 2018 Story from Politics David Kerley, Jeffrey Cook, Nathan Luna, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
4 adults who entered West Virginia mine could face felony charges if their intention was to steal copper: Sheriff
By Christine Theodorou and Emily Shapiro
December 14, 2018 Story from US Christine Theodorou, Emily Shapiro , ABC News
Panic unfolds at Orlando Airport after man attempts to breach security, travelers yell 'gun'
By Anthony Rivas and Christine Theodorou
February 16, 2019 Story from US Anthony Rivas, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
Air ambulance helicopter crashes in Ohio killing all 3 on board: Officials
By Emily Shapiro, Christine Theodorou and Jeffrey Cook
January 29, 2019 Story from US Emily Shapiro, Christine Theodorou, Jeffrey Cook , ABC News
How the federal government is poised to respond to Hurricane Florence
September 13, 2018 Story from US Jeffrey Cook, Stephanie Ebbs, Christine Theodorou , ABC News
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