Tara Palmeri

Tara Palmeri
Tara is a White House correspondent for ABC News based in Washington D.C. Prior to joining ABC News, she was as a White House correspondent for Politico and CNN political... Read More »
Tara is a White House correspondent for ABC News based in Washington D.C. Prior to joining ABC News, she was as a White House correspondent for Politico and CNN political analyst. A tenacious reporter with a keen instinct for political scoops, and a thoughtful analyst of both politics and policy, Tara’s work has taken her around the world, traveling to Brussels to report for Politico’s European edition while also providing commentary on European news as a CNBC contributor. She has led coverage of major reports, breaking news on Germany’s proposal to remove Greece from the Eurozone and the detainment of terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud by French authorities. While abroad she also covered the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks, reported on the Greek financial crisis and covered the vote on Britain's exit from the European Union. Tara returned to the U.S. at the start of 2017 to cover the new administration, being the first to report that: President Donald Trump had drafted an executive order to withdraw the U.S. from NAFTA, Dina Powell was appointed U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy and Mercedes Schlapp as the White House senior communications adviser. She was also first to report on President Trump's plan to make sales of U.S. weapons overseas easier, the withdrawal of Melania Trump’s choice of U.S. ambassador for Slovenia and former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci’s firing of a press aide to halt leaks. Before working for Politico, Tara reported on New York City politics for the New York Post. She broke news about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s political ambitions, covered the John Edwards trial, reported on the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and covered the 2012 Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention. She has made television appearances on CNBC, MSNBC, BBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, CBS and NYPost.com. She began her career in journalism as a news assistant for at CNN where she created daily content for Wolf Blitzer’s podcast "The Situation Room." « Read Less
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State Dept. denies embassies’ requests to fly rainbow pride flag on official flagpoles
By Conor Finnegan and Tara Palmeri
June 7, 2019 Story from Politics Conor Finnegan, Tara Palmeri , ABC News
National intelligence director departing, Rep. Ratcliffe to be nominated to replace
By Katherine Faulders, Tara Palmeri and John Santucci
July 28, 2019 Story from Politics Katherine Faulders, Tara Palmeri, John Santucci , ABC News
Spa owner whose consulting firm marketed access to President Trump is living a ‘nightmare’: Lawyer
By Lee Ferran, Tara Palmeri and Nery Ynclan
March 13, 2019 Story from Politics Lee Ferran, Tara Palmeri, Nery Ynclan , ABC News
Kim Jong Un wanted 'famous' US basketball players as part of denuclearization deal: Sources
By Tara Palmeri
May 9, 2019 Story from Politics Tara Palmeri , ABC News
President Trump in a 'great mood' as Washington waits for Attorney General William Barr to act on special counsel report: Sources
By John Santucci, Tara Palmeri and Katherine Faulders
March 24, 2019 Story from Politics John Santucci, Tara Palmeri, Katherine Faulders , ABC News
Amid Turkey's pending Russia defense system purchase, some question Trump's ability to push back: Sources
By Tara Palmeri
April 8, 2019 Story from Politics Tara Palmeri , ABC News
House Democrats plan to review Trump's role in hush money payments in next Congress, source says
By Tara Palmeri and Lucien Bruggeman
November 12, 2018 Story from Politics Tara Palmeri, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
'Blindingly obvious' that Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi murder: Source
By Tara Palmeri
November 20, 2018 Story from Politics Tara Palmeri , ABC News
No meeting scheduled to end shutdown before new year
By Tara Palmeri and Katherine Faulders
December 30, 2018 Story from Politics Tara Palmeri, Katherine Faulders , ABC News
Clamor growing for Trump tax returns as key House Democrat urges caution
By Benjamin Siegel, Tara Palmeri and Matthew Mosk
January 16, 2019 Story from Politics Benjamin Siegel, Tara Palmeri, Matthew Mosk , ABC News
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