5 Thanksgiving Apps That Do the Work for You…Almost

(Image credit: iTunes)

As the big day quickly approaches, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Don't fret. These five apps include everything you need - from recipes to menus to grocery lists - for you to whip up a Thanksgiving meal like a pro. All are available for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

CHOW's Thanksgiving Dinner Coach , Free. This virtual dinner coach is your key to a stress-free holiday. A calendar breaks down what you have to do each day and the app generates a grocery list based on the recipes you choose. It even tells you how long it will take you to prep on each day. At no cost, this app is a must-have for anyone hosting a feast.

Butterball Cookbook Plus, $4.99. Tips for the turkey and how-to videos make a dry bird a thing of the past. Free recipes each month make this an app you can use long after the holiday's over. The company also has a hotline, or you can tweet them emergency turkey questions.

Appetites' Easy as Pie featuring Evan Kleinman, $2.99. On Thanksgiving, pie is the star of the dessert table. This app includes 20 different recipes along with step-by-step videos. We can't wait to try the Chai Spice Pumpkin and the Butterscotch Toffee pies.

KitchenPad Timer, $1.99. This visual kitchen timer lets you set up to 9 timers at once. Set separate timers for turkey, stuffing or gravy so you can forget about them and worry about other things.

Leftovers, $0.99. Once the meal is finished, you might feel as if you have enough food left for an army. With this Leftovers 4 Day Throw Away app, it's easy to know what you should toss or save.