Americans Elect Candidate Will Be on California Ballot

Americans Elect, an organization trying to draft a nonpartisan presidential ticket through online voting, has achieved what it called a "major milestone" in its effort, securing access to the ballot in California, the group announced today.

After collecting a record-breaking 1.62 million signatures, Americans Elect announced its nominee will be on the ballot in California, making the largest state in the nation's 55 electoral votes up for grabs for an independent presidential candidate in 2012.

"It's a huge hurdle," said Americans Elect Spokeswoman Ileana Wachtel. "It is probably the hardest state to get access in. Once California is accomplished I think anything could be accomplished. Any state is doable."

Americans Elect now has a spot on the ballot in 12 states. It joins six other parties on the California ballot including, of course, Republicans and Democrats but also the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the American Independent Party and the Peace and Freedom Party.

"Ballot access in California is a major milestone in achieving ballot access in all 50 states," said Kellen Arno, Executive Director of Ballot Access and National Field Engagement. "Submitting 1.62 million signatures in California, a politically complex and diverse state, is testimony to the fact that Californians are looking for a better choice in the electoral process and one that will put an end to partisan gridlock in Washington."

Americans Elect has submitted petitions for ballot access in three more states and is currently collecting signatures in 15 others. It aims to secure a spot on the ballot in every state before its online nominating convention in June, where any registered voter can cast a ballot for their preferred Americans Elect candidate.

So far, little-known Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer is the only person who has publicly announced his intention to run as an Americans Elect candidate. Donald Trump toyed with the idea last week, but has not solidified his intentions to run.

While she would not name who else was considering a bid for the Americans Elect ticket, Wachtel said the group has been talking with current and former governors as well as Senators about running.