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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


What life is like now for formerly conjoined twin sisters after separation surgery

Eva and Erika Sandoval have spent most of their young lives in hospitals.
Oct 12

Liberal Gun Club members say they are both left-leaning and support gun rights

"I voted for Hilary Clinton. But I’m a strong Second Amendment supporter."
Nov 22

American hostage mom hopes children 'find enough happiness' to make up for captivity

Freed from Taliban, family seeks justice for guards who they say abused them.
Nov 20

Billion-Dollar Landlords: Rental home giant under fire

Nov 17

Inside Brooklyn bakery selling 'luxe loaves' of bread for as much as $20

She Wolf Bakery's head baker Austin Hall took ABC News' "Nightline" behind the scenes where they use organic flour and whole grains from New York state.
Nov 21