Pie of Emeril’s Eye Contest Winner: Jalene Lyon’s ‘Mary & Ethel’ Custard Caramel Pie

VIDEO: America chose its favorite pie recipe in chefs "Pie in Emerils Eye" contest.

Jalene Lyon of Albuquerque, N.M., was crowned the big winner of “Good Morning America’s” Pie of Emeril’s Eye contest today. Emeril Lagasse awarded the top honor to Jalene for her delicious “Mary & Ethel” Custard Caramel Pie, which has long been a favorite in her family, and now, is one of ours. “It is super yummy. Way easy to make and steeped in family tradition, thanks to my mother and her sister Ethel,” she told Emeril today on “GMA.” “My grandmother’s laughing in heaven right now. She’s having so much fun!”

CLICK HERE to get the winning recipe.

From apple to pear, sweet potato, s’mores and more, hundreds of you entered your original pie recipes in our contest. We narrowed it down to five semi-finalists, tasted and tasted, and then asked you to vote for your favorite recipe. The three finalists’ pies were Robert Obst’s “Drunken” Apple Pie with Maple Whipped Cream and Helen Smith’s Sweet Potato Pecan “Presidential” Pie, which Emeril said both stood out from the pack. In the end, it was Jalene’s Custard Carmel Pie. Check out the recipe and learn more about our big winner below. THE WINNING PIE: “Mary & Ethel” Custard Caramel. Whipped cream with coconut chocolate shavings can be added to “dress her up and take her out on the town!” Get the recipe here. STORY BEHIND THE PIE: This recipe is special because it comes from my grandmother Mary and her sister Ethel. They ran a truck stop during the Great Depression in a place they called “Little Chicago.” The sisters became so famous for their pies that my grandfather, who drove a MAC Truck, made it a point to get routed through their location every job he could. He loved my grandmother’s pie (and apparently my grandmother) that eventually he just couldn’t get enough and he married her!

FAVORITE BAKING TIP: Think out of the box. Don’t limit yourself and try to blend different flavors that you might not think would fit. They just might taste delicious! BEST PIE YOU EVER HAD BESIDES YOUR OWN: I didn’t get to taste the other finalist pies or else I would say one of them! I would say my mother’s pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite.

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