The Best Pizza Tips for National Pizza Party Day

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Grab your chef's hats, aprons and turn up your ovens: it's National Pizza Party Day.  Whether you prefer four cheese, pepperoni or everything but the kitchen sink, these tips will ensure a tasty result.

1.  Get the oven hot:  Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.  This is the secret to a crispy crust and not a soggy one.

2.  Semolina:  A sprinkle of semolina on the dough before placing it on the pizza stone keeps it extra crispy and helps it from sticking to the stone after baking.

3.  Don't over-sauce:  Keep the sauce to a minimum.  More sauce means a soggier crust.

4. Don't go overboard: Practice restraint with toppings.  Thin crusts can't handle the weight of a ton of toppings.

5.  Make it gourmet:  Sprinkle fresh herbs, red pepper or olive oil on top of the pizza when it's out of the oven for better-than-restaurant results.

Make one of these pizza recipes for your next pizza party:

Tebow's Pizza Pie

'Pavarotti Pizza Man"s Famous Antipasti Pizza

Wolfgang Puck's Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Guy Fieri's S'more Pizza, Not Just For Kids

Daphne Oz's Baked Spicy Pizza Chips

Rocco DiSpirito's Individual Crispy 'Loaded' Pizza

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