Chris Christie and John McCain Dance in the Hamptons With Stars

Nicholas Hunt/ Photo

Arizona Sen. John McCain and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie broke it down in the Hamptons this weekend at an Apollo Theater benefit concert.

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Egged on by Jamie Foxx, McCain appeared to revive everyone's favorite dance move-the robot-as Christie flailed and wiggled on stage for the star-studded crowd.

(Nicholas Hunt/ Photo)

Celebrity attendees at Saturday night's event included Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Paul McCartney, Barbara Streisand and Roger Waters.

(Nicholas Hunt/ Photo)

Christie, who attended the event as a guest of fellow New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi was summoned on stage when Jamie Foxx reportedly shouted to the audience "I know you've got a dance in you, Chris Christie."

And this isn't Chrisite's first time on stage wiggling with Hollywood types. To celebrate Father's Day, the New Jersey governor joined Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show in the cringe-inducing "Evolution of Dad Dancing."

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