BTK killer reveals he was going to murder again before he was caught: Part 10

Dennis Rader said he picked out an 11th victim and had been stalking her. Meanwhile, his daughter Kerri Rawson said her family struggled to move on after the revelation of who he was.
6:34 | 02/02/19

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Transcript for BTK killer reveals he was going to murder again before he was caught: Part 10
?????? The terror of this case really makes it unforgettable, and it's kind of made its way into pop culture. It's been 30 years since the first btk killings. All of a sudden, you've got made-for-tv movies. I did watch the TV movie. It's odd when you see your community displayed on the national TV. It's just an odd feeling, but I understand the interest. It was so fascinating. Every aspect of the story was fascinating. Do you know why you're being arrested? I have suspicions. Stephen king even wrote a novella called "A good marriage" that was made into a film that mirrors this theme. Now it's on this show called "Mindhunter." There's a reference to a killer in Wichita, Kansas -- My Netflix notifies me on my phone. They're like, "Mindhunter" is just coming out, and they're like, you're like a 97% match for "Mindhunter." I got into like 30 seconds of it. There's a scene in there and he's close enough to my dad. And I haven't made it through anymore "Mindhunter." My kids have watched it, but I have not. I know what happened. I don't have to be reminded about it. Dennis Rader freely admitted that he wasn't done yet, that there was an 11th victim. That he had chosen her, that he had an 11th project on his list. I asked him if he had another victim in mind. Were you going to kill again? Well, yes and no. There was probably one more I was really thinking about it. Had you picked the person at that point? Oh, yes, uh-huh. There was one already picked out. Number 11 was going to be sort of his swan song in a way. He tells us her name. He tells us her address. He tells us how long he's been stalking her, which was over a year. He tells us what kind of vehicle she drove. He told us how he approached her home one night and actually got to the front porch. This was going to be the most elaborate of all. He was going to tie her up, I think, upside down. He was going to burn the house down. There were a lot of things that he was to do to this victim that he had not done before. But when he went to her house there was a construction crew outside the house on the day. Law enforcement did reach out to this person. She was shocked. They go to that victim, who's never been publicly identified, to tell her, look, this guy wanted to have harmed you, but now that will not occur. I would never bet my life on it 'cause you don't know, but I truly believe that he told us everything he did to the fullest. I don't think we have any more victims out there. Reporter: Just months after your dad confessed, your mom was granted an emergency divorce. I think partly to remove her finances from him. She needed to sell our home. But she needed to break off from my father not just for financial reasons. She needed to emotionally make that disconnect and move on with your life. Reporter: Had she contacted him? She wrote my father early on in the beginning months. But as far as I know, she has not contacted him since the summer of 2005. Reporter: The biggest question was didn't his family know? Didn't his wife know? Everyone suspected that the family must have had some sort of inkling. He kept his kill kit in his closet, and people have always wondered, why didn't she go in the closet and see it? The police ask her about it, the FBI ask her about it, and she said, he was always a very neat man. I saw no reason to go into his closet. I'm not sure how many wives would do that, never go into their husband's closet. Do you think your mom had any clue that your dad was doing anything criminal? No. Mom and I both said, if we had had an inkling that my father had harmed anyone, let anyone murdered anyone, let alone ten, we would've gone screaming out that door to the police station. We were living our Normal life. We looked like a Normal American family because we were a Normal family. And then everything upended on us. There's no reason she should've known anything. He was very good at what he was doing. His duplicity was very, very skilled and polished. People ask me, do you know where his wife is? Do you know where btk's wife is? She just disappeared, never wanted any part of anything. I can't imagine what her mom and her and her brother went through finding out who their dad was, and what he really did. That must have been almost as bad as what he did to us. I believe that the Rader family has been victimized by him and I also have compassion for the pain. But it's not the same kind of a deal. You know what I mean? It's one thing to be hurt by someone you love. It's another thing to see someone that you love hurt. If his family had no idea what he was up to, or even saw any evidence of this over 30 years, it really makes you question how well do you know anyone? Some people would want to stay in the shadows. They would not want to step out publicly and say I'm the daughter of a serial killer. Why tell people? I mean, I tried for nine and a half years not to tell people. I mean, I prayed over and over to god, I want a peaceful, quiet life. I live with depression and anxiety. I'm suffering from PTSD. The problem is if you live such a quiet, private life, it sits inside you and eats at you because it's like something you have to hide or something you have to be ashamed of. Reporter: So you're taking control of your own story? Right. I'm starting to take control of my own story and change the dialogue and trying to say I've gone through hell. I'm still here. You too can overcome things. Don't ever give up no matter what you're going through.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"Dennis Rader said he picked out an 11th victim and had been stalking her. Meanwhile, his daughter Kerri Rawson said her family struggled to move on after the revelation of who he was.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60792427","title":"BTK killer reveals he was going to murder again before he was caught: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/btk-killer-reveals-murder-caught-part-10-60792427"}