Father and teen son shot and killed by Uber driver: Part 5

Tyler Smith's girlfriend watched with horror as Jason Dalton approached him and his father, Richard Smith, at a car dealership and opened fire on them.
9:02 | 02/23/19

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Transcript for Father and teen son shot and killed by Uber driver: Part 5
Reporter: It's been about 4 1/2 hours since Jason Dalton shot Tiana Carruthers and at this point he's actually picking up other passengers. He switches cars. He switches guns. He meets with his wife and now he's pulling into a local car dealership. The used car lots and the car lots are lit up. It's a very busy intersection, and it's a pretty popular dealership. Safe area in Kalamazoo. Tyler had gone out looking at trucks during the day and then he was going to go back and show We hated dealing with car salesmen, so we always went after hours. Richard and Tyler Smith at the Seelye Ford on stadium drive, under a bright light, looking at a Ford F-150 pickup truck. It's this electric blue color. It gets your attention as you're driving by. And they're there with Tyler's girlfriend, Alexis Cornish, who's sitting in the car. I don't know anything about trucks and it was cold outside and I was tired. So, Tyler and Richard, looking at the trucks when Jason Dalton pulls up. Jason gets out of the car. This is different from the other scenes. He walked up to Tyler and his dad and asked them what they were looking at. They turned around and were like, "The blue truck." And that's all the words that they got out at that time. Kalamazoo county 911. Hi, we just drove by the Kia. What road are we on? 94 business, and a guy just shot some people in the parking lot. Jason Dalton walked up to them and started to shoot, and shoot, and shoot, round after round after round, until he had shot each of them. 16 shell casings on the scene. One shot nine times, one shot seven times. They fell down. And that's when I ducked behind the seat so he couldn't look at me. That's the most terrifying thing in my mind. Alexis Cornish hiding in the back seat of a car, wondering how many seconds she had left in her life. The range rover parked, headlights on, sitting there. Jason Dalton is just steps away from Alexis. He went to look at the black vehicle. And went to try and open the door to that vehicle and it was locked. He turned around and walked away. She didn't have a cell phone. So, just think, would her glowing screen have called attention to Jason Dalton? Her life was spared that night. I got out of the car and looked around to see if I could see any shadows and then I went and grabbed Tyler's phone out of his pocket and called 911. 911, what's your emergency? Yes, my boyfriend and his dad just got shot at the Seelye auto group. Are they on the ground? Yes, and they aren't moving. Okay, stay on the phone with me. I got officers en route. Okay. I'm at an apartment complex literally less than a half a mile away across the street from the scene of the incident with my overhead lights on. Emergency, I responded to the scene and arrived in less than a minute. Just to advise you, you do have a witness over at the burger king parking lot. Could you see who the person was that was shooting? No, I just turned because we heard gunshots. You could see the smoke from his gun, and hear it as we drove by. Well, we have several officers on the way, okay? Okay, one police officer is just pulling in. In my head, I'm mentally preparing myself for a real shooting. Possibly a suspect still there. I pull in. I got two right now on the ground. I moved on to checking for if there's any signs of life, checking pulses, obviously still keeping in mind there may be a suspect in the area. And I'm by myself at that point. Sometimes, when you're by yourself, it feels like forever. After I identify that the victims were deceased, I saw a female on the phone in the backseat. Is the officer out with you? He's right here. Just you in here? Yeah. Who else is in here? Where is the suspect? I don't know, he ran off somewhere that way. Okay. I have two down, one female in a vehicle, a range rover. Stand over by the vehicle, stand over by the vehicle, okay? Suspect behind the Kia building. When officers arrived, the female was immediately patted down for weapons. A lot of times, callers are suspects. We treat everyone as a potential danger. I don't know where he came from, he came from over here. And he was like -- and he put his hood down, he had gray hair. That's the victim. She was very calm, but she wasn't panicking. She was in shock. Did he come from in the building? I don't know if he came from in the building or around the building. Jason Dalton has just shot Tiana Carruthers. He's also murdered this father and son. And now he's back out there on the loose and no one knows where he's headed next. And I'm gonna need two units on scene at the dealership with rifles to go with the k-9. I was probably the fourth or fifth officer on scene here. I knew that my job when I got here was to get the dog out. We were told that he left on foot so my job was to track him. He could gone either way around the building, brooks. Was it easy for your dog, Bodie, to pick up the scent? Yeah, actually, it was. We locked on to the scent relatively quickly. The odor was still fresh. It was not, it hadn't been that long since the crime had occurred. Re did it lead you? We tracked basically from where the victims were found and we went right past the Kia dealership. The track ended there. We assumed he got into a vehicle. You know, being able to take your son to a car lot and dream about what could be, when I think about that and what happened, it's just, it's really unbearable to think about. The police officer got there and so he's like, I'm sorry, ma'am, but your husband and your son were shot. And they didn't make it. And then I just screamed. And then I had to tell my sister -- my twin sister -- I said, "You know the father and son that were shot at Seeley?" And she just started freaking out. And she's like, "No, no, it's not them. It's not them." And I said, "Yeah. Yeah, it is." It was incredibly cold-blooded. A father and a son shot. A teenage girl hiding in the car. And then, 15 minutes later, a call comes in, multiple shots at the cracker barrel parking lot. Shots fired, cracker barrel. It was a madhouse. People were terrified. Kalamazoo is city with low crime. And so imagine, as this crime spree went on and on, police were just overwhelmed. Reporter: The terror must for a silver Chevy equinox. Correct. Then it's a Chevy hhr, two completely different vehicles. Police say that that they didn't know the scenes were connected. People were panicked. What is going on in Kalamazoo county? There's a serial Killer going around. ??? When the devil comes ??? Reporter: And the big question everybody wants to know, why? What could possibly explain this? There was like a devil head that popped up. Reporter: He starts talking about the devil and colors red and black. And then, he says something no one could believe. It literally took over mind

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{"duration":"9:02","description":"Tyler Smith's girlfriend watched with horror as Jason Dalton approached him and his father, Richard Smith, at a car dealership and opened fire on them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61251336","title":"Father and teen son shot and killed by Uber driver: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/father-teen-son-shot-killed-uber-driver-part-61251336"}