Melanie McGuire’s troubled marriage before her husband was murdered: Part 3

McGuire says she had a “tempestuous relationship” with Bill McGuire, claiming that he gambled frequently and would sometimes aim his frustration at her.
6:30 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for Melanie McGuire’s troubled marriage before her husband was murdered: Part 3
The Melanie Mcguire story is centered around New Jersey. They lived in the working-class part of New Jersey where "The sopranos" took place, which was perhaps the hottest show at the time. woke up this morning got yourself a gun Melanie is a Jersey girl, born and raised there. Her parents are Linda and Michael cappararo. She's a great, great daughter, mother. Full of life, fun-loving, a good girl. Never in trouble, never in trouble. Always trying to help people. She's working in the restaurants in Jersey. She's a waitress, and she met bill Mcguire. He was also a server. Bill was known as the rude waiter, because he would speed people up in a jocular way. You know, but they loved it. They would ask for the rude waiter. What was he like? Funny, clever. He had a big heart when he wanted to. He wanted all the right things. He was a tremendous friend. When I first met bill I didn't know what to make of him because he was a practical joker and whatnot. And I thought, well, this guy could probably get on somebody's nerves with all this. He was so funny. He just kind of overcame whatever resistance you might have to him. Melanie was a fertility nurse when I met her. Just so caring, so nurturing. She was working with women who were going through really tough times trying to get pregnant. She was very compassionate and her patients really loved her. What made you a good nurse? Type "A" personality. The way I looked at it, I was not going to be happy with anything less than the total comfort level of my patients. In 1998, bill called Jon and I and told us that he wanted to bring Melanie down to meet us. Melanie, she's -- she's a really nice person to be around. Physically, she's beautiful. She's very smart. She had a lot of the same sense of humor that bill had. When bill was making jokes, Melanie would be right in there. He liked to razz people. She would razz him right back. He really was crazy about her. What was your relationship with bill like in the beginning? In the beginning it was -- it was the challenge. It was the chase. It was -- we had a bit of a tempestuous relationship, even before we got married. We would break up, get back together. Bill and Melanie dated for they were crazy in love at first, but it quickly became tumultuous. There were infidelities, they'd go back and forth. I think they liked the drama of it. I think she thought she could make a difference in his life. I think she thought that she could maybe change him, make him happy. She truly did love him. You guys want some more champagne? Let me go get a bottle. Because there's nothing in there, is there? They got married in 1999. It was probably one of the most extravagant weddings we've ever been to. Mr. And Mrs. William Mcguire. Melanie on her wedding day looked absolutely gorgeous, angelic, just perfect. Both bill and Melanie seemed like they couldn't have been happier. She was a little naughty. He was marrying a girl that he absolutely loved in a way that maybe he hadn't loved anybody before. That's the last time bill's going to have the upper hand. Bill Mcguire got a $65,000 a year job with the New Jersey institute of technology. Bill and Melanie settle into a rented townhouse in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Woodbridge is a sprawling, densely populated township on the suburban end of New Jersey's industrial flatlands. If you're going down I-95, you're taking exit 11 to get off to Woodbridge. We were both happy new parents, and then things had changed drastically again. He had a dual personality. He could be very likable, and on the other hand he'd be very calculating. Manipulate you. He had always had issues with gambling, and he would go through periods where he would go down to Atlantic City a lot. There were times that he would just take off to A.C. And gamble and, she just wouldn't hear from him, wouldn't know what was going on. He found he could make some money gambling. There were good times with that, and there were bad times. And there were a couple times I had to put my foot down and say, that's it. No more. So then he'd get involved with the stock market. He wanted what he wanted and he couldn't get it fast enough. And with that came frustration and eventually that frustration became directed at me. There was one particular argument over the phone where he had gotten stopped for a traffic ticket. He had an absolutely atrocious driving record. And I start to argue back and the next thing coming out of his mouth is, when I get home I'm going to kill you. I'm going to smash your face in. It's very difficult for me to think back on it because I actually drove off in the middle of the night, and I had left and I should have stayed gone. Why did you stay? I wasn't strong enough to leave. Did you love him? I did. I did, and even though -- now at this point, bear in mind, I'm having an affair. What appealed to you about Brad Miller? He was just very -- very tender. I really tried to fight it, but I couldn't. I couldn't fight it. Life for the mcguires is getting a little more complicated and then one night it all erupts. Bill was probably the most streetwise person I've ever and I can tell you he never saw it coming.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"McGuire says she had a “tempestuous relationship” with Bill McGuire, claiming that he gambled frequently and would sometimes aim his frustration at her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73252280","title":"Melanie McGuire’s troubled marriage before her husband was murdered: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/melanie-mcguires-troubled-marriage-husband-murdered-part-73252280"}