The New Help: Nannies

Six-month-old twins with a staff, a "manny" for a monkey, and more scenes from child care today.
6:50 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for The New Help: Nannies
Out of the house is being -- -- what about the kids inside it you're about to be tiny little twins about six months old. With their own staff. Once again nick -- Thailand I'm very. -- ABC family series Beverly Hills nannies hit the airwaves the behind the scenes of daily life where were often too old truck. I needed and I. Cheney and I and I my age and my outfit -- this is my fourteenth three -- Like he's backing out for the apocalypse yup that's a breast milk house -- situation underway child. They have been here at La La land at -- top -- Manny can raise kids more than your average little. Because there's now a crisis sources from the top flight -- to domestic and didn't charge. There -- somebody I know very well making about 270000. Right now. Let's recall basically Catholic nominees who have million dollar mortgages on homes -- -- down prices and -- pounds. Here in West Hollywood ground zero but this -- be -- super -- days you guessed it. Elizabeth rose agency. But they weren't -- nanny had his -- me. Oklahoma is scuba certified I'm gonna look for -- Mandarin speaking on -- is quite popular right now. In San Francisco right now is quite popular -- to have -- more than ninety. The Mormon nannies they don't feel they have to worry about them you know coming in and Kendall -- nova. Here at the agency they are struggling to meet him crazy nanny to -- This is -- gold -- different -- I think any firm coming from fifteen years. But there's a problem I went unbeaten of the day and immediately walked into -- it's pretty. -- old Judy -- had a monthlong affair with his. Robin Williams Harry changes we face a phenomenally -- and my client's wife called me and said you know Jack means terrific. But I can't believe how -- my husband is he's coming home from work early he's spending more time with the kids well lo and behold we find out that. The news that's -- topless every day. So -- receive nanny to devote the limited makeup tie you have back nothing sexy clothes wise pretty -- it's still looking for work. That part of the reason for the -- like any shortage. These days many -- families are in the market to -- -- child care professionals under one roof. Inside this spectacular Spanish -- mentioned. Marks in local and recent transplant from Florida native who lives with his -- Stephanie newborn twins soldiers. -- -- -- -- Along with a housekeeper to do baiting animals and a -- They -- are searching for the -- -- people to look after his prized possessions. Kids that's become like a quest for the holy -- I've had nannies asked for sixty years in benefits and I was like hell I want that job. That's thick folder just some of the nanny resonate mr. -- has roots and they resonance human cost 200. And how many interviews from two to three dozen and then -- many trial periods of ten trials. It was a flurry of us leaving things that I still want us you can -- very very clean people that's Monica. How -- she's single mothers to visit and never stuff. Something. Nothing on the -- we -- he was trying elitist candidate an interview Easton heritage -- just to show his face and training. And the -- -- today it's her first day. That's Kimberly -- once known for Lou nanny agency right now she's pulling double duty as the -- nightmares winds and -- he needs. Today starts with -- -- in his diary the littlest activities. 947. Cramped. Financing -- fifty to sleep on the monitor and an exhaustive list of do's and did. We always -- on these planes here this is a tiny bit cold -- pro -- -- story -- just maybe 56 seconds. Nature's balance by -- -- water here and slash its best assessment want. -- time going to the bathroom when fact that sleeping -- literally ran into the back during this Friday. Yeah. -- -- -- -- And I get back in here hopefully within two minutes. I'm really seems to get it but what about the -- Chlorine who looks up to the twins has been on the job only three weeks and still on trial take care that they. The daily news hungry. And just this -- -- Well that it was about because -- heads off to Chris get full time job. You know. Our response Davidson had a home. Now we don't. Has been selling for years ago and -- kids -- seems to have the right stuff. -- The glory did not make the cut. I really never thought it was going to be this hard enough finding someone that's that's the right fit -- someone that treats our children like like they're children Valdez case. Challenge sometimes it -- come over for trial and then after a dare to you find out they're not the right fit -- France's wine with cameras they can watch these -- anywhere on the planet. Apparently. And any -- of accused of slapping update any real train any horror -- isn't new to bend. -- has exited mr. Rutgers vaulted in -- and in -- and launched a website -- reviews. Com. One night I was surfing online. And there's thousands of web sites that are geared towards like automobile reviews reviews on TV's reviews -- Poster -- -- it's crazy there wasn't a resource site for. You know for your children so basically this is the belonged to your baby -- and -- my name in -- -- live higher in exposing con. Report prepared just what people are looking for and and what people need. After months of searching hundreds of resonates finally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- committed to Monica. The cubs -- neighborhood enlightened my hands that I have to take can. -- search for the perfect nanny has finally ended. We're -- seriously looking for housekeeper. The quest for the ultimate price it's only just begun.

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{"id":19352901,"title":"The New Help: Nannies","duration":"6:50","description":"Six-month-old twins with a staff, a \"manny\" for a monkey, and more scenes from child care today.","url":"/2020/video/nannies--19352901","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}