Texas fertility doctor inseminated patient with his own sperm: Part 5

Doctor says patient agreed to the use of a local sperm donor but admits he did not reveal that he was that donor.
7:32 | 05/04/19

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Transcript for Texas fertility doctor inseminated patient with his own sperm: Part 5
In 1994, you donated to a fertility clinic anonymously. Apparently at the clinic, there was a mix-up. What? You are the biological father of 533 children. What? Just like in the Vince Vaughn comedy "Delivery man," pop culture often treats sperm donation like a joke. But the people going through artificial insemination and the children that result from them, they will tell you that the reality is actually pretty emotional and raw. I desperately wanted to try and figure out how I was wrong and how this couldn't be right. There are some agonizing days that go by while eve's waiting to hear back from Dr. Mcmorries. And so she spends hours online, trying to learn all she can about him, looking for any clues. The first thing that pops up is Dr. Mcmorries conservative values with personal health. Dr. Mcmorries is still practicing today. And his website highlighting a family-run practice he now shares with his son. And their Facebook page showcases numerous glowing patient reviews, even a recent local newspaper nomination as the best ob-gyns in the area. We are there and she gets word that a letter from Dr. Mcmorris is coming. Good afternoon. I have a certified letter for you. Thank you so much. Dear Mrs. Miley, I have searched through records to find some answers to your questions. They were not gets pregnant as they hoped. And it showed she had six failed and five used sperm from donor 106 and still no pregnancy. And he says the thinking of the time, combining two donor samples might do better. He goes on to tell eve after the initial inseminations did not result, he discussed adding local donor sperm to the mix. I knew that he did use local donors and we were concerned about half siblings meeting and developing a romantic relationship. But the doctor insists that Margo was on board as he is eve continued to correspond. We talked about that 106 not and we talked about using with it another sample. I thought she understood this. Here is what she didn't discuss with Margo. The other spempl sample he mixeded with donor 106 was his own. My characteristics were closest to 106. He said he went back and retrieved his own sperm samples from when he was a donor prior. I can't imagine a doctor saying we're going to mix donor sperm and I'm going to use any own. There is a series conflict here being a sperm done intera treating physician. If a doctor wanted to be a parent, he would have to have a deep and thorough conversation and the patient gave consent. She says that conversation never took place. Absolutely not. That just didn't happen. So we obviously had plenty of our own questions for Mr. Mcmorries and we requested an interview. He declined. He said he had good reason. He said donor donor anonanymorety agree emts prevent it. I don't see how you can legal protection that requires to you remain anonymous and violating in a standard where you tell the patient a truth. So he didn't give an on camera interview. He gave us written responses to the questions and again insisted that Margo consented to using a local sperm donor and he added there is no low that requires disclosure of donor identity even if the donor is her physician. Is it ethical? Absolutely not. I can't imagine a circumstance where it's acceptable. That raises another question. Did he use his own sperm to inseminate any other patients and how many half siblings could eve have out there? The doctor says he knows off one to two other women who became pregnant after he mixed in his own sperm. I don't feel like he is understanding the seriousness of this. I had no idea 33 years ago the importance of an offspring's desire to know their die logical identity. At that time, the anonymity was supposed to be permanent. He offers this apology. I am sorry for this group it caused you and your family. Dr. Mcmorries lawyer told us quote "Dr. Mcmorries is a good and fine man who is an excellent, well respected ob/gyn. He has a reputation for trying to help his patients as much as he possibly can." Eve's not satisfied, launching a crusade to make it a crime for doctors to use their own sperm without consent. I wanted to write the rest of this story. And as for Steve? Finally some good news is on its way. I think I got two more kids! The twists Mornings were mamade for better things than

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Doctor says patient agreed to the use of a local sperm donor but admits he did not reveal that he was that donor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62813786","title":"Texas fertility doctor inseminated patient with his own sperm: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/texas-fertility-doctor-inseminated-patient-sperm-part-62813786"}