11/8/88: George H.W. Bush's Presidential Victory Speech

Republican George H.W. Bush defeats Democrat Michael Dukakis in the 1988 election.
3:00 | 10/28/14

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Transcript for 11/8/88: George H.W. Bush's Presidential Victory Speech
This is moving night for all of us. And it can't help it may move. When your country endorses your hopes and your candidacy. And the failings are so personal. But the decision is larger than that and now we'll move again. For an America that is strong. And resolute in the world strong and big hearted at home and -- -- -- Quite I -- I want to make kinder gentler nation eyed man hit and I mean. -- campaign is that disagreement. And disagreements divide. But an -- and -- decision. And decisions. Clear the way. For harmony and peace. And I need to be -- president of all the people and I want to work for the hope said interest. Not only of my supporters. But of the governor's. And of those who didn't vote at all to those who supported me. I would try to be worthy of your trust. And to those who did not I would try to turn it. And my hand is out to you and I want to be your president too. But I. I think I know how governor Dukakis fails. Who lost a -- along the way myself and it hurt. -- we both went into the arena. And we thought long and hard. The governor can take great satisfaction. In the fact. That his -- and family kitty and -- and Andrea and John did him proud. And now. Now I know that will come together. As we always hat. 200 years of harmony in the oldest greatest democracy in man's time on earth. And I've traveled many miles. Rates for many hands. And it's occurred to me. -- what we were having the people of America and I was a conversation. -- back and forth and mutual dialogue. And it cannot go away. Not now. Not when I needed mouse. And so I may indicate the conversation going to keep walking -- you. Talking with you. And reaching for the hands and another thing. I'll do my level best. To reach out and work constructively. With the United States congress. And a final word. The final word about what do you mean to me my friends in this room. Every time -- and I come to Texas is a homecoming. We were -- here. Started out here forty years ago summer of 48 -- in the oilfields and you know started a business and went into politics. Forty years. Forty years of work and caring and friendship. And now I'm gonna take that love and friendship. It's all right here in this room. But it in my pocket. Take it was made a Washington DC where it sometimes fellow. And where god knows there's lots of work to do. So thank you. God bless you. And one other thing. Once -- days that were a little darker. I made a promise. And now I'll keep it. Thank you New Hampshire thanks for every.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Republican George H.W. Bush defeats Democrat Michael Dukakis in the 1988 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"18070774","title":"11/8/88: George H.W. Bush's Presidential Victory Speech","url":"/Archives/video/nov-1988-george-hw-bushs-presidential-victory-speech-18070774"}