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Haitians determined to rebuild as president’s assassination leaves country in mourning
By Tenzin Shakya and Anthony Rivas
July 16, 2021 Story from International Tenzin Shakya, Anthony Rivas , ABC News
Minorities fight for racial equity, legalization from within the marijuana industry
By Abby Cruz, Sarah Herndon and Anthony Rivas
May 11, 2021 Story from US Abby Cruz, Sarah Herndon, Anthony Rivas , ABC News
Fired DHS cybersecurity head Chris Krebs says Trump should be convicted for inciting insurrection
By Anthony Rivas
January 20, 2021 Story from Politics Anthony Rivas , ABC News
Palestinian rapper living in Israel says he's 'scared for his life' amid violence
By Anthony Rivas, Lauren Pearle and Lataya Rothmiller
May 14, 2021 Story from International Anthony Rivas, Lauren Pearle, Lataya Rothmiller , ABC News
Amie Harwick's loved ones hoping for change as domestic violence spikes in pandemic
By Ashley Riegle, Claire Pedersen, Laura Coburn and Anthony Rivas
January 29, 2021 Story from US Ashley Riegle, Claire Pedersen, Laura Coburn, Anthony Rivas , ABC News
‘We’re being scapegoated’: Asians and Asian Americans speak out against spate of violence
By Deborah Kim, Tenzin Shakya, Stephanie Fasano, Stephanie Lorenzo, Annie Pong and Anthony Rivas
February 18, 2021 Story from US Deborah Kim, Tenzin Shakya, Stephanie Fasano, Stephanie Lorenzo, Annie Pong, Anthony Rivas , ABC News
Olympian’s ex-coach wishes he was 'more proactive' with swimmer before Capitol riot
By Claire Pedersen, Anthony Rivas and Alyssa Acquavella
February 3, 2021 Story from US Claire Pedersen, Anthony Rivas, Alyssa Acquavella , ABC News
Son of victim in Atlanta spa shooting questions suspect’s sex addiction claim
By Juju Chang, Cho Park, Anthony Rivas and Knez Walker
March 20, 2021 Story from US Juju Chang, Cho Park, Anthony Rivas, Knez Walker , ABC News
Through food, language and dance, Latinos preserve their unique cultural identities
By Anthony Rivas, Ely Brown and Freda Kahen-Kashi
September 17, 2021 Story from US Anthony Rivas, Ely Brown, Freda Kahen-Kashi , ABC News
Trump, Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger's call 'disappointing,' GOP Lt. Gov. says
By Anthony Rivas and Steve Osunsami
January 5, 2021 Story from Politics Anthony Rivas, Steve Osunsami , ABC News
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