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DC attorney general subpoenas NRA amid financial scandal
By Luke Barr and Pete Madden
July 12, 2019 Story from Politics Luke Barr, Pete Madden , ABC News
Financier Jeffrey Epstein indicted for allegedly abusing 'dozens' of girls, recruiting 'vast network' of victims
By James Hill, Pete Madden, Aaron Katersky and Tom Llamas
July 8, 2019 Story from US James Hill, Pete Madden, Aaron Katersky, Tom Llamas , ABC News
Democratic congressman asks IRS commissioner to investigate the NRA
By Pete Madden and Allison Pecorin
May 9, 2019 Story from Politics Pete Madden, Allison Pecorin , ABC News
Reckoning over allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church reaches Alaska
By Pete Madden
October 24, 2018 Story from US Pete Madden , ABC News
EXCLUSIVE: Under World Cup spotlight, Qataris crack down on LGBT news coverage
By Pete Madden
July 20, 2018 Story from International Pete Madden , ABC News
Lover or cover? Maria Butina and the romance at the heart of an alleged Russian influence operation
By Pete Madden, Matthew Mosk and Kyra Phillips
August 28, 2018 Story from Politics Pete Madden, Matthew Mosk, Kyra Phillips , ABC News
Feds back away from ‘Red Sparrow’ sex claims in Maria Butina case
By Matthew Mosk and Pete Madden
September 9, 2018 Story from Politics Matthew Mosk, Pete Madden , ABC News
Accused Russian agent Maria Butina to remain jailed, judge says
By Pete Madden
September 10, 2018 Story from Politics Pete Madden , ABC News
Mueller investigated whether Russians used chess to build a bridge to Trump
By Pete Madden and Patrick Reevell
April 19, 2019 Story from Politics Pete Madden, Patrick Reevell , ABC News
Maria Butina's lawyers ask for leniency ahead of sentencing
By Shannon K. Crawford and Pete Madden
April 21, 2019 Story from Politics Shannon K. Crawford, Pete Madden , ABC News
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