Amazon chooses New York City, Virginia as locations for new headquarters

The retail giant announced new headquarters in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens and Crystal City, Virginia.
3:42 | 11/13/18

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Transcript for Amazon chooses New York City, Virginia as locations for new headquarters
After a yearlong competition nationwide Amazon has finally announced Wear its new headquarters will be. Rebecca Jarvis is here with the details on that and Rebecca had they surprises not one location but to. Yes this was like the Olympics bidding is prominently they split it may be victims of beauty pageant that ended with two way prisoners like the Olympics bidding process but on steroids so New York City. And Arlington Virginia are the winners of this process if you look at it that way there'll be getting it between the two of them 50000 new jobs. And a five billion dollar investment over the next ten years from Amazon. But as you sad that this was an interesting outcome because a lot of people were thinking that a 238. City and state processed some 238. There jurisdictions were bidding on all of them they're surprised to see that it ended up being too and that it ended up being to basically here in the northeast. Not spread out anywhere else in the country and you know it and went through Scott so much publicity and what made this such a big deal. Well first of all the jobs in and of themselves are big deal 50000 jobs that's a huge deal for what ever local economy gets it but it also became a big deal because of the amount of information. That all of these police say shared so there's an. Arguments being made here that those 238. Places shared information about universities about. What's gonna happen in those communities about spending that will take place planned projects. And on how has all of bad data and we no other company that loves data and uses data. Now may have it and making music to their benefit beyond just this process. All right well now we know and Amazon's strategy was in all of this is presumably. But even on the receiving end like not everybody is super excited about having Amazon com to their own backyard. Explain push back so you have some very high profile individuals that are touting this for example Governor Cuomo. Mayor to block DO here in New York both in the Amazon press release. With very celebratory quotes but not everyone feels that way in the big issue. Are the tax incentives that are giving that are going to be given away to Amazon in order to ward them here so. This whole process everybody who is bidding on this project had to pony up. And New York. And Arlington Virginia are putting billions of dollars in tax incentives on the table in order to lure an Amazon now of course we mention the jobs bill create jobs with those incentives. But there are local. Representatives who think well two million dollars in tax incentives. I would like to see those incentives go somewhere else there's going to be that debate around. How these companies like Amazon because this happens all the time Diana I mean does happen on a grand scale here with Amazon. But it happens all the time that states and cities in jurisdictions. Fight among themselves and give away tax dollars in order to encourage companies to come and work with I'm. But honestly down. Ongoing debate because small businesses don't get says take advantage of those same they don't have that sentenced. Because they don't have the clout at the same time you bring that number of jobs to an area most people see that part as a good thing so. It does seem to be a little bit hit or miss here but either way Amazon coming to the New York area and to Virginia and possibly a few more locations going forward. Absolutely civil have a smaller location. In Nashville where they're going to boo do some really specific types of work in Nashville which they also announced today that's 5000 jobs but. Going forward. Amazon has three headquarters one in Seattle that's the original spot. One in new York and one in Arlington Virginia right look at any doubt that Amazon is taking over the world before today probably don't. Anymore Rebecca Jarvis thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"The retail giant announced new headquarters in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens and Crystal City, Virginia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"59167492","title":"Amazon chooses New York City, Virginia as locations for new headquarters","url":"/Business/video/amazon-chooses-york-city-virginia-locations-headquarters-59167492"}