Actress Debra Messing on staying in shape and the 'Will & Grace' reunion

ABC News' Michael Rothman interviews actress Debra Messing on staying in shape and the new "Will & Grace" reunion.
10:01 | 04/04/17

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Transcript for Actress Debra Messing on staying in shape and the 'Will & Grace' reunion
I'm Michael Rothman and I enjoyed by the one and only have a mess things. And on the out that I have to apologize ahead of them had pulled. I'm not. You with it and get away anybody else. It. David's behind the camera can come around and Steve if you. But what a transition a nickel to we're talking about coastal thing yes I'd have to transition for that was really really that he's got to ask. Do you get your global brand ambassador people about. It I I I just was introduced cute cool cool cool sculpting. Technology plan. It's this incredible treatment option that. You know has. No down time there's nothing in bases. It's so simple. 35 minutes you know you're in your out and there's no. Healing time and in the month to three months later all of a sudden you start. You yourself moving out what it's incredible that technology is amazing and it. Every one of a house. A little part of their body that he means little. Are smoothing. Flattening you fantastic well thank you and I'm only in a month and it happened tonight. And my thing that I am literally I just walked into my. And I sat down chair and they they put that that machine on me and I got COLT. And I get my work on my phone and 35 minutes later they came in like you're. Why what for anything and super easy and it literally freezes your fat cells. It's remotely one to three months just. Well and that's it. Stupid pictures and the campaign is cool moments. And with a cool moments we feel cool and confident. About it. Atlantans are you Everett and well give you common saying you. He. What I love about about what sculpting and thoughtful. Whole team Heinz this. Granted it it's really about it's about power it. It's giving you an option to do something to make you feel better. It's not about. You know. Changing. A whole sales gains. It's interesting things that might make you feel secure and might make you you know close up a little. And be able to stand tall and he really present in what's happening. Right. You know high. I just was last week with it well with my son and irritable playing. You know in my bathing suit and I on the and this incredibly slippery because. This little boy like you know is it okay you haven't and and so it's just it's it's free and it's for anybody for meant for women it we don't let that be for special occasion. Of waiting to be you know I hit my genes differently. And you know it's really fantastic. The resentments and that everything is part of Disney company. At the bit of everything if they have. Like that. What's being an ABC. Your heart a reboot and a reunion coming that's first three victory dancing which is out next month. What was your first thought land and script in the project can. I was over the I hey you know I remember being applauded when they came out. And sitting in the movie theatre and thinking. This is the first time that I've actually seen leading. Lady who isn't perfect. And cycle so there might be placed her mean Hollywood like it was a turning point for me. Like I'm Jewish and I'm awkward and unlike. You know and I thought I baby. Of course I realized everyone who watches that things are baby. But it can be meaning it is meaningful for me and then for it to come back to point five years later and it's like. I now baby's mom. Which I can't believe by the way. It. I don't know. Here at that. I needed I think it's completely my. Oh. If there still are. Just call it. Pain guy on the road with fleas. And Oca. I think it says. That Google that that. It is great because it was everything. Factory. It in. Every song. And free dance move me by everything I still. But it you know a little longer be that. That. They built up characters with a lot more out. As. You also find out what happens. To be. There real original movie a look at that that's variant is back big. 88. That is there any. And out of the capital to these secrets. Any plan tribute to swayze obviously the original Johnny in this who's is who's gone now I. Think the whole thing is a tribute. I mean you know he was Johnny and and you know you you what you get back into that world. And it's impossible not to you remember. You know be regional. But besides that you know there's nobody from the original. Cast in this Gershon. So there's no like week. You know but week. And hundreds comes out here and yeah well now. You talked about the job famously asked of them do not about that over the years and that's kind of way I mean haven't we alternate pool. I mean data generally to bring in the fourth lawyer would do that's me and David at some times yeah I mean you know I know that I've tried. It's iconic. And then and it's in the film. It was like to have an Abigail air has. Two great young actors you know practices. You know I fell. In love with both of them really there they couldn't be more different. They weren't spectacular. Aunts and sisters it was it was really. It was fun you know we laugh together. And I was you know in many ways a mother figure. It's that you know is very very young cast. It was great it was great great to know. You know to meet everybody you know the cactus very close I mean we we have like a text group. And it will all cats and we're still like you know. That's what's fun it's very social and he is yeah I think well. And obviously. How does little bit anything that you that known talking about grades. Yeah I am so you're on it it you know I'd get a little show you know it's it ended about eleven years ago. And look back. People do. Erdogan are reboots and in but it can't script this follows yet love it. Know it we are we are so excited we start filming in August. And everybody is back all the crew I mean it's you know we did this little ten minute. Video for for error allowed the election Cruz and yes and you know it got like 56 million views and solace I think oh. Maybe we should bring this fact people seem to. And the four of us that down for dinner and says so what we think we're like you know. We need to and we feel like we really want other people laugh at things like this. An important time. Add a little. Relief comic actor for people who. The enemies and these interviews I was definitely. College was over with what you were in the care enough to now. How many times been asset over the years and now you actually get to show that's RA that's like in the removed. Yes yes it's it you know I've learned I've learned now to never seen. Because you know anything is possible and in the land of Hollywood magic movie magic. And again no they can't teased about how do you guys plan of their ideas of how to modernize and changes in this kind of current landscape. Oh well I mean besides just very quickly addressing. The timing here yet yes. We're we're just diving and it's just back to what we always did which is like no one trying to make you laugh. And number two. You know. Commenting on what's happening in our country and in the world and so politics and social. Social commentary and pop culture and you know everything that we always did where they do now and obviously we have allot. To plan. You know and so that's what to do that I think that's in. Well I can't remember all we'll lingers same area thing. And everything he solicitor think of as the level it was great to talk to you and eager to join us. Go get some medicine. A cold haven't taken. We're it has thing.

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{"id":46575133,"title":"Actress Debra Messing on staying in shape and the 'Will & Grace' reunion","duration":"10:01","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman interviews actress Debra Messing on staying in shape and the new \"Will & Grace\" reunion. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/actress-debra-messing-staying-shape-grace-reunion-46575133","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}