Alfre Woodard discusses her new AppleTV+ series, 'See'

The acclaimed actress dishes on her new series with Jason Momoa
34:54 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Alfre Woodard discusses her new AppleTV+ series, 'See'
It's Candace billions ABC radio well and I am so excited because I had an amazing. And comparable. This actress. Emmy award winning. Alfre Woodard sitting right across from me right now dry very can't pass up. I'm so happy to have you here I mean to me you are still iconic and I'm very thankful to be talking today about many things. You hear me you of course at first being this apple TV plus theories that's coming out November 1 CE. Which US sorry you. And we have to talk a little bit about it in your care to your very dynamic. I had the opportunity check out the first episode you guys are going to be grabbed from that first moment. Course you meet you make your parents being on right and that's mainstream media. Let's talk a little bit about your character. Parents. I would say she's the matriarch kind of of this village she used someone who. Kind of is is leading this group I don't give too much away but let me give you a little bit of kind of summary on it. It's in the Allen thing it's still be in future. Where mankind has lost their ability deceit. And so now they are grappling. Kind of in this base. You know having. Different factions one is that small village over here that's trying to survive it. And another and Ellis kind of not too happy about what there existed at what they're doing and I'm being very bay but it's it's really jarring. And two young babies are born any changes everything because they have yet. And so we CU in that opening scene a little bit there. And she comes in and its genes are ready to. Talk a little bit about parents and bring lately. Pop band. A bit more because. Just to set it is we did world building to make yeah. It's 600 years into the future in 200 years now for months and it's when he say 20/20. A deadly virus. Sweeps the earth and everybody is rendered brought blind and so. Then for the next hundred years no one is born with the ability. C two had having vision so it's not a dealer blind it's at. We don't exist in that world Yahoo!'s current day people. And then that winds are born and yes. I am besides being. And have a fear and in his ear to advisor to our main guy there. In the tribe I am the midwife I have to deliver these babies in B disk number. That they have. Vision and vision is a heresy. That people are burned. All kinds of these ways of reading I'm getting information with the visual art or with the fingertips. Is banned in if you mention it you will do burn at the state and this site has dimmed our ancestors. Have been putting together a system of communication so. So we we we re just three pick having me that would act fingertips with. Knotted ropes everywhere we guide ourselves along we fight when we fight battles musical. Armies do what we can't kill this is. Everything that people do now. Without sight and the other senses are enhanced. And so there is a queen and I very am desperate and you know I think. Psychotic between. What's those babies killed. They they are a danger as a danger to those people that want to control. What is left of the the world is only two million people left him reliving sort of in these tribes. And so. The the chase is on for. Bob Abbas who gave him a more plays and for Paris and I'll tell you about are my co stars later event. Two to keep these baby safe which trying to get to that plays dead were all good knowledge of silt civilization has been stored. Before. We were basically we lost. We lost that earth because we were not good unit stewards of the earth. And we were not we were not good. Brother and sister in two other people in so. This is the chances are over but it depends on who gets that it did people who can be in. Claim that people with sight. Will be able to rule so it's if if Ed rebuilding happens with the same kind of greed and corruption and men and awful Mason intolerance that led us. And of destruction and then we gonna have to be compounded otherwise it did good hearted people that have been thinking people in the free thinking people. Can keep those children safe then we haven't had a chance of rebuilding. The earth and civilization in the way should be. Wow. The stellar I have I mean if you're not captured by that I mean I don't know light what will capture you because I think that to me makes its that's. He theories that I really want to tune in every week to see how this is money involved out first informal. Track did you in the first moment because I I I assume basically what you said was like a selling point but. Let it about your character or this narrative that was of interest to you well. I have been putting out into the universe that I want it I lose I could do things that I don't know how to do already. I can't imagine anything worse than being bored. As an actor Ed war. Owning a performance in. He'd be great if you dear dad probably bit. I act I am to honest and I just neck and NBC hello I'm scared me sometimes and I'm working and and him working at night. Topic status out of Ellis of a guy can't bear myself spoke. So so I. Was the creator of this and writer Veres. And so I was raised sign on to anything. That he was doing because. His imagination in his literacy. The you know I just know wanted to be on board. Toderat Femi I didn't know I can do. Having to learn. How to move about. And learn the language. Of a vision impaired person. Any and it's a serious. You have to series take it seriously learning their talent Walken around bumping anything touching things it is not BS news it is the language. This particular and communicated. As we have been different towns around the world who tell that to be able to 200. The privilege of learning that language and beginning to understand it and then figuring out how to. Tell us knowing how to. We had that as the given because as a cinema at their what. The focus is always the eyes we say you know let us see it through your eyes you communicate to your eyes and cameras so. This 600 years in the future. It your sense of smell was heightened some people. Have have talents. More talents in different directions the way we do now. If you sense of smell is heightened taking offense here and you we can you see the Mika Bloomberg the production design in the costume design is just. Alone it's just. You know rapturous and at least six years and some people who have hearing there is heightened my sense of taste. Harris isn't the case because she is a healer and she's in touch with that mushroom that covers the entire earth and so. So all of those things happen. And wherever I now they've got. That's her oh that's how I knew that I knew I had. I had all that to learn and it also had to learn the back it's a out doors. Seven months out of doors in the wilderness. You know and later. You don't need you do that and you know you can't going side you can't put on a bulletin Erica from Baghdad the only where. What we can. Murrow and we. Or. How do. It's it's. Perfect because I I was going to ask you how were you able to adjust. To this role of of. When I watch you do your job and you do it so well. Is that you elect recipe. Rise and so seeing that and trying to say okay how did she accomplices asked I see now that you had to you do your other senses to kind of take that the. Possibility and then also filming and ended the will advance. Oh my goodness. What is there a process of debt teaching at the need you to get you this is. NFL or did you have to run and Joan Franzen that. Now the first day. When when the babies were born. We were delivering the babies. It was. They know what's gonna rain. That you'd obesity British Columbia. Winters also went to your brains the like seven months so it wasn't raining that day. So they made reign. It's just. Hobbled us prevent. We risk any up too hard abs in mud and it was poured out they're started acting tough give your life giving water everywhere. So they gave her parents Biden making it rain. Really honest. And you'd you'd just had a bead you just did what you had to do to survive the way these people would. Out as you mentioned. In a little bit in the beginning you have. Such an amazing cast of let's talk a little bit about if we can a Simone mole. Ed just being able to kind of being a guy you. Worked with him before have you it's on the move there aren't Lehpamer me yeah. Well you. I've been in super super hero moment. Albert didn't know that I am rightly being kind and yet so let's talk about just that casts and navigating in this case with all these amazing people and then also having it is. Strong narrative in the mall that because you not relinquish your eyes from Paris with us Eddie. We read all ended sold. And so deeply it was mark like you did it tours of duty not to diminish. People that really do two hours of duty but we need no wheat or. We were on a tract again. And who tell you about alchemy that's my drive and of course we really enlightened ones I think. Let us so is Jason evil from the around the world Alice what's so great everybody. Looks very differently they've got different accidents I'm Herron hill Omar. Is the mother of the twins the twins aren't human Dick Wei and mr. Cooper are. Queen. Who is very problematic he had anything anything like this queen is still be a hoax. And named Christian come Margo was. The head of her which finding army they aren't they are formidable. And then there in his remaining there's he he had Tierra. Tierra Barbera. At. Is. She's young. She's wrong she's a warrior now so it was a great we have women warriors. There is damn. Will John motion on army on. Mary lead talking to him. Greek clouds and Eric. Content Cardin knowledge that no cut from two she is a brilliant native American. Actor first Americans he's Canadian. So all of these people as of the balcony and then. At any given time. There might be 200 actors. Because there in these tribes and we have to you know we travel across the land again are dealing with. All the elements that other other tribes of people from. IB I'm I'm probably missing people bled desert be but I remember most of their. I tried and the nemesis. Yes. It's interesting because as I mentioned I have the opportunity to receive the first at node. And I said you know it captures you from that opening moment. And so I'm curious if you can I mean obviously you know comes out November 1 and in the united you know. You this in just eat it up. An apple TV plus. Let talk a little bit about the Gerri any that your character makes an and what we will see kind of as. Eagles along because you know. You know people are trafficking in her there believing that she has. Enlightenment. And she has this message that she received. That they are following her generics acting certain things from her the talk about a little bit if you can tease kind of what we will see as we move on May some of the challenges that your character faces because again. You are kind of Entrust it you know you are given this. Echo of oh kids to be this leader in her own right. Mean. He's kind of among them Moses. Wouldn't be here and. Now let me not say you Rodriguez. Luke. Lee's art he is Bob Abbas in his right hand. Denny. There are scenes because this is what happens. People who do not have vision. On horse that. Well on galloping. Would dogs. Out front and ropes leading though horses. Into battle okay. I get my. That's amazing I am. I'm excited for Ed well because I'm trying to imagine because how could see anything within mill kind of loud you are. IOU. Like they've put those on and I frankly. I shouldn't say but I wasn't I wasn't pleased with him doing. Routing their eyes because I admit that's. Down under is being frank yeah. You know I think that takes away. I'm thing but. Good but. They discipline is to not focus. If I'm talking to you now you can tell lacking in look at you. You tune I'm and president review but if I'm talking do you remember any part of president review and I am seeing impaired or no Bly and underneath neo. I might I might be here I'm going to be looking at your shoulder let you feel my you know. You can feel everything towards me you can see that you can. Tell that I am focusing so so it makes us range. It's just arranged poetic beauty yeah. How these people as they fence each other. Restaurant we don't do when we even look at each other who remains in the personals days. And the ability to be able to sense each other. And I cinematographer. Really made great use of that okay from now this is that they are we sat off. Known. Dick queens which finder's keep us moving. And other people and we we come upon tribe. People who I could reach reach tribes whose people who. Every once in awhile now that my giveaway. But okay. You see you know it's of when he nineteen. In might you pass it. And it's not. The mistakenly left you know. Our Rick Starbucks. Not like that period designed intention. But as we go. The way it would happen as you can imagine. People start to second guess when they start to second guess out of ear then within the tribe. I'd. Loyalties are to split and when lively one of these when you're living. In the wild if life and death is not like well you know what I'm not feeling you today some because like. I'm gonna have to turn you into be burned or almond have to burn you myself. It gives. You you are putting everybody else's life and risk it is. There is a lot of heist they romantic tension all the time and Harris. Has been charged. By a a man named general morale. That we will see as as things develop. You're in a row where he's very heavily in terms of which the twins' lives with two babies are both active of those babies in the minute. The pick if he's Lauren with vision. And so. As we go. Paris eventually. He becomes more and more alone but still driven. In her quest had yet these babies to the place. She knows holes he. Who. This civilization the civilized part of what we laugh. We died out because we lack. Wisdom and we didn't. Attention to going with them but there I'd like I said the great writers are great anchors on that is this ordinance were trying to get those babies who. I was Nevada babies. Ers day. I knew I was you know have to do that he's been through Medicaid. Rate. And they are making it poor rains that silly of quiet around following have to walk now McCain. Lara. Is has their legs Reggie standing up weigh in with the leather straps coming out of the you know out of the wall of a cave it he's yelling and. No the babies are coming. Free. And we can't look so you. You want your I Annan and it's like oh my lord my hands of coal I can't grip. I'm scared and I was being. In the babies are too weak cell both they were not winds. Roman and beta. So I thought okay. Who he sells an abatement exit with them pound him I think that I think. Knicks a six pound chicken and about it and didn't. Lord we got a fair or Roman with. To evaluate. Well mountains high holy smoke ended and you can't hold him like this when the commitment you know. When this late there's out of nothing can Elijah LA with booed them. RE GM on them. And I'm catching somebody daily from Imus that we at this watt the whole time. I am squad of MI not a cheerleader. I'm in a squad for hours. You know and you know bid again and basic pull the Batavia. I'm married to and I tell them that their babies Eminem have ever brag I'm hold on their baby. And he has an and beta was the smallish she little eleven pounds in the second week. And anyway so the work I just I had never prayed hard in my lap I just. God these a year children they just got here and not let me jump student baby. I just what a running jump up equipment throughout the Damien cave owned well you did a marvelous job because I saw that whole scene and. Regular gas costs evidently I don't know. Nor did I see at detecting ERR. And that's. I'm glad we rated T that's eighth and you know I. As you said so wonderfully in the beginning about kind of what attracted due to its rule and doing something that with little about a year we'll house that you Eminem before. Carried because I've seen you inside to various roles in you do them to Lal. Really challenge what U you mention that element but what he normally. Bulk is in on because I feel like everything. You've done all in my and nice if there on how I'm the kid next fortnight Alfre Woodard to play that she has to John that you have. Number of things I've never played us IIEIB. Trip late I had this idea. Lawrence diamond action CNN out of buying and write a bit it is in its hilarious but she's this high. I haven't and I haven't gotten most things I. I say what I want to bring to something. A what I feel like and there are people those who were born who've surrendered to the writing. Talent that we all have. Everybody's created does it. Who surrendered to writing and they're good at it I think they're better coming out with something that and I go like yeah Allen of the unit I just know that. The reason you tell us Rory. He's too. I want so my eighth and. Yeah I've asked me to. This light. Is low you don't have people limit growing. I don't know why I mean prime minister of finding my founded by got it done in you know I'm Myron Martin anything he didn't want it. I like. I liked it tells lorries I could think of people. And I've always said this like. Come in and getting new draws you just sit there watching TV. Are you little slip mirawi to cut the new rules you know who are out looking for a job and adjusts. Just want to be tallest sorry. I want to have that area there. I mean and you couldn't I I have to say it is instantly a little bit because one of the stories that I loved. You in recently with I'm Anthony. And we talk a little bit about that just four and moment and because. First off on the had a director hair. 290. And he. Which is beaming about you and be re talking together. And it was so wonderful obviously for those of you who don't know this film actually comes out in December's 27. And ate it tells of a miss wolf Alfre Woodard here please this. Warden who now homeless kind of managed. The death row in inmates when being. The houses Haj yet he plays a death row inmate and in this space on you as the worn in. Moment there you're using it we don't get him and the amazing. Yeah we did she was. Used in a reopened and but this film has been lauded and praised and it actually one he the biggest prizes Sunday and you know that the Bulgaria they grand jury prize in which she won ads. Which is actually a historical moment because she became the first African American woman to. And so sitting here talking about that and watching the film. And being able to talk about it. How this is such an important area. Com. I feel like if if beyond the Sundance this past you being one of those films that you can see for the sake of hearing this story. What winning means to any capacity to be recognized in his film because it's still important. We had. It presented in winning grand jury prize but it is me it's along were you. It needs to be sag you know. Doug Beason. Are telling this sorry clemency. And the reads in. The only. Important thing that can come of this six variance. Is won't people watch it and people hall. Kinds. Laura. You have generations people have. Talked about whether they were pro death penalty. Against the death penalty. And now at a point America where. A majority. Feels like we should not need haven't they on subjects that you shouldn't. But. There's still the loss there and so it has gone on in more so in this particular states and then just now the good news. Attorney general is it does and you know whoever is in charge of general executions it lifting the moratorium gonna start again. So right now is a time. Or this conversation to. To actually move forward not just keep going I feel this you know pro con pro con. What are you wanted to do into dues which is why I did this picture is. A voice is never been heard. We haven't heard about. Rom or about the people that we charged with carrying out the sentences. And they arm. Like us they're like. You your cousins Zia church members here uncles and so they're not people that went around you know chopping her thoughts when they were young. Come to. Tune yet system suited to the death threats system from mental health from social work and when a person is usually on the road about ten years at least before they are but two bad. And those of the people that you see everyday if you're the warden or the major or the guards at a right there on the on the road block. Ideas if you come and just go like OK rob. You know Jim when your coworkers. I'm have to kill you today and Jim knows it he's gonna have to be killed. It's there and every carries on. So that when you. When you have to take the life of someone you know. It is even more. Devastating. And so and so we wanted wanted to just bring that forwards like OK let's. Let's hear from the people. Who. You have to carry out you know. You know the wish. Did the sentence. I say they wish because they're preparing tax money then. It is our will as the people unless we change it and so I'm they they have higher PG AST rate. Then. The troops that we leaf and then through deployment. I don't think I'm if they are married there aren't there at one it is eight weeks. Just Havoc on the lives of people and it is important I thought certain so that he believed he. A human Coston an end. Dicker of human costs that are in even wider circle and the only a pot. And I mean. Again and I feel like it's that important to needy you've been meeting and having that conversation now you know. Again I talked to my colleagues who are in this space and sent out we don't do it yeah. Again wait this. Analysts you know you you do of these works you can tell these stories to it to be able to continue to contribute as you have as an artist. People are SA. Recognition that something upbeat what would it mean if that went with and with it it doesn't even think about because for me at daylight. Should. Add happy that Mandela I don't. About a because it's an entirely. Different. Pursuit. Working or. Pursuing are waiting for awards. I'd be still fit in in my little white dress. 1984. It that was the business I'm in many different business and I don't think about it. I. Again no it's great if people buzz about it as gray because. In the very well what is it wow I sit well. In the more people that wanna see it working within a talk about it at work and talk about it again table and talk about in community news and that's brewing. And a. Thank you thank you for saying that because that isn't really the point in. I know that you have continued to show these beings and create does. Aren't your behind the scenes at times to EU executive. Ada liberal of the executive producer of that -- all but one of the funniest and amazing. The filmed one need to own up. Of the letter because I. Or me. Mean now who's mean. Ian my children now mean I want me and I. We need every committed. To ban a note to. You whenever I don't have to go but I. I had to say why need to because I feel like even with the Blair Underwood moment and yeah legal and it was so magical idol to see more of that from you I love when you make us laugh because. You have this perfect timing when it comes and I I don't know people get to see you as much. As they would like an emerald island did that was. That was based on the book. You know Williams called this image of the roof and I MI literate person everybody's got great books like Hugh Williams. Then you know are clear about him or anything you need to remake you left I will is. Stemming the Scripps. I love that I and I know we gotta go because he aegs vineyards you all day. At a colleague last need to say issued its share. Of the wealth. Kind of fondest memories. And being in needs marvel. Project deeply to care there's only keep. Remember. I mean of course we saw you wouldn't fill Lauren at least value and Luke cage. Any moment that you're call kind of looking back because there are two different dynamics. I actually did. Civil war before Lou case that the case was on her erratic Raymond horizon like pebble monthly event. I did civil war because I'm friends with Downey junior cents. Heart and souls. And I love him dearly and that he asked for me. I want this week that he bumped up it wart Tony in the I think united do it again so. You know it turned out that. And then. When I Teoma Gary Coker. And Jeff Loeb approach from him out. Ryan happened Luke cage. I played the president and make that she's. Her she's a city councilman. He says no no she she looks visiting them and she goes a long season in two. You know she's not Mariah as healers he's giants. And I ages oh my god. I think I had the most on. With Juanita and Mirai yeah because. You know. She was. Re rumors. Each time he even owns no you shouldn't feel that. We will make announcements that everybody started three years though all right iris is thank. I am I'm a man to do so did I feel you have to deal and that I loved doing that as well. We love seeing you in it. Miss Alfre Woodard thank you so much for stopping by IBC radio of course we are again very excited November of ferrets. Apple TV plus yes the series see this amazing lawmen. Are in this area opportunities in mobile ala. Going to be amazing get a cab you for that first moment thanks again a huge and happy to be able to talk to you. Anytime you're always welcome this is Candice Williams signing off.

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