Anthony Ramos discusses his upcoming album, ‘The Good & The Bad’

Artists talks new album and upcoming film “In the Heights.”
32:20 | 09/27/19

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Transcript for Anthony Ramos discusses his upcoming album, ‘The Good & The Bad’
Millions ABC radio now and it's just amazing today it's Friday and have an amazing talent sitting right across to me I had. Eight general and an art piece a musician. A man about his business who is here today to talk about out. His next conquest. The music world with his debut album we're gonna get into it. Anthony annals. Hello can his million man ran back an opinion to a girl next you know yeah. OK so I first have to name all these amazing beings that you have done up until this point because we've seen you on the mall in Kenya on the big screen he's senior Macon music although you know and now he's really take going full throttle against the back. So. For a while I mean he's seen even Hamilton of course needs Melanie Grammy Award winning Hamilton. And we've seen you also on the small screen. Me personally I'm I'm a huge fan as you gotta have it to us you know on the right I'm right I can. Of course you know we saw you on the big screen as star is gonna learn. You know Boyne mountain again you know another magnetic new wrinkles on the part of the myself. Yet. That. And now you're now we're looking at your next. Full fledged effort which is the music rusty he conquered all things already that gasoline on that that the broad way you don't you don't you don't got the TV's it. Island's net check mart. Music the good. Add in the isn't going to be your debut album full album. Told our next month writer on the one two was when he finance yeah very very soon and I'm very excited and foremost you know. You want you doing today. Are you get angry Elvis that a. I'm so did. Yet life is really good as us on the phone when our friends she is asking is in question how you doing and in my you know right in and distinctive in my own life is really good. You know I think I'd like. I was like. The UN and and and brace songs in and play simply show last night that was amazing in it was this it was just bananas and she was crazy you know sold on the outside to hang like thank you people for being here and listen in and and not an awesome again time to spend time off Sam mean and the people on love and home some young life is good on good that's the long short answer I'm it's really good today. How you I. Can't complain luck you know I woke up this line and I won't name Millar and now we are doing the I mean you have pray there can nab I woke up so does thanking god has they have to have. So of course you know it can seem to Mary's feeding that we are talking about just. All the things it's you have been able to due to get to this point because I imagine that we think have to be won your first love that mean you making music for awhile. Read me. Not a new endeavor for you look now at all still how would live long time coming you know was this something that you actually you're ready for new. He knew he had kind of in the back your minds are now coming to fruition or is it something that you said okay now means take the plunge talk about how this album that we're gonna see. In here and by October 20 fend off. Yeah I'm here and bash candy I think it when he came out. Around so. I mean I'm I've loved music sounds okayed you know but I'd I didn't have any train and I'm really know how to get into you know Sandberg. It's so flat so wild when you when you become an adult and then you think about things you did as a Cade. And and when people ask cynical did you always loved writing songs and I first or years I'd say non now some McCain. Came later on. And then and then. Thinking about it further I was like no I actually didn't come later on I was like. Fourteen and we were MR cousins room I lived in and a two bedroom apartment with more on in my two cousins. And I slept and I am air mattress on the side they slept on the bunk bed and we had a Dell computer by the wall. And we used to record. Mom Reese a record songs and how I got into it was that my cousin and my mark cousin Ann and more on his boyfriend. Moans boyfriend's son they would write rats in it would be bright new rounds of whatever and any right hook. And then we had this little like that's the shortest Cordray a Mike with the shortest Korda came from the back of our Dell monitor. And then. We we do we had that hooked up to the back of that the computer and then we had the Windows Media Player. Which we would drag beat Sweden Britain beats from the N and and drag him into the Windows Media Player and then set up the voice memo thing that was on the of the Windows Media Player so what we would do was dragged to be. And then we pressed play on the windows media play no we pressed play in the voice memo an employee on the Windows Media Player and then you got the record you song when take. We didn't have let you know you can chop up enough there was like if you mess that we had to do it over. And ending someone cousins dornin thank you almost a game and is only a kind of low look. Like you know I'm I don't know how to write book. Let me show and the first song hero was what you mean to me decide on the you know it'd be came from I don't remember about it. And you know we would just leaned over weakening over. Some might do the difference you know the person had to be real quiet you gotta be back with our person and then get in on the Mike is the members of course short. In he did have been saying do you though verse and then and then hopefully hopefully get one good taken in the houses you know on the song we share with the family and when but. And the fast forward. You know I was doing Hamilton off off Broadway in. And you know I had been I had gotten in the writing songs again I was just you know as a side comment I kind of just wanna write it was just something that I was doing sit. It was a form of expression you know again I didn't know how to and make money doing in order to have make a living or like. Place shows and stuff like that sours discourages rank and because enjoyed it. And and if a friend a mine. Comes to mean aft is off Broadway opening night of Hamilton element of public theater and he was on the music team will wells mob we will wealth he executive my executive produce and Alan my best friends. He's like recently to the cut is on the music team he was helping music program for the show and he will have to wait in the cut. If everybody clear and the walks right up to me because you know and it. Send everybody on that tape everybody's everybody on that stage is very talent is in the U. Spanish and I'm a down right. Thanks a appreciate that and then but I kind of like you know I shrugged it off thousand dollars that is nice in the same. And the Denny said have you made a record. Not even want to do that tonight. Sunk about who your tacos like the company's maiden. I got the market in. And then. Soon after that we wrote our first song again. And the Freeman. Which he executive produces when on them. Signed a deal than I signed a deal with republic records. In January and then probably duties after I signed the papers Allen off Stanley writing. Writing and now we row. You know will and I've lived in an apartment that monk Malloy in the stay at bank Eric Hyman I love you. Let us stay. In is he had a house in north canyon he lent to listen. On we stayed there for a forest me six weeks and we will 21 songs in like thirty workdays something like that. And he and walked of them in arms off his Wendy Goldstein. And you know and that when he's just been an Angel she's been just like. He's been this I mean just like this godsend. You know I'm always wanted to make a full length album way I wanted to make it and and are not condemn me in an album that I couldn't have made a better album yeah I can say that might confident I can act and there was nothing. It was nothing else I wanted to say. Any I have yet to see here in by this. But I'm telling you I I have not to need to get some examples and you know what not and here double album course and that he does appease them and when I've heard is all goods. I need understand why good and the bad. To me the meaning of this title and where does that come from because I'm telling you there's some lake it's my it's. I want to explain what he described town. When I'm gonna kinda give the clip that they its music because from every single on that I heard I felt. I felt like it was. The complete form of what it needed to. I'm an advocate for me if I'm suspect in Hainan island and. I'm Ralitsa than they have been good in the bag came from so that's the title track on the album so that was the second song we put our awfully on the first song was dear diary. In all these songs were based on real life moment things that happened to me I was like Gil I wanna only talk about stuff that actually. Has happened to me or what's happening to me now from I don't wanna sing abiding I don't know about. I it is the first day. This to be honest on the first day may come as let's just start with a honesty let's just keep that going to see how it see where that takes us right and the good and the bad Dube Bart why we named this almond in the Dow was because I feel like the fullest life we can live does in the middle of the good and the bad stuff. You know and and and and you know and I feel like all that stuff is you know in the middle of that gas where. That's for the joy is ass with the pain is that's with the in a death as we all do. Stuff is that's with a growing is asked. I feel like the fullest like we can live as in between the good and the bad and don't even think is bad necessary as his hard do we equate the word hard and dad. The words heart and battery with a each other. And they don't mean the same thing right but the good in the hard wasn't a good album title. I mean sounds like oh. Apprised of the grand dad. In. If you know an end. And it ended up working in you know and it was like it's just like. You know. I thought about what is his album about. And edit it became about a guy who thought he needed to leave home to figure out who he wanted to be in life in track warned dear diary where he's. This is a love letter to his family in all the people who have you know helped shape him right like his friends you know and he's a real people gene Randy Robin Rubin in jeans craven Randy Robin Rubin mama Frida sports house got a steal them so good like. And you all at the show last night you know which was wild like. You know and you know almost went to the navy degas for Jason he saved me picked up the phone of course Erica Sheen will musica take me she gaming money for application she told me I need an education. Sat me down with all the papers and had a temper she of the patients that she pay from Ankara's application. She helped write the essays I mean have the money to pay for sheep. She's seen no that I she sent out. Knowing as she on the beautiful spouses the school even went on you know I'd and they have good grades right. But this is what does with his album of the dog guy who thought he needed to leave home the figure we wanted to be in life indeed Daryn in my. I love you Femi but our goal and goes to all of these things tracked. One more hour he needs somebody who yet it does meet somebody where you just like you are I don't want this nights and I wish this Mecca just last I was two more hours in the day. Right one more hour which is about and they my fiance and I are skewed if he said their lives about. Taken a spontaneous trip which was a true story Ambon statistical report because it was coaches and I are at things to do them like please. Me and you know and as soon as big on spontaneous trips and and we go down the line right we go we go. He said battle and then and then we go mind over matter which is the next song that we dark common out which and super excited about. Which is about Macon left to someone who actually love you know we hear a lot of songs and up he would just like. Just to be frank does hadn't six and the site. Boy wizard soften a person you know and then like people just meet India when they stand would have the wisest often of people like who've been in relations for 234515. Years thirty years would just. Mickey Wright you have to like we discover someone's body every single time left the this is it's not a new you have to find. Every time you do it with someone you. Love actually it becomes more about the mental and and less about the physical. Right and it becomes more more of a selfless act that's why the song was called mind over matter is not about was. I'm out I'm only going through your body to get T mind. You nursing home. A kind of dropped. And anybody taking notes and it. You know now. I'd put you know that you know we go through the you know we we we we hit all the song in the jammed to by the latter's parent. You think he said a lot of which I think is all very important the one of the kingdom and taken from what you just said is that this is all very personal very. Wasn't hard being this open for this debut album because I'm short you know. S. You know there's believe that vulnerability. That space it's you have to go to. Were people now are gonna theme. Your child is sensibly and of they weren't home where you at all apprehend with a guy like a look at it as if day. Now because I think I think you know the people who connect to the music. It they don't like as. I would pay and I think it goes out to what I said earlier like I just wanna give you the most honest version of me and then Mike you can do you can judge and you can say whatever you want after that my new. Right right. But I know the people who showed to the show's. They want to see Netanyahu. And they're going to see that now that's the guy didn't see. I'll get it there would a regular black T share with some regular jeans and urges you know it's like I'm just I'm just. We just of people gathering that listened to a story that hopefully we all can relate to like. I didn't I didn't wanna sing about anything I don't know about I don't have candy pay on Rolls Royce I don't. Like I'm not and the club. Captain baht whose main door ones like best in my life you know marketed done that I could have wrapped about that could have done. What do that none has my best now my life files and what you know how Canada's make the more the realists. How boom that is so real to me. Right and hopefully other people can relate like animals like I'm going all the way. In every video. Or rather in you know two out of three like I'm. I want them to be in the video my mother isn't personal and that's my mom my father. We weren't on good terms for years and -- guy my dad. My dad is back in my life and my dad was cool with being in the video and and we had a real conversation on camera. And if anyone watches a video you'll see me in the second verse not a star crying him a bit. And I went and acting like my Dallas same things to meet in the moment and it just so happened to Beatty cameras rolling. You know sand and we had a real conversation. In the carriage as was his stance and and then in the in the in the bridge not have a bond GA you know gene and Randy and Robin Robin Rubin. He's a month mark childhood home he's like my best friends who are grew up where enhancing them for ten years for whatever reason my life gays and in the way you. Even gave by stars do anything in an Oz like. I'm in writing this song I was just saying kill with the people that the first people lack of think of them make me think of home immediately. And night friends in particular defending them. I was like I remembers staying over gene's house his mother freedom would make she'd make poor child she had the best book Johnson how can anybody says. And then we'd be. Paying an hour if Randy rather Rubin for. The long answer that is give you read the short version is that you know I want I wanted to be vulnerable and I want to be vulnerable of people because I want people to. Feel safe enough to be that way when they come to the shows on when people who feel as if you're safe enough when they hear the record 81 of crime go ahead let it out. If you want to laugh. Let that out you know seeing if you want snot few feeling good let that out to him and sacked. Feel that you know say I want people to feel. I'm as vulnerable as these records. And you know it's interesting because he's a little bit about your story you know and and that. It's not something that you always you know you had inkling to do of the kinda keen towards human interest in way. Listening to these tracks thinking what have professionally trained. On how that good oh great bull Ali thank you. Or how. And yeah. Well. I don't going to be some kind of hinted at when you talked a little bit about your journey is that you did you get train use you know figure how did you get to this point because. Practical do a lot to be able to hold their own and you seem to do with the grizzlies though I assume that this is came naturally to use or use Dayton. Boy. After. You wouldn't turn them chaired around yeah. Well. I know you would you seem league as crazy loud this. Little boys nine get in yeah I can we get past this round. I did on his. Long long and and audition for the voice and I didn't it's like and able is why does the adjudicated to have on the table was like he set everywhere around the room and what's awesome about that day. Was my mentor from high school my direct to Sarin style why saw some about a lot. C she just came that audition with me she just came to support me her and her cousin Vanessa and he came because we don't live and we law designed this is going again and a Sarazen. Making it is a meeting. And NFL at a good understands us angry rely on them again saying Greene Iowa John Legend. In. And anybody leaves the room and need in this budget that guy bonds who has a cake unique everywhere except Anthony stay in the room. So I am all. It happened next round in the room he's thank. Amen so room. I think you good boy. I think you should American August 19. Nothing on which should focus on this year's U breathing. I think she worker and grieving. And then come back next year. In the room. 'cause I really think you have a shot. And then some on the U on the door from a breather following year. And I don't like. Bra. I'll let you know but I I didn't see it ousting them among Bassett and need to signal. It is no magic thanking him and walk around the room and uses his few. And were going Braden who work on all the other things and end and taken up a notch and worker's eyes and we're working on and you don't work and now. And I'm really happy and experience usually reminding me about thanks fare that's so funny like I haven't even told Astoria anyone really. Because I drank. As a forget about a sometimes they have I'm. But on yet an avenue train into college offers voiceless who was in college. Problem let's musical data school. Two years in. I don't even know anything about musical theater in the butt you know my. My mind directed in in in. High school was thinking union go to this one school is she gaining pamphlet and in. To that school that that. And the American musical and dramatic canyons this over actually hosting Iran exonerated. Sixty freshly and he gave me the pamphlet. On the beginning she was nineties Chinese Manaus. That garage addition and inanimate whoa. Buddhism in numbers that school on like gang can't afford this is crazy. Maybe yes and about the plans and she's like non on this given pianist is mennesses palace have fallen. She's an active they wanna meet you mind and his team agrees as I guess is that we this. Like aren't so I mean I mean this woman in case and an anathema story. Crime and crime Geico. And in the schools on the phone lone American afforded. She in. On the Keating when day to ours and can cause he's paid his four years crazy is about ninety days she's. I'll come again he really didn't have really is as night you know and then. And then that's when I started taking him for his voice lesson first dance class thing I put on ballet ties the first time now I'm experience I was night. Help me out when bass commercials for the first few weeks MIT is like mud will one MIT's four resounding we're gonna fill you if you do not buy time. And the dance down anyone who dances then those are anyone knows what to do the anybody all advances on the on the road against the Indians danced OK and feel very vulnerable from man to win. Some mentoring and the. Any person yeah. Yet but anyway but I learned how her doubt and here we are and sad. That Chenault was pretty our polls. Hamilton when he did the bullies when he tried out for the late that night I. Not this was free him to resolve we now is pre everyday everything now voice audition hours. In line he nineteen they did and when a pet and they had. On think you can. Start stock angle on this I mean come on an island. Am I ha. Desire let me that this album coming up right which jolly units the bullet and giving up my hair and you have. I'm in the you know our CNN and by it is good. You haven't necessarily just not. More being in the essence of we're Stillman and be able to see you on the big screen is nil coming up their management Augen Alex someone maybe in the high. As coming up a little bit about that you off I'm excited I mean clearly this is your wheel house where I I mean this is there in a foreign country unite and Afghanistan by that I am now it's a trying to gunfire rang Indio talk and writing in the high aids yet as though let's let's talk about it I'm sure when he got back volume light. Don't. Yeah. I'm me now is you know that was at a meeting with Jon Chu the director who was at Marshall last name and I'm certain modes and means businesses. And I love you John choose unison. And you know he he's one of the most amazing human beings out government and you know workmen then. And you know anytime you can do anything women is a gift in this of the lessons so you know when when. Lynn saw me do with the show I did at the Kennedy senator. For only seven performances it was just a very quick. Production of it and Nam and then came and saw and then. Basically started ninth bombing and he was Ankiel popped by U sore man. And -- you know immense so much disaster that was his role in and then Manuel an analyst Alice is in his first role on probably in the I was the world worse she worked on national for eight years like. And known. You know fast forward. You know it's funny when I was nineteen now auditioned for like a non union national tour in the heights and adding getting an I was really really bomb on never forget how like how. Bad I felt after that and it was just houses tough blow. And beach and in the heights because and I was the first show I ever saw on Broadway that sentiment go to many brought wish Justin Brown we can be expensive and and you know saying and I collect most of them ready and and but but nonetheless my school and they bought up of a few tickets this is of around the time. It was. When in the eyes is gonna close in. And I went I remember taking one of those tickets and sitting there and I watched the show and I almost felt I really want kind of wanted to quit. Because. I just felt like there were no rules to me they just weren't any nor was rationed to write the knicks Latino. Barely 59. Freckles. Lead role. I know is China ran a role that guy really viewed medicine feel that way and dominoes like I don't I don't really know how I can get in I don't know my way into this world I'm I went to school for two years and I'm still lost. And. In a room a sit in. Sit in in that audience is seeing all these people onstage now C shows before and owns o'clock in kind of relate to that character but old or that one would their but I'm. I don't recall ever seeing the show and feeling as connected to the carriages as I did when I saw that when I saw that show and I was CNN I'm life. No this is different unknown and a guy that guy's email from missed corn stored on the block amending. Das Marie that's my cousin Samantha destiny's deaths you know. The Dow woman reminds me of mark on like. These people I felt like I knew them. It was more than me just be like oh I really like that cast and I kind of related accurate it was like no I know that character I know that person. And Rome he looked like me and he spoke like me and me. Even moved in the scene where demand your is like. It does so from the music was like felt like a Mike you know this is. This is the music my mother played in the living room like this is the music I grew up on this is this is this is. And and are they good maybe there's a chance for me. He got maybe actually can do this and years later. I sit with John jumps in when John Hsu had breakfast women and laying. BMS house acumen walker black's announced breakfast. It is banging drifted Credo and we sitting there and we just talking and in. We got emotional I'm just you know we share in the Rio in. We bu fu known. As gain watery and whatnot and and you know net fast forward. United calling you know in Lancaster is an evil in the movie and I. And them. With that character of course yeah I mean you know I'm you know now was outplayed him you know it was. Yes I mean I was that guy in all of musical theater's most not lead to elevated as the dude in all of musical theater and a house night. Are connected and I know a guy. Nasty got best. That's the guy I know the most he's the most familiar to me of all they carried as in the history of Broadway and. And you know it's amazing that. This that initial closing at 2008 or something and whenever I think that in 2008 meaning. May 20112011. Clothes and I enough and eight years later. In mind it's and gets to Guam. I need to be that guy and I get to reinvent dime guy you know and Lyndon in. I said Yossi have any advice and you don't. I have to be a good feeling. It's the best film best you know in known he had support. I'm saying we spike has support from Normandy she's gotta have in that vast I was his baby that was his first commercial films is first is in his first big film. Room. And and he played that role and he made that rule so iconic. And same thing you know it'd just this. Thank you thank you. Me I have to be honest I'm a little bummed out it's not coming back for that and I have absolutely no I relentless I feel like he's looking for different. Opening than windowless. I X always looking for the window and openings and he will find them we'll find all of them he's always found them. His resilience and he's brilliant and he's. You know. It's him he's. You detest him into. Way. What can happen when you just. He's work. He's were caught work hard you trustee self no job. Net and I don't I don't know via word to any by you trust them themselves more than spike spike. And can who'd who will you would defend an idea to an end. NB a whole room B and like now he's not. This was going to be and I'm like. Moscow. Discussed by NASA and needs want to greats you. You know as one of greatest of all time he is absolutely and totally wholeheartedly agree with. And I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that this Al long yes how long October 20 pets. The good and a fat. Would you are gonna see hear and I. Yet like the little and kept the to speed up here and Dubai can. Is going to be amazing. Anthony this has been such a pleasure to talk to you can he can and his I am Philip static for everything that's coming up for you in the high is that next summer and some mix of this summer coming on some of the mind 'cause I was not very very fond of truth so we got that. We got this album October 25 and yet name I think that's well liked in the works line and now has. Couple things in the canyon known in the end of this this stuff cooking and as always have good and I had you know patrols on the mountain and that show or movie and on the we're constantly called Baghdad as the Sudanese DreamWorks animated series is as a I've been ever really being an animated world demy you know saw Afghan you can now. Old by the way because I thought my animated and they've been asking need to asses questioned since all the maiden people are talking to. Because frozen to it coming up are you frozen and your fondest memories of that that film to do them. Frozen. Frozen sued don't be mad and me I've never seen frozen do not the anatomy we cannot let it go. As. Max and that's beyond what else hope that right now we are cresting about I bet many good and everything. I'll let that question double week but I'm not gonna let him go before I say they Q. Thank you. And we are very excited again for October when an incident a bad in the back in the heights you know the big man. Anthony and she eats and its wounds thank you. I'm siding off ABC radio.

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