Cher Talks Flint Michigan Water Crisis

The legendary singer joins Flint, Michigan, Mayor Karen Weaver to talk about the state of emergency.
5:19 | 01/22/16

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Transcript for Cher Talks Flint Michigan Water Crisis
When mayor waiver from Flint, Michigan is still with us via satellite and among the people both moved any raised by this crisis is our friend share. Who joins us on the phone right now how that's there. Yeah. Lana Jones. Ladies and thanks both for sticking around share my first questions for even really vocal on Twitter a social media about this tragedy want to read one of your tweets to everyone you say I believe most. Elected officials are greedy dumb self serving and do little to nothing for the people in their care. Why are you so outspoken share about this particular crisis. Actually I became interested in Michigan. Before this crisis because. The triggered the emergency manager situation you know in Michigan as. Basically. A dictatorship. Because the government appoints these people dead in their called emergency managers think Angola to any community any county. And they can't he served. Give Torre these people of all of all the people that our government elected officials so they can come in and do anything and I had read something. That was it just devastating but hey it made me angry when this happened. I was. Outraged I admit I. I I'd know what it's like you know I grew up the poor child and I know what it's like to have no one. Care about you or to have Villanova. And so. It did pitchers it is I just cannot tell you the outrage that I feel. I think this is going to college permanent damage this is a way to keep people. In in this situation. That doesn't allow them to have the equality. That they need. And and this happens it it's happening at pregnant women who happens to babysit but I cannot believe. The governors said he would let his grandchildren. There it is this water I think he's either a liar aren't idiots. Stand any six. Thank you so much shared this is Sherri shepherd mayor. Speaking of what share just said about the permanent fix this is multi generational. These effects so you have I love that everybody's coming forward share has gotten 200000. Bottles of water. 400000. People that's equal to two bottles of water. But the lasting affects the cognitive delays the behavior at the memory loss the miscarriages. I q.'s being affected in the children how are you would dressing. That long lasting effect. And you know what that's exactly right and and done that's damage that's already been done. And that's why I'm saying we need the financial support to look to assist our families because they are pointing hate we we have put together a comprehensive plan. For our families because there are going to be mental health services special education services Foster care and adoption services the juvenile justice system the school everybody has been impacted by this and some of these kids will will need these kinds of services and support for the rest of their life one of the things that has been set up because we can't even begin to anticipate. Everything we're going to need we think we Dunham a great job and I haven't covered everything. But there has been let me read this Flint child's health and development fund I know what's on your web site at the view where people can donate to this fun. Because they're going to be lasting effects and we we can't begin to know what all of them are but we know that people need help for a lifetime. I'm share let me ask you something is joy. Money biggest fans and unit. He didn't show up I could just say something I've been supporting clean helped water. Dell well all criminal water company that where should Africa and India it never occurred to me that we would have to happen. A company involved that would do you that they don't think I can help people in America. No. Money it's all always about the money and greed. And from what I've heard just say shaded it totally correctly outraged by governor Snyder's lack of action it called him a dictator stupid what have you. Just think he should just resign. Our gas because I think. It taking complete responsibility. Is stepping down what you see what you got and you know that he knew what he was doing. Haven't going to jail and the Tacoma channel that this man. When asked about a lot of wearing pinstripes in the wrong direction. We want to. I just wanted to say mayor we have Bradman elements again they're my apple my dad was born and raised in Flint, Michigan Ferris Stanley Furniture jeweler you may have heard of that email please format store so the entire Ferris family's influence on ice when a thank you effort didn't your best take care of my family and it takes. And Sarah. Thank you share for gravity that big mega found a microphone that you have advocated for the people plant in.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"The legendary singer joins Flint, Michigan, Mayor Karen Weaver to talk about the state of emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36450646","title":"Cher Talks Flint Michigan Water Crisis","url":"/Entertainment/video/cher-talks-flint-michigan-water-crisis-36450646"}