Judd Apatow reveals secrets about his family and career

Apatow gives details about his life, career and new projects 'The Big Sick' and 'May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers.'
47:53 | 06/22/17

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Transcript for Judd Apatow reveals secrets about his family and career
I am Chris Connelly and you're watching but kolbe is a series of interviews that I've done kind of longer form with people with whom I've had some sort of professional history over the three and A half decades that been lucky enough to interview folks in the entertainment industry. Today's interview is with Judd efforts you know him as an actor writer producer director overall comedy impresario. Interviewed him in Austin, Texas it's SXSW. Connection with his work on the big sick. He was the executive producer of that. And as producer director of an even brothers' documentary entitled may at last here's our conversation that. We'll judge you're here at SXSW here in Austin both to talk about you or. David Brothers documentary in class and to talk about. You were film that you executive producer gas it's yes produced so I always figured must be hard for you to come in his vessels in the first was because everyone is thrusting. Edie. And I forget that every time I not here I a Mecca of a woman gets pregnant again forgets. And when I come through years of like a short film or like a little memory stick. We with a script or something. And then that I have tons of it atoms that should Jews and us at home and then there a whose deal over the bad memory sticks and scripts and dvds and I think it be so mean to me watch. Watch all of this and I'll pick one or two things. Others all right here we go up just randomly others rarely look at something and and Newton mountains and mountains and so far although that's not where I met her but Lena Dunham showed tiny furniture here itself but silence and that's we have to note. So really what you're saying to the young aspiring artists who come here is that they should study. Sweepstakes winner they shouldn't try to have the right packaging it will pull Meehan has the look and it could write. Yes. What can they be nice and and whom it's about handwriting of the note. If you give me like your your dvd and you get crazy person handwriting I'm not gonna look at what hockey crazy person can't right Hitler and I think. Littler and I let it die. Blue democracies differently from you until. That I as a child the guy who played Romeo and then what kind of unusual islander like he had the most beautiful handwriting it was you know. Via you know he was abuse ST is short of full concerto. I need someone who has like a beautiful beautiful penmanship on the night's card. That's awaits a year off the thoughts while our. If you haven't the critical weird like a weird shape notebook paper and you rip that out of a spiral thing and a lot of them think. Dirty you know. Who ripped up paper's editor. And you will steer clear of the cores. That I for one grace. Are you wouldn't face the tea. How do you decide where evidently created with so many people real audience knew how do you make the decision on where you're going to apply here what is. I don't really think it through that. Much had to sometimes and we'll say we do this and sometimes. I just get caught up in the moment so Rick Rubin called me. And he said. David rose about record two and follow that process. And I don't know why this had gone and found great and I called this. This and we know that well Michael and figure Leo who directed an episode like comment. About namely. And we are about to start this or buried Dwight Gooden thirty for thirty documentary. I think that's a fun thing to do. Also and then for two years egress that are Jason Wiemer interviewing them and we slowly assembled. But nobody was paying for it was just an if thing I think this'll be worth it. I just kept writing checks kept sending crews were put the country get bitter right. Favorite documentaries by everything is money back it like. I think my ate everything OK and and we jostled with HBO's so. My hope yes so all that money through at this thing finally comes it now let's all wash. Back documentaries verdict that you neighborhood for three years they get to a watch NB Sosa eight you've made zero but you lose one of the things I follow watching that documentary was watching the role of Rick Rubin who really. Crowley has its own religion exactly just based on how it looks but this is the position not unlike the one that we associate with you yet these are very talented people who are coming to him. For something there and we're not entirely sure what it is but we're sure that it. How would you describe what it is that you do to help bring the creative people you work with to make their best work. I think a lot of it is just instinctual. And that is hundred Rubens doing exists. Yes engine instant judgment if he's moved if he feels their authentic. If he feels or they could do better if it's bull and I think. And that's a lot of what I do I you know our work is scripts. With Amy Schumer and there realized that I as don't think this is the script that good may be should be doing something more personal. We sat on the phone and and I just what are your relationships like when they go wrong what happens. And in that just became train wreck and I think in a way that's what Rick Rubin is doing with music is listening. And he's the east's you know the subtly steering. Then made into a new area or encouraging them if they're going on the right road. It's kind of a true though in comedy. Please stand up that the idea is that more personally yet. The more ruthlessly in that you're about your life the better art is yet is that a correct stroke or is that kind of you know the way to narcissism if it's them were a hit and run into what went you're making if you're making. Police squad during the making guns who ago. And that's guys going I was back in my days at university of west congress. Medals are so heavy at times because he doesn't doubt building in the days that it blew it up and all. You have it's you know it's you know there is of before overcoming this like danger here we which has. Maybe my favorite type of comedy and and then there is a personal type of company which is. Closer to the Larry Sanders Show it Garry Shandling did there and you know I've movement toward under him as a write their for a long time so I think that I tend to push people in that area direction which is blurring the line between fact and fiction. And then using your life to get to some truth and turning it into the stories with us. That this young people need from him to be able to fulfill their dreams people likely Madonna people like Cain Schumer what are they looking. For that you feel you can uniquely provides them. I think that I a and try to. You know create a thief working space. In a lot of what happens earlier careers you have no power and you never meeting when money so a lot of creative. People. Who give you the money. Can make you change other say maybe that caregiver guy not a girl then the whole thing if it if if it Ed so. The death of that's the first thing which is okay leaning into girls. And we're doing and at the right place HBO. Issue believes in me enough in the early stages. Two. You know beings supportive and creatively helpful but she's not being interfered with. That's not the stated that. But necessarily happen but it's much the chances of that are much smaller because someone who's made a lot of TV shows is there to saying that it is good I know what she's doing. And also I'm listening to what she wants to do it I'm I'm. Being careful to not turn into what I want to do and try to do the best version of what she wants and what does a young person most frequently need. In terms of making their work better like what you have to tell them to do was supposed to. Keeping the forces of commercial what. Well some of it is just production and I'm still don't know much I mean look correct. You know we've girls when the first things I told lien is. You made a move fifty I think we need to tally ruined this show is McCaw the thing about its other shows that the I don't want in this thing we got that cheap girl. When they should have this new budget is Sex and the City. It's that they they got it at that time seems small but it's the whole bowl record you can be able to do this all the bells and whistles and shall beautiful new York and hire actors let me get the best people. That that that's one of the main things what's the mistake they sometimes make those is creators what. What you have to help them to see that they might at sea if you're not. I think that pushing them to just be. Truthful and had to digs. Into what they're feeling. About something but I'm also reminding them. That serious the need for and he hoped that. You know it it's still meant to be fun to watch so it may be that this episode or dramatic so ever by the episode. But I think I thought my eye on the ball we want people to really want watches and enjoy this experience whatever it is. So there's a few things happening. Simultaneously sometimes when my idea and just so dark like audience by 1000. Thought that and we debate whether or not we want the audience the field. I feel like I was doing those Jim Carrey MTV specials back in the nineties and stuff I remember when it Egypt I was legend's house and it. You'd there was always something unusual going on stuff and I were called of course your involvement that cable right that's right yes what did that represented for you in terms of where your career was at that time because he was a huge right guests are. And you bring some different elements of the table when you did something. At that time I was working in the Larry Sanders Show. And there was a script for cable guy and I didn't rewrite Pathon Ben Stiller Jim Carrey's ideas. And we we pushed it much more to a hand that rocks the cradle. Survive but and gym where I'd just done a lot of big drug companies were mega successful I think he wanted to show. Some other blues and some other. Sheen's. And so we went for much. Darker comedy which people were expecting an. At the time it was somewhat painful because we were surprised shocked that it is a little bit of a scary creepy movie in addition me I always say. It's a great movies second times for the first time you think you just get kills. But as time has passed. It really has become this cult classic movie which is what we hope that. You know twenty years later people would still be talking about were you concerned about three action came emotionally for you in with concern. It was that I loved it so much. Need B I'm completely out of thing. With earth. I knew it was great and I knew I loved it but I just thought maybe. What I enjoy is very different than what the masses and isolated in. At universal city's. That you and I want to of this crowd that. One. They don't with I don't want this I think it's sort about people that want this but I can tell you what to do therefore. It is news blog that invariably experience that it was can do it. But it set Jim to take chances and that's the reason why he was able to do the Truman show and and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and they count movie. Because he said to his audience a risk taker. I A remember sitting next to Ed Solomon the screenwriter for Billiton go to hell yeah. At the premiere at its. Grumman theater and the villain came on the nobles and and solemn intensity goes that's my name backwards. Motive in the high water mark. Of that movie in many ways I just interviewed at Salomon and doing a documentary about Garry Shandling. For HBO. And and and were compared mr. Shandling show jokes for Gary and and he was on the writers on what planet you're from our great friend. Remember the deal that Solomon had with his when this colleague Scott Frank. Which was that they tried to get each other's name and every script that they did in the most humiliating way. Fight for their life murderer is and the NATO and and also to that people turning up is different in the wrong way. The guys in your documentary talk about how their debt was always playing music around the house and so that just seemed like having. That they ought to do what was the thing that was going on in your house growing up the me feel like. This is something ought to do as well the new screaming it's there. That is right away. That I think my dad and big comedy fan he loved amendment we have a lot of legal because the records of George Carlin records there was. Just a love of comedy in when the VHS was invented. You know you know we have the godfather. One and two. But we also had Blake Edwards hand and opening camp in movies and old Albert musical Woody Allen movies about the comedy records that you had little sisters of along those. Well it did start out Bill Cosby records wonderful this was just the big record house chicken heart monster retain I think that's why that's also heartbreaking it's because it really is just that it's the reason why he wanted to get into comedies that department the source of that. Business really demented person and heated through its U. But that led to George Carlin records. And I body Gallagher record or to. Coolest judgment to say I'm it did I think anything about breaking. I think probably and Robert Klein I did an oval Robert records but I would watch his specials on. And HBO but a lot of ways. On record it was George our class. It's. Red cover witnesses. You know what we're yeah and he was so Smart it was this. It was. Your goal to be that Smart and he also was calling everybody. You know and and their behavior and attacking. You people for politics and behavior he was wordsmith and loved words and language and are close childhood in those. Records that was that was a big influence inedible and those Steinfeld. Who in the late seventies when those guys first appearing via Austria access with a you know. Talk choke me I remember talking to Eddie Murphy 84 exit lose your favorite stand up comic. In the knee he gave me must be some workbook. Mystery science. While that's there though I'd never heard war it was even transcribed wrong. Like Steinfeld to look about them so. It's amazing what happened Wendy who was the first person to make you feel like you could be. I don't know why but I can be good at 111 of the reasons why I attempted it was because when I would ask comedians. How to do it it'll college right here well when I was in high school I was interviewed comedians where a story of patient bills that it would take about seven years. If I'm seventeen I'm going to be a big star 24. And that you are terrible and I had a oh argue that the go through this terrible phase. And it's 24 I will be Eddie Murphy. And through our site. I don't know why. I had occurred to do it right I just wanted to do it more that I had anything this cruises definitely work school and silences that though we also. By the called the rent quote. The humans oh also went there is a lot of rents people. You know theory is a high school there again that he will be way too and he said Roosevelt that there was literally. History book I just you know you're right Elizabeth gets a pass from what. There was Little League history book that have been used both by Eddie Murphy. And gradually mr. Then that a good Howard Stern I don't know if that's gonna kept it going from one an expert so you're gonna be already held a 24. That that I thought and so I started doing standup act I think weary Americans to perform which was the east side comic in Huntington which is one of the first club that was an in Manhattan. And I used to see anywhere in the form I was dishwasher busboy and he was still coming in when I was there about me theory or I was. Well at times I would seem he was coming just this group he never thought a stuff but he was he was writing but I did it but it was very exciting because. At that moment which was right after forty hours. And we couldn't have been a bigger stars so it was like. Adele walking near Pittsburgh and her food it was in those days in Charlie Burnett this camera. But it was great. Comedian performed outside performed in the park. And then Dave Chappelle. Mentored under he had a rivalry with the beamer fear them. I guess because he and it gets seats at a couple things in any talk about going to a club YouTube it was about reform. And coming onstage atmosphere but it's okay back at a few minutes yeah Charlie. They never heckled. Eddie Murphy or just you know. Tuesday you know I don't hear what you say from 2011 black got to be. And the company numbers. That. I've got one of those. We don't know which way we don't know. What. What did you like about the company. Does that mean we sort of billions yes sometimes we see how ruthlessly competitive there are that turns out to some degree exec. Well I think. You know what I was a kid no one likes comedies it was an anybody to talk to about it so I saw. You know pastimes average I did have one friend who cared at all. And so when I moved to California. School at UC. From an atomic I realize there's hundreds of people that love old things. But I love and have you know similar. Attitudes about things so it is a real. Tribe and I induced fit of about twenty years and I for doing it again about three years ago and performing consistently thin. And one of the things I like about it. Is to be part of that again because when you're director felt like he go. Hang out with cleaning fluid. She introduced the load in a room your whole damn life. So it's what you try but it's not gonna go very well he's lifting heavy weight she's very busy clinic shooting the rehearsal is already done with here's the and is moving. You have that anybody has any use the doll it doesn't really matter if I didn't I'd like that you'd like go to. And comedians and what sort of things are you learning Willie wants back. In the early days. In. I mean it was a great comedian my first data from the February 17 and 24. I didn't really have much to say I didn't have any stories with an angry about anything I just love the idea of doing it. And so even though I would get on TV and and with on the atrium commute special is what's very mediocre like I didn't watch. Maybe of those performances and now. The I. So tonight as they didn't bring the here's that doesn't look fails he'll he'll cut. I'm sure but it now what I do it in have moral point of view so that it now it has by the I wished it would be. I'm. Now you do here I don't know I don't above point of view on this but you do here's sometimes comedians particularly in the Twitter space where. I see you weigh in from time I'm saying it is very difficult to do stand up now because of the the heightened sensitivities. People who are discussed. You know that various you've heard what's your fuel era. What it knows a thing if things I did this concert and I did all these political jokes and make it as a receiver view and then. That all of these rightwing sites quote it. Out of context. And then suddenly you're getting old trolls like hundreds of trolls are you know attacking you and social media and it it's. It's this serving. You know but they need to thinking like the girl whose beating Justin Bieber. Units and has this been like. Right wing version of it but then it's like you need to think about beyoncé 100000 people a tacky so I think there's this mob mentality. All the from her home. They can affect things in the when in the daily news. Rights and mean comment but now it does become. You know it's like this worms of birds that hopeful the committee four yeah yeah yeah ignored in some way because it if you don't you can always find you know it's hard to reason to express what. People actually use its leaders try to move us alone in that direction particularly with your comments about the Lugar. The nose and talk about this and treated. I don't talk about it. You talk about it. And in two days later though never mentioned again. And then he's gonna go about his business and he's not going to face justice and anyway I don't know I salute you respected yeah. He worshipped religion or absolutely but but clearly. Having spoken to victims. I. Off all he needs then you know at the very least. Be charged and have this information about court in whatever happens happens but these women deserve to be hurt because. If you don't listen to them you're basically telling people. Who are attacked. Would don't speak. Here. So it is that's very dangerous message to send to people how did you get involved with the exit. With the big thick. I was here at south by. I was showing the premiere episode. Of girls. And my friend anti graft his manager. Engines. Tebow. Is that why you're here he wanted people podcast which is called weird. I think I don't know Pete Holmes it is. Five years ago but I'll go. And how we get through these kids movie for big as the fight goes and the guests are. There it was Chris captured and Camille. And we just. A rollicking good time. Doing this. And what's funny is that things this podcast five years ago I producing you know the issue crashing. Produced. Chris captors he special. Career suicide and I'm doing moving. And Jerry being. And I just below the Earth's gravity issue. First an update issue early you know what it's all digital he's someone. Who knows who really Elizabeth productive. I've ever been part. And prevailed it's really insisting. Story that I thought might make. And moved and he told the story about. Meaning. This woman annaly and these are dating and then at some point. And I think put to a cola. And news to some fascinating. Lead story and it was also about. You know young man from Pakistan who moved there were news eighteen. And trying to figure out how much how American was going to be common but in liberate Kuwait from parents we're doing things or. Org or underage marriage that we. And it. Did you help him shake. Here is of conversations coming over it would his wife Emily and they head injury before so what was the personal. The first draft first you know that I mean that's really how you know that if possible that there is that there is a line where in the first episode you know like. And African to get there and that does happen. But there was so much great stuff. And then images and issues that is a very unique story because a lot this story is. About in dealing with family in these cultures and also weaving her. This woman to wake up from a coma and had me that economy idea. You hire ray room to begin the movement. Give a lot of them and waiting. Read her parents he has government forces with. Holly Hunter and rate and how comfortable lead us. What is truth not good and well yeah you're talking about is what you get when does truth not some fish went boring. I think that part of this. That we adjusted. You know in real life and there are very nice people there reactions that situation. Weren't as strong as you would need them to be for a movie so we had to design relationship. Between. Emily's parents. To me go. And why did it take five years. I think sometimes. If that's a lot of work to make them good I mean when I think. Smart about it I just won't shoot the movies just testament says UK and I I will start atlas. I think it's great and and allowed it would be negating production but you know we just keep writing and writing and doing passes and then at some point. We either. More. If an advertisement we've reached that moment. You know through this and we hired Michael shall Walter's great. Director and and from Kathy and that it really comes polite and start things. Very what part of this whole process do you feel the greatest confidence in your tool. I have a pretty good ability to. Windows something's working. In. I think I can read a script and tell you I'd won the you know a good amended. Audience member you know I'm watching a movie with an audience and we're testing it. My instincts about. If a different area are pretty you know I don't pull myself if you're not working on them with a guy like we'd like. It struck. Is this someone you feel like you've got that from. It is. I don't lose touch with a joke like it is average of in the script and we talked about it for four years that we issued at and then we watch at 900 times and editing I feel like about the personable. Did bored of it and then somehow get rid of it. Because I lost my fuel for it it's always you have to bring people in who have seen somethings you continue to get a fresh yeah effectively you're doing here I mean we're going to guards we turn table reads. Eunice of the week. Basically watch movies we do tons of when. We have rough cuts that we really let people in in the process that's not it wouldn't it make movies and the issue of eight friends and law. And there'd but we don't believe that we keep showing hundreds and hundreds of people and trying to assess the other's experience and if it's funny here it is an. Harder and harder now in the world social media mean the chance that you could just go off to the valley and show movie two's small audience and nobly find out. It's just such a different world you know what's weird is that used to be worse and I'm unsure why used to be he would test the movie. That someone would put a review I mean it cool news and give away your story here Andy and for some reason unless your back man. I don't care. And I always say I don't think that this story is these and when I do. Art so. It's was the intern in surprising. That if somebody's like you know what at the end meaningless happy to give it will ruin the movie it really is all about that the ride. Is there is no big Cohen Brothers surprise ending. That. That is can do you feel you've done films that caused the tweak in this like it's somehow. Do I look you've got something that was little. I might feel maybe some super something I I think that I I'm always promoting a kind of movie night like the theme which is. Diner. That moving from Barry Levinson which is what my favorite movies of all timer. Athens Richmond high were the James Brooks movies or clerks you know there's a certain type of human comedy. About us trying to. Get through life in you know I don't need any villains or anything just two people try to get a law than me things hard enough. And I you I generally promote those. Kinds of companies that writers I work with him just aiming trying to be happy what kind of guy should I be with how I handle it what problems of -- does -- bring up but I have to face when I'm in a relationship. Are they got enough to do agree. Company when you're working with someone like Amy and you know that what she's doing as it is just. The timing is Rite Aid in the union she's gonna explode here and what kinds of things do you teller is a human being to sort of prepare her for what some. IE. I know I think is that the people. No one cares about you as much as you think. Good and I think you really don't care even the presence of sites. Screw you tool. Her like they do for 45. Again he's like the baddest person that you isn't that your about it cubic editor of the new Levy a Levy over the out of stuff to do he can't really take it. That seriously or you can lose a sense of yourself. And so when these things come but I work a lot of very strong courageous women they're very political and every once in awhile the world goes after them hard. And we always have the same conversation in a day and I have known will be talking about it. Like you I think the whole world will be talking about trump and grabbing every day but even that. They'll drop and I had nothing is a good thing or bad thing for that connect it to they but the world is just churning and moving. Yeah nobody drops and everything anything rate it gets pushed out. Something else shoves the threat and that's always induces you know this huge wave of things that sweeps through the moves. And you have the news you just have to do your creative work and not let them affect you I think at the gate in the leniently have been able to do wages. Finn of where they believe in that when they sit down to write or make their movies and TV shows. If not in their heads they're not watering themselves down the nogmanian adjustment. Because of that there there'd thing treat themselves and that's really hard to do but for some ridiculous the way that these people are talked about the public's fear. You know whatever approach you must be difficult for either I think I think very painful for people. And it's a weird country and when you know him but 40% of the country thinks one way reporters and the other way toward Chris that's not sure what to do or whatever the numbers are. Currently. Any strong position you take you're really pissing. An enormous people even if you like. I think mentally ill people shouldn't have guns there are people who are bad issue about that. And so. In we will have to go about our business because you can't please everybody and have to stand up fro for what you believe in whatever that is. And so a significant new skill for the modern. Creative person people look back if project you worked on like bridesmaids is being moment wooden. There was this kind of seismic shift in Hollywood regarded for comedy when did you sense that that would have the influences. He I you know I didn't think about it when we are making it just. Personally it is so players. Agree to do a whole movie withers you know Susan knocked up or walk hard and and we discounting. And here's person you've ever met the what is that it makes her funny because we don't think of her in the same way we think of somebody like India. You don't machine. She is. An integrated they encapsulated what people do but just remember watcher in the first episode of Saturday that she was. It is an alliance can register news cast member of her first. And she just crushed. Everyone. And she is so Smart and so by and and and in the featherweight. Iranian Leonid went to very personal plays. When she wrote bridesmaids at any level it's very vulnerable time. Character. And in excellent electrical sad attack we know what was me character she found a way to make it so winning. Whole areas. But we didn't think oh this is gonna change things for women in comedy. We limited things like 00 a week of for the wounded in that would viewers are writing about all of this is a great opportunity. To show that people want. These movies then we've we're oil goes as well I think for the movie the bomb. And people saying oh we don't need for children comedies. That I was scared for. A moment but we didn't do it for that reason and I don't think I ever do it for that reason I just need people. And it might be any kind of human beings and if they have a great idea. And. Does the idea stay the same as the idea changes it. He try to protect the original idea. Why are you. Are trying to and is an Athens so. Are the big thick. You know as a lot of years talking about something and that that it now people talk about it in some terms it's also about. Immigrants. But when we started who I was thinking about it was part of it. But now when you see the movie it's it's about the think wonderful immigrant family from. Pakistan and different problems they have each other and suddenly. It's a little bit more important because it's humanizing people that are talked about in the news all the time sometimes in disparaging ways. How did you think about what was it being developed you didn't think that went WW. Describing it to our disposed of interest in family. You know I didn't think it. He you know we've if you talk about. The Cosby show's shelling. You know African American community in a way they hadn't been seen before and it's upper middle class or lower upper class people in it it was. You know something that people aspired to from seeing the show in and humanize people. In some respects the big thick that would no intention to do that it's just it's just showing. His family mrs. Miller and you means for Airways into over fictionalized version but because there doesn't normal wonderful. Warm people would. The same kind of problems couldn't bad as it or else. In some ways it's a subtle reminder when your talking statistics and you're talking we're keeping people out of the country and you're talking about. You can Google out of the country you're part about these people. These are real people just like you you have to keep your compassion or empathy in and not lose touch with. Thank you sign your daughter not long ago in other peoples are yes yes the Chris Kelly movie that was remarkable film she was really listen if it is amazing job beautiful movie star Molly Shannon. And on Netflix and if she did a great job and what's it like for you. Who understands the frustrations and rejection. Of this business to see you loved ones they expected. I'm happy my family and I have a real job. So and that is over doesn't have to do some and they hate doing I feel like it's success and it's scary but I can't be scared. When any job that doesn't like it. If they're happy I'm really wouldn't care. And so you know wealthy. And all this is the time for your personal work. Her yeah for the worked it's about you that you know weird you. Heidi you prioritize horror or not so of the work that you like you mean my writing will be going to there bigger. Or are. How many times a week that there both its mobile people all sorts of people multiple I need people that he handled different aspects of my problem is bad for work in the aren't you should should be pouring in added your work is supposed to. You know like within a reality T eat yet they keep the people who disagree apart yes the that they fight I can't. I didn't know that yeah I. You know I've been going for a long time has there ever record everything that house you understand the human condition. In in some way but in terms of my own writing I mean aid inject my thoughts and ideas and everything. That I'm working on so if its relationships we're you know we're doing on Netflix and a lot of my love comedy I I can put into it. Crashing the show that we do keep homes for HBO. And then. You know at some point I'll make another this is forty years knocked kind of movie bull have to happen for that to take place. And something's something's gonna happen. Like this pleasant right now there's not really agree. Letters pleasant but it looked outside. Behind a large seat. Right there would buy it by gun. Everything's great in that route that small room. How do you feel about that lasted four months and to build New York is. No issue that'd be I think but the thing problems regardless I actually think it. In some things is you people have more problems. In they've done studies where over news making a certain amount of many people become miserable like so if you're just. Happy new entry at school in your life as solid as a rock that's like peak happiness. But as you go up people to start getting crazier. And crazier because we believe that many makes and happy but actually. You did great things in life are generally free but if you just think it. And that if I was president. Well yeah right polygamy you know. It meant you know you talk to actors yet or I think that is he'll language anything. This idea that it'll all work out if I get this or I get that are money and it it just doesn't work I think it makes you nets. Is is driven by the sense that X is getting so much money and therefore I. Let's get that same amount of money has warts. That S just that your. In the game and you know I'm sure like. You know your Russian Lagarde. Which like fertilizer. Billions. We're worth more money than apparent stroke is typically. How much does your love of music in this particular bands playing this work that you do as well. I mean idea I can use people's music and movies and divisions. The most fun. Part what's the what's your electrical I think are collaborating people so I put of this beside Fleetwood Mac song from. And in an episode. One issue I just felt like. In incentives despondent we just did something together it there was a feeling that wrote the song but hasn't even Brothers you're right. Wrote that. Just by putting it and I owns them what was your history as a young person with Graham Parker. Well ID. I used to see them on on TV and and light on Friday they were unfairly Friday's they did and here's the paper I went to the taping of Friday's. And the Beach Boys performed I went into dating abuse was. And then that went there and Anders performed. And you'll remember private citizen riposte to an outline which have Larry David on it Mike Richards. Whose lollar Mary Edith brow. Jack Burns is ahead or I think crowd roared mark Wakefield and the whole cast mill the the Melanie muscle note that that Fidel. Or mail in the you did he met Mary needed morale. And Darryl I guess that's the whole path that pretty good news crushed earlier in life ship. But in. What was your question a lot of everywhere you under Parker yeah. Where inference can program mercker. I really. Like his leader solo albums that I needed someone for this is Ford who could make fun of the music business and how classic rockers can make money anymore. And I had lunch with him and he was so funny and willing to just talk about it. But even this week's Phoenix that I don't think I'll ever make another. And put him back record but his record from selling more. Side it everybody's in this position where digital streaming has. Been there motivation for making news Harlem Brothers different way. David Brothers via that's a very good question I think that they just right. And have a lot to say. I don't know what that record sales are this record that we've made a movie about it is their biggest selling record so there. Defending. But I think there in Pique creativity. And essentially speaking. And they have this. You know they have a level of nervousness and your film captures. That's kind of a certain area but that's I want that make the movie with a lot of comedy is. People wearing masks and people are stark year they're using sarcasm were ironing to get their feelings across that he sit at the update. It's not a bad thing but it's nice as break. To do something about people who are just truthful and authentic. It's not put through a filter that they're really just telling you how they feel and that was anything. What was it like to you can I mean I guess who were longtime friends at them but we see you posting them at your show what the Largo when something was under. It. That this 1000 special night because. We knew we do these benefits. At Largo in Los Angeles this little theater. And we just pick a different charity can do about once a month that judge and friends shows and so they were recorded album they came down but that night Garry Shandling. Came and performed and Lou CK was a surprise at the at the end of the night into the big long sentence in that I so that was a bit of a magical. Night. I did a reunion for cheer man with some of the Gary Shandling people and they are tenderness. Affection for him he was you know with us that that was remarkable and what is it that. You think he had as a human being that created such loyalty and affection. And the people who work. I I think that he he will he loved actors. And he he tried commuters supportive. Of the actors and that process is very sensitive he was harder in the writers because it's imperative. You the best writer ever these are frustrated. That knowing that worked for him with his good is so I think every day with what is art but with the actors. He felt very connected to their quest for truth in there and their performances and as a person I think although an erotic. Person who who had his own issues. And security and ego he you know he was on a Buddhist path of trying to drop attachment. Get rid of his ego and just via kind loving person. So he would succeed and fail at that but that was always his goal that was always what was most important. What is it that you most miss about. You know what's funny is this in our heads I think that he's he's just so there had been been there for me for so law. Creatively personally. That you know with every situation I can imagine what Gary Wednesday. If I asked them about. I literally know exactly. What you believe they hook America 2017. I I'd I think that he felt like we knew little more quiet he goes way. And more listening. And worrying about each other. And the unity issues like. The problem this whole idea of like I like winners not losers deeply troubled. How much working you taken continue to keep your standards it just seems like you have. Your hand admitting pots you've outlined four that if they win this it's just too much when you just sort of say. I need to step tackle. You know it had been closed as some years. If if if this happened. And you never can case that because unity that mean he's a little place they go up and you never know when their land right just and and the art of just over what happened. I mean what we thought it would be you know I'd. But. And I did seem like it was a longshot but I loved talking to pay let it can era so. He's ideally. About our right up and I think over the years to get right in the hands of the script that is really give grades. Now make it something that you want to work with you some interest group how to use say it's not ready to elemental. I my house and put the phone and mutes. That the pollute the lessons on all my emails with him and vacation in Italy for treatment path. Confrontational. Is that right now I mean but. I mean most of the time it really isn't about rejecting people it's is about finding people that you like to work because I'm always that is. And then every with something. You know pantries for summaries if you suddenly had six months with nothing else to worry about will which you work. I had nothing to do for six runs. I. Travelers and actually here right. And in Spanish I won't get dementia. I think the main thing like antlers and actually do you usually don't look at duke who puzzles and things like I got a delay my dimensions regular in Spanish and guitar how much does that life. That those guys lead in North Carolina how attractive is. Exactly it is the it is they have the tour about the drugs and little the woods they get their. They're beautiful homes and their children. And chopped wood. But they also look at Nancy Meyers movie. It was like wow Italy in the Williams they don't like aluminium live there like the dogs is there in the kid longer. But they're also laughing because they're chopping all this would. From their homes but and then windows is the other you have. The and he. You don't really need him would that they're also holy god the funding that they. The the value that they needed anymore that the world look to a Honda. Exactly it's like I think these stories that are still cutting filled with a razor. They would like we got digital over here this is like cutting into this film and it's. Taping it think. Excellent talk I think is great budgets. You.

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