CMAs: Thomas Rhett talks family

Rhett discusses being proud of his father and daughters.
1:49 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for CMAs: Thomas Rhett talks family
Nano mean a lot you know I mean that's like that's like one of the biggest awards I feel like a benign said to be this we nominate in the category with with those people who island got hobble out looking up to for. Fourteen years to be and I categories pretty incredible but to win I think would be. Just just a big cherry on top to a tin RD awesome year said. I talk about your data lot that's does that bring an extra layer of meaning to it considering that he was somebody who was in that. Field damning disabilities out on a crowd and just know that men how much. Too much time we spent working on this record how much time he spent with knee. When I was a terrible song writer B an 1819 college in how much work we've done together just economy this career be what it is and so unequal is proud of him I think as he isn't even a thing for him to see me win an award like that would be would be pretty insane so I'm gonna. You're big nominate the solid song this year is craving you I didn't realize until the past couple of days I was three that you said you're actually glad that you miss their writing appointment I was because and who knows a way to written you know Amin Al supposed to be there in. But I was in the red grading you that day since I've been there I mean you know as a would've written so I'm I'm glad I'm glad for that song for sure. Is there are a lot of red carpet dress peeking out wardrobe hub of going out of your house that a lot there's there's we get a package every four minutes on the doorstep for Lana keep try him on dresses so. Policing in time when partisan. I may I guess you can't really bring your kids to their red carpet but I think everybody probably would like to see yours I am I have to bring in at least for one picture to say we did. So that's huge she is so we'll see the kid maybe and as you know you just never know. Two is is has willow watched Cindy at these shows that all yet. This healed enough to take that now and if she's watching like on The Today Show unselfish in every gun Watson awards shows nothing dismay the first time she's gonna do that. Possible it waits he will. Kind of Knoll say.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"Rhett discusses being proud of his father and daughters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50964009","title":"CMAs: Thomas Rhett talks family","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-fest-thomas-rhett-talks-family-50964009"}