Dash Mihok on Starring in the TV Series 'Ray Donovan'

Find out what's ahead for Bunchy in the second season of the hit Showtime series
6:49 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for Dash Mihok on Starring in the TV Series 'Ray Donovan'
Tests only got a -- Vaccination. Thanks. Until we -- just about it. I don't know what he -- -- Sometimes you just need the somebody you know now. It's got Hispanic. Since I'm gonna have between union lady take. -- -- -- -- -- That is -- played by dash my -- on Showtime's hit prime time drama ray Donovan and today in the studio dashed joining us. To congratulate him on the start of season two congratulation a few excellent excellent show the fans are going crazy for this one. This and humility strikes right from the Utica. You knew what -- when you first read the script did you know it was going to be so kind of soprano ask. I don't know if The Sopranos. -- It hit me in that way but I knew that it that this is something special something that was really layered and very. Dark and yet comedic at the same time and you know who it was it was just 200 well put together thing. Your character is very. Complex. To say the least. When you prepare for role at this and I'm gonna get like all inside the actor's studio mean there's only one. There's only one -- I -- -- -- a tree. Different but I bet -- but but for prefer -- like that though how do you prepare yourself into that months -- because you go into. -- you know your character was abused I mean that the complexity of the relationships that you have. Yeah I mean. You obviously do a lot of research and and I was fortunate enough to talk to some people who you know this actually happened to them and that was. -- gift and you know there are a lot of web sites you can go on to learn things would ultimately usually I just try to. Imagine what it would be elected and and I don't know people or -- where do you pull from some sort of dark part of your you know. And just imagine -- moved to be abused -- and it's horrifying so. What would what is it not to -- asked -- -- -- save it best. -- best role that you've taken on so farming because your career that the arc of your career is expansive. I think is the most complex and I've never done TV for this long so. That the great thing about television especially cable television especially cable television show time right is that they let you explore. For the character in in in to depths that. Most places won't movie you know the movie's over two hours and right I still get to explore. What's next for parties and hopefully for many. More years. That brought -- clearly -- two RD in the works is -- John -- is your father leave Shriver your brother so you've got heavyweights -- among some of the best of the best in the does not in the -- Holman. It does it ever get doesn't matter about their acting it's because they're tall -- division should consider physical -- -- that Alex we have. The greatest actors on the planet I have the greatest family and the greatest -- of collaborators and everybody's just really happy to be -- -- trying to elevate this showed. To be very special. There is you know what I'm a little bit about the popularity of a series like this The Sopranos because it really kind of goes. We have this discussion often times -- -- who whether via Netflix showtime wherever it might be but sort of these. Independent almost unheard of shows that come out in the first season and just -- low people away where that takes him three or four seasons to build up a fan base. Who aren't think that worst. Ability to fan base -- -- it's been great to be here in new York and really get the -- on the street that people really love the show. But you know it's hard to be objective. For me. I don't I don't see is a huge hit yet but I think that it. It's catching on in and the people who like it really love -- and that's important to -- -- from the -- -- saw a little bit of a love interest for -- -- can you give -- to -- coming -- missing well -- she is that he doesn't do very well and relationships and life I don't think he's had many. -- -- with anybody. -- it has -- his brother's or or anybody else so it's nice to see him. Explore. Relationships with. Anybody knew. Then tell me a little bit kind of about that about the cycle of this that I -- I know could you don't want those who you know give away too many I don't know black community of my faith. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We knew what when you when you go into -- series like this I mean it's -- you're on for six months -- for six months. Now that -- kind of making. Of a full rotation in this cycle do you wish it was more constant -- it easier than a maintained character. I mean look I would love to be working. -- -- the year just because I enjoy jury the people that surrounded by. But you know having time office -- he -- it you know but she's so complex that it -- the -- get a break. And then and then you're back -- -- -- something new about anything -- working on right now Asia as forgiving bunch she kind of they are. I just physical -- movies last year when called some -- you know with Kate Bosworth -- -- -- and another -- -- -- -- -- John -- and you know just -- just been working on my own stuff -- some things -- directing as -- the music and music studio music as well the the secret underground hip hop -- and. Rick I didn't know that I know from nobody knows what a lovely Tuesday they do now so did you get an album coming out what you were. Can secede yet -- -- know -- I -- that way until I turned 42 of them has become the white rapper than I've always been. Well forty seems to be forty primenews like what -- I -- for what inferno for -- guy especially into the rap industry groups. That's my aunt -- so what does doctor we're gonna keep an eye out for the album at some point in the very near to usury and obviously ray Donovan continued success -- an -- room.

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