David Blaine Continues To Amaze

David Blaine pulls a fast one on Dan Kloeffler.
3:00 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for David Blaine Continues To Amaze
And David Blaine is one of the world's most well known illusionist acknowledged for. Various death defying feats and now he's getting back to basics as upcoming special David -- regular magic. Most believe. The greatest trick the magician can do. Impossible. Is real -- yeah. But when the magic is real Nolan is in -- He -- seems impossible. It. It's not so fast -- real. That's the greatest trick -- -- the man that freaks people out David Blaine is joining us now the man behind the magic thanks to stop divided -- So what brought you back to this that a because you've done. Some why build things track yourself in a box without food hanging upside down I mean. You know no bounds line. You know -- I think the things that I started with originally was just doing closeup mentioned that this. In very you know intimate setting in and trying to shock people -- you know make people react that was my goal so. You've got I haven't done that for fifteen years for it was just a show of that kind of intimate -- side -- wanted to take. The stunts first show and see if I could just go back to kind of the roots of what started -- And -- -- and I mean it's it's a close proximity because some people wonder. What is it camera trick isn't about distance and me -- -- pull something off having -- very close to keep. Yeah and it's also -- the way it did this shows everything else is very spontaneous would be like if you think you're doing something right that was scenarios that are like that -- I would just surprise people -- just show up for. Very casually and start doing things without a -- so there's enough so that was the concept or get real reactions. Through. So so when you're coming up for the -- and what's what is the turnaround time and effort for conceptualize and then actually executed. The opening piece on my show which looks like a magic trick. The idea started thirteen years ago and I was wondering if it was possible and that's the First Act of my -- where. I do something that's pretty outrageous it but it the truth is I started researching and working -- thirteen years ago so it's. Finally came to fruition for -- so after thirteen years -- search. Unit level -- clue labor clearly. Will Smith Bryan Cranston some of the celebrities that you play along with right there thinking clearly catch them off guard -- -- also just. People on the street the same time exactly -- I mean. -- you know part of what started -- that's my first show was. I wanted to show that these different people from all walks of life and show them all reacting the same morning show them the thing that I love about being in addition. So this -- basically that so if I go to you know former president like president. Bush and then at the same time log -- to Compton. And so people just having these the part of everybody that I love which is that amazing reaction so it's. That's the goal it's almost think it's a unifying response Ellis do you get do you get a different kind of response -- what it is a celebrity of some in this high profile as opposed to someone. -- that you like bump into a mystery what I think part of the whole process is trying to make people feel that that this isn't the big TV so -- and so. Everything is very low key whether it's on the street are currently consider Wilson's home everything's very improbable as -- -- -- almost no setup so. And and and you. A couple of expletives reminds are -- as well. Didn't show us something can you show us a program helps us in some -- cards. Soviet views. You know it's pretty simple. -- you know all the different cards in the deck right Caruso. What -- do is -- -- but do not do not let me see it's industrious and just. So just -- pull it out his touch and touch or whatever we're trying this on this one -- sure yet to monitor is that the one. Yet associate of the camera okay good good idea and you can't see clearly there's nothing there -- people here let's let's use your car. When just rip up. -- a little piece off okay. Haul -- Nothing up my sleeve just. And pieces that ends where. We're at that. Okay cookbook what is the threats that it can I got it they're here area -- it so we waited you can -- A -- but where isn't who have -- and we just for a little piece of rye -- Maybe recently reached into your pocket commitments and -- far pocket 444. This -- -- This is forward moment. -- -- -- East winds. What. How did you. How would you -- -- -- the right piece makes her fits exactly where -- NC is well yeah it fits its -- was this perfectly. Hydrogen and you didn't -- it hinted that it. We'll get freaked me you didn't touch I had nothing I don't I think come playback you'll figure out -- few -- -- if -- like twenty times they've got up and later that -- -- there was that. Nothing with it. That's why -- My -- still with -- and I won't take yeah. Retired -- it's very very cool. With the cameras -- opt not to show us that is there vehicles there and you think you so much stuff on -- -- -- appreciate it is David Blaine -- magic premiering Tuesday November 19 93830. Central. Only -- ABC thank you appreciate that thank him.

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{"id":20927613,"title":"David Blaine Continues To Amaze","duration":"3:00","description":"David Blaine pulls a fast one on Dan Kloeffler.","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-blaine-continues-amaze-20927613","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}