Drake White Discusses Five-Charity Tour On His Way To Dallas

The country singer takes off from JFK Airport for his 24-hour, cross-country charity tour.
7:29 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for Drake White Discusses Five-Charity Tour On His Way To Dallas
All right they've been done and we're back with Craig. Why. Embark on our second leg. Two words. Dallas and wondering if veto it. Distributing camp in the people. Packages. I'd. Visiting. Okay. Your leg. Thank you lay community. This horrendous thing have you met him yet. First black. They had no exit training your. It's actually. Never weighing on. John rivers from. I'm basically. We're not what they. Well you know my grandfather always and it's the last thing. Even above that I'm sick get it back. Cash back at stake not living. There were indeed. Fundraisers in. Craig. Clearly onboard now on this beautiful yet there were headed to Dallas. In the last that they don't. Are you familiar with the layout here lately. Makes a man. This is this is not tip but this is this is when you put it out there. I ask I wanted to do this crazy thing to. It's pretty impossible if he'd been in commercial. Commercial world as far as plots to accomplish that easily obtained elegant princess and they they gave us. Yeah it's Richardson in connection we have work you're doing. Okay so. Nadal can worsen. Here. Talking big. Talk about brands. It's who do all this is here with us. Spotlight well who blew years through here you know you're here. Your your closest friends you know your other colleagues that he's hazard has not. Creator questions. Would different outlets that are doing it besides the mass. Spread this news. Does it work. Say so. We're gonna breakfasts. Is there anything we're going to be eating Netflix neared you're you're currently progress being here. There I don't think so man Heatley breakfast from Maine is he and he's trying to. It's a good job this morning that on Friday Brent try to turn on the island gets. Some good brings Hank. I'm my card. It's captured I'm not sure haven't. Well a rather topic of food and the way I heard that your wife is involved and now we'll. Charitable plus he had a lit up back. So she's got a company can't help you. Concert in that catering company will. Peter storefront. Pewter plates could. Roberts I don't. Small. Plays its current working. Literally in his home school that they rehab. It's ran a program content rich programs and provides jobs news. Learning to spill. And says she's working with these really grown ups every day they're training in their training and to give their apartments plots and give them skills. To go and then you know live a good healthy loved. Teacher hadn't even seen him in when I was she's worked when the farmers. In the land live you know bringing. And tell you know grubs. People belly. Sounds and western Missouri efficient homes and mean organization. His column in arrears and she wants to win we're you know. Okay. All right O. Well runs only we're here not here. Yeah. Thank you later on. It happens in the air and it won't be able peace prize and went down and play like yeah. I'm next on Ellis yet. Yeah. They think there some. OK it's.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"The country singer takes off from JFK Airport for his 24-hour, cross-country charity tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41616726","title":"Drake White Discusses Five-Charity Tour On His Way To Dallas","url":"/Entertainment/video/drake-white-discusses-charity-tour-dallas-41616726"}